STOP These Hidden Money-Repelling Beliefs For Quicker & Easier Wealth Attraction - Part 2 of 5

STOP These Hidden Money-Repelling Beliefs For Quicker & Easier Wealth Attraction - Part 2 of 5

This ONE Word
Can Block Your Income Forever

Welcome to part two of our five-part series on Money Mindset and the beliefs that block wealth…

This series is part of our mission to help entrepreneurs and high-achievers like you get their heads straight to achieve your dreams faster and easier.

The other part of that mission is reminding you of these same principles through a different medium—canvas wall art.

If you haven’t read the first part of this series, you’re going to want to check it out here. Your bank account will thank you…

In this second installment, we’re revealing a deceptive money-repelling belief held by the majority of people working to get rich… and it’s blocking your efforts from below your awareness.

It’s the #1 biggest misconception among those who study the law of attraction or Napoleon Hill…

Self-made wealthy people have told us they wished they would have gotten rid of this belief YEARS earlier.

Because it causes you to look for money in the wrong places and bang your head against the wall repeatedly…

And the only way to know if this belief is plaguing you… is if you find yourself using the ONE word revealed below.

Let’s find out what it is:

Money-Repelling Belief #2:
Avoid This ONE Profit-Draining Word
To Align Yourself With Prosperity

In truth, this is actually many wealth-blocking beliefs in one…

But there’s a central money-repelling attitude that runs through all of them. That’s why it classifies as one category…

When you identify this key word in your thoughts and speech… eradicate it.

Along with it, you’ll eradicate the entire slew of wealth-blocking beliefs for good.

That key word is…


“If I JUST work harder, I’ll make more money…”

“If I JUST think more positively and use the law of attraction, I’ll get to prosperity…”

“If I JUST eat better, take care of my grandma, and hold the door for people at the supermarket… it will come back to me in the form of money."

“If I were JUST a more deserving person… the wealth will then fall out of a tree into my bank account.”

“If I were JUST better at what I do, the cashola will cascade into my life on a rainbow.”

Here’s what this all means:

The idea that you JUST have to do any one thing to get money… is NOT true.

It causes all kinds of people to obsess over all kinds of things. Each person thinks that one thing—whatever it is they’ve come to believe it is—will grow their bank account.

They focus on that one thing until they’re blue in the face…

…and the money NEVER shows up.


They feel like they’re not good enough or not deserving enough. A downward spiral ensues.

This is the stuff depression is made out of. So do yourself a favor and get rid of this NOW.

Here’s Why This Is A Myth:

Let me explain:

Does being a better person help? Yes.

Does working harder help? Yes.

Does “deserving” it more help? Yes.

They all help.

But alone, will any ONE of them send a tsunami of 100-dollar-bills roaring into your living room?


See—if you’re going to accumulate wealth, you must face the truth…

It’s not the most comfortable truth, but it’s a truth you need to hear to understand how money works:

Some of the gentlest, kindest, most moral people ever are walking around with empty pockets and empty refrigerators.

This is highly unfortunate. We wish it were different. But it isn’t.

A lot of those same people are trying to fix their wealth problem by simply “deserving” it more. That’s when you hear the word “JUST” getting thrown around.

And sure—do what you can to “deserve” wealth. But simply “deserving” it—although it makes you a better person in our book…

…does nothing to actually get you rich.

Plus, “deserving” is relative. It can mean something different to everyone…

And as you’ll see in a second, many people you probably don’t believe “deserve” wealth—have LOTS of it. So…

Part 2 of 5: This ONE Word  Can Block Your Income Forever

Here’s The Reality
About Wealth Creation:

Not only do you have to “deserve” the money you want AND have the right mindset…

…you have to do those things in an environment where it has a reasonable opportunity of producing money…

…AND you have to ASK people for the dough.

(Most people avoid the last part especially. See part one of this series for help on that.)

Listen—money doesn’t have a conscience. It’s PAPER. That’s all it is…

It’s not significantly different than the paper in a book or the toilet paper you use.

I mean, it’s green and has woven crap in it—so theoretically we can’t counterfeit it…

But it’s paper. It doesn’t know if you’re a priest or a pornographer.

Money doesn’t know who you are or what you do. It doesn’t care. It just moves around from pocket to pocket according to where there’s value.


If Only The Most “Deserving”
People Got Rich…

…there could never have been a tobacco industry that generated billions of dollars.

Or a fast food industry—that makes millions of people obese while gifting them with heart disease, diabetes, and shorter lifespans…

Or even cable providers that supply erratic service and quite obviously don’t care about their customers.

The money would STOP before it got to them. It would put on the brakes.

It would say, “Wait a minute… you’re doing something we don’t approve of. We’re not flowing to you!”

But you know what? It doesn’t stop. It flows right to ‘em.

And What About
The Opposite?

Some of the TRULY most deserving folks in the world are broke, stay broke, and always WILL be broke.

Some of the hardest WORKING people? Broke.

