STOP These Hidden Money-Repelling Beliefs - For Quicker & Easier Wealth Attraction - Part 3 of 5

STOP These Hidden Money-Repelling Beliefs - For Quicker & Easier Wealth Attraction - Part 3 of 5

Three Truths You Must
Ignore To Get Rich

Welcome to our third installment of this five-part series on the beliefs that repel money from your life.

If you haven’t read the first two installments, check them out here and here. We’ve gotten TONS of amazing feedback on how they’ve already changed so many peoples’ relationships with money and how they make it! If you take the information in this series seriously, it can help you, too.

Today, we’ve got a special one for you…

You’re about to discover three new money-repelling beliefs. We grouped these three together in this post for an important reason.

See, most of the beliefs that hinder your wealth are completely false. They’re complete mythology. They easily crumble under the force of logic…

But today, we’re covering the only wealth-blocking beliefs that are 100% TRUE.

So if you want to be afraid of something, be afraid of these. Because they’re absolutely real.

By the time you’re done reading this, however, you’ll discover why there’s no reason to be afraid of them at all.

You’ll discover why they’re completely over-hyped, and why letting them get in the way of you and the wealthy life of your dreams is still a colossal mistake.

Ready? Let’s begin.

Wealth-Blocking Belief #3:
“Having Money Will Alienate Me 
From Family & Friends”

This is a BIG issue for a lot of people. They don’t want to be the only one in their circle to be wealthy.

But will being wealthy really alienate you?

It definitely will from some—especially if you say “no” to them!

Having a suddenly wealthy friend or family member does weird things to people. Your friends and family are no exception.

So here’s a strategy to remember for when you enter the “elite”.

It’s a true story to keep in mind for when your hustling pays off:

See, there was once a guy from Cleveland who hit the lottery for millions.

He knew once he went down to cash the ticket, he’d be on the news with that huge check. Once that happened, friends and family would know…

So before he cashed it in, he made a truly genius move:

He called all his relatives and his friends. And he said,

“I’ve got an emergency. I need to borrow a thousand dollars. And I can’t tell you what I need it for. Can you get over here tonight?”

And he “checked” each person off.

As you might imagine, he didn’t have a lot of people running over with a grand to “help him out.” Family and friends gave him a REASON. Not a check.

The next day? They all saw him on TV having won the lottery. And his strategy dramatically reduced the number of incoming calls trying to tap those lottery winnings.

The bottom line:

Friends and family WILL treat you differently when you become wealthy.

When it happens, it’ll be eye-opening to say the least. Because essentially, you’ll be the same person. You’ll just be a lot richer.  But the sudden change in how you’re treated will be eery to say the least.

This is NOT a bad thing…

Just don’t be surprised when the coaxing begins. They’ll use guilt, shame… you name it:

“It’s been really hard for us lately…”

“I would do the same for YOU…”

“But we’re family…”

Now—it’s up to you to decide who you lend money to…

Just remember: if people treat you differently once you’re rich, it won’t be because they’re alienating you…

It will be a product of your sudden change of status. And when a person’s status changes, people don’t know how to react.

And the truth is—not everyone will treat you differently…

Some of your family or friends will treat you the same as they did before.

That’s why getting rich is a great way to find out who your real friends are. You gain much deeper insight into the character of people around you.

And who wouldn’t appreciate that?

So you’ll be able to keep—and start—plenty of fulfilling relationships once you become wealthy. Don’t let this one stop you from doing it.

Money-Repelling Belief #4:
“Having Money Will 
Create More Problems For Me”

The title says it all. And it’s completely true.

Getting rich brings PROBLEMS. All kinds of ‘em!

What’s worse: initially, you probably won’t be equipped to handle them.

When you have a lot of money, you’ll have the responsibility of looking after it at all times. You’ll have a lot more of it to lose, too.

You might feel obligated to spend money on things you don’t need…

You might even acquire emotional stress from figuring out how to manage it all…

The list of problems that come from getting rich will pile up. That’s guaranteed.

But are these problems a reason to avoid creating wealth for yourself?

The answer is a resounding…

F&$K NO. 
Here’s why:

Having money has its problems. But NOT having money has a whole bunch of problems too!

Which set of problems would you rather have?

Ask anyone… the problems of Bill Gates sure as hell beat the problems of every 37-year-old Wendy’s employee.

We’ll put it like this:

As a wealthy person, it’s not uncommon to get a brand new Lamborghini Diablo…

…leave it in a well-lit, public parking lot…

And come back to find—OH NO—it got keyed.

Some people just have it out for rich people, right?

When that happens—yes, it’s disappointing. Annoying even. But hey—

If you’ve been truly immersed in the entrepreneurial struggle, you might've also had the car where there were no floorboards…

…and you couldn’t change the tires…

…and you’d been ignoring the “check engine” light for 3 months, praying to the gods of entrepreneurship every time you drove it was just the light that was broken…

…and that your engine won’t suddenly stop in the middle of an intersection, making you late to meet your next prospect.

Give anyone the choice between those two problems, and they’ll take the keyed Lambo any day of the week—as truly painful as it is.

The bottom line: wealthy problems are better problems to have than not-wealthy problems.

That’s an undeniable fact.

Wealth-Blocking Belief #5:
Having Money Will Make Me A Target 
To Be Taken Advantage Of

Again, the headline is self-explanatory. And this is probably the most true out of every belief we’ve listed so far.

The more wealth you’ve got, the more visible you are with it… the more people will try and take it away from you.

The only way to not have to worry about that—is to not have anything for them to take.

That’s the deal. Plain and simple. So what’s the solution?

Don’t be a target!

Don’t get us wrong—displaying your wealth to people is a blast.

Getting stares on the street, throwing fabulous parties for your friends in at your sweet new mansion, new connections, and any form of showing off in any way—that’s all part of the thrill…

But—at the same time—you’ll have to know when to display your wealth and when to play it down.

There are all kinds of wealth protection services to assist you with just that. They’ll help you both enjoy your money—and appear to other people like you don’t have money…

Basically, you want to appear broke on paper to as many people as possible. (With the exception of the IRS. That’s tax evasion and they’ll throw you in jail for that.)

Other than that, there isn’t a truly great solution to this…

But if you’re smart about it from the start, it won’t be a problem.


Here’s What’s FALSE About What You Just Read…
(And The Real Reason These Beliefs Repel Money)

The three beliefs outlined above are the only ones in this series that are true.

They WILL happen when you become wealthy. Almost a guarantee…

But there’s still one HUGE myth perpetuated by our society about all of them.

This myth is the part that actually blocks wealth. Not the facts themselves.

So what’s the myth?

The myth is that those problems are so bad… they SHOULD deter you from getting wealthy.

That, somehow, once you get rich—the three problems listed above will create such overwhelming pain for you, you’ll want to go back to being poor.

I mean… let’s be real.

The three small points above are the ONLY downsides of being wealthy?

It’s quite obvious they pale in comparison to the upsides:

  • Exceptional treatment everywhere you go, whether it’s on a private jet, at a show or concert, or a high-end restaurant… with less waiting in lines, more comfort, and better service…
  • Luxury cars, watches, gadgets or toys…
  • Any experience you’ve ever dreamed of, you can make happen and enrich your life…
  • New connections with other wealthy people and access to information and technology the public at large doesn’t yet know about…
  • The places you can travel, the freedom, the heightened immunity from danger and superior medical treatment, the respect and social status, the fun you can have...

…the upsides to being wealthy are literally endless. We can go on for hours and hours about the upsides.

The only downsides are the three mentioned above in this post.

Which brings us full circle:

If you read the previous posts in this series, you know most people have no clue how to get rich.

(Either that or they don’t want to put the work in—and don’t want to admit it.)

They make up reasons why getting rich is bad. It makes them feel better for not being rich. It also gives them an excuse not to hustle like mad to become wealthy.

This exaggeration of the “downsides” of being wealthy… are merely an extension of that. So don’t pay attention to any of it. It’s hyperbole.

Stay focused on your target of getting wealthy. Never let the small downsides sway you. It will serve you well.

To Your Success,

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