Janitors, fast food workers, cashiers, farm workers…

The truth is, the hardest working people on the planet get paid minimum wage.

And we’re not knocking those folks. But it HAS to be that way…

If we changed the system to pay those people the most… JUST because they work the hardest…

…our economic system would collapse.

Nobody would be left to run the show.

So—hard work ALONE doesn’t bring you wealth either…

You have to apply hard work to the right things. You have to work hard and smart. You have to work hard at something that has a reasonable opportunity of working.

Yet everybody’s focused on this word “JUST”…

Here’s Why This Belief
Is Harmful To Your Wealth:

Obviously—if you’re focusing on only one or two of the actions that create wealth instead of all of them, it still won’t create wealth.

You need all of them at the same time to get the income you desire…

It’s like trying to win a chess game by thinking more positive thoughts. While your opponent uses advanced chess strategies against you.

If you win, it’ll be a HUGE accident. You’ll attribute it to being “deserving.” And you’ll crash and burn when you try to do it again.

It’s this same “JUST” principle at work when you see people get rich initially…

…but have a hard time staying rich. And end up broke again the next year.

Those people either don’t know or didn’t CONTINUE DOING what caused their wealth in the first place.

They can’t refine and perfect the actions that matter—to generate wealth more consistently.

In turn, they have no control over how much money flows into their lives.

Remember: leaving it up to chance is playing a losing game. Money is repelled from that approach.

Part 2 of 5: This ONE Word Can Block Your Income Forever

Here’s How “JUST” Programming
Can Sneak Up On You…

Just like the belief from the last post in this series…

…the word “JUST” is all over the media and the minds of the masses. Why? Likely because the idea was programmed into us from a young age…

Our parents and teachers rewarded us for being nice. They punished us for being mean.

We learned from Disney movies: “the good guy always wins.”

But the real world? It doesn’t work that way.

It’s a comforting idea. We’ll be the first to admit it certainly makes us feel good…

But, like many comforting ideas, it doesn’t hold up in reality. 

So remember: money doesn’t always go to the most deserving person.

We’ll outline where it DOES go in a second.

But first…

Here’s How To
Get Rid Of This Idea:

The analogy you’re about to read will help you eradicate “JUST” thinking once and for all…

So you “JUST” need to be a more deserving person to become wealthy?

By the very same logic…

…anyone who’s had anything bad happen to them deserved it. If you believe wealth goes to the most deserving people, you have to also believe that. Eek.

Someone T-boned you at a red light, and now you broke your leg?

It’s your fault.

If you were JUST more moral and generous, you would have bought a Toyota instead of that BMW—and donated the extra money to the “more deserving”.

Broke your leg in a Toyota because you couldn’t afford a BMW?

You still deserved it:

You should’ve bought a used, 10-year-old Honda—and donated the money to impoverished people in Angola.

So make sure to be courteous to everyone, think positive thoughts, and “deserve” to not get in a car crash…

Then, as long as you don’t deserve a car crash…

You can go ahead and take the airbags out of your car and never wear a seatbelt.

After all, you don’t deserve a car crash. So you don’t need to worry about it, right?

…what’s wrong?

Don’t like that idea?

Well, it’s the exact same idea people have when they use the word “JUST”:

The idea that all you have to do is “JUST” any one thing…

…whether it’s positive thinking, being kind to others, deserving it more, working harder, or anything else…

…does NOT attract wealth.

“JUST” anything will not bring money into your life!

So What Is Money Attracted To?

We’ll outline this in full in another post. We’ve got a lot to say about it. But here’s a quick explanation:

First, and quite surprisingly, money isn’t always attracted to value.

Don’t get it wrong—most of the time, you NEED to provide value in order to attract money…

…but there are plenty of people who have lots of value to offer… yet somehow no one’s throwing money at them because they haven’t find the people who VALUE their particular form of value.

And there are also people—like George Soros—who made their money by simply trading currencies or investing. Not providing value to a market.

So the TRUTH is…

…money’s attracted to go where it will increase the fastest.

The stuff is like rabbits. It likes to breed. It goes where it will have friends…

Money doesn’t want to be in a pocket by itself. That’s why you should always carry LOTS of it.

The stuff gets lonely. If it gets lonely, it goes looking for an environment where it will have some friends—more money.

So give it some friends.

One thing money doesn’t do—is judge the morality of where it’s going. It simply tends to flow where it will multiply.

Now—this doesn’t mean you should be dishonest. As we said in the last post, the market weeds out dishonesty pretty quickly. And people will like you more if you contribute good things to the world…

We’re not suggesting you shouldn’t deserve the money you make, either. We hope you DO deserve it. Getting rich feels better when you KNOW you deserve it…

The Sole Point Is:

You must get out of your head that by “not” doing certain moral things, and by doing things that are “good”…

…that alone attracts and multiplies wealth. Because it DOESN’T.

Being “bad” may put you in a different afterlife. It may make you come back as a toad…

Working less to make more money while other people work more to make less money—may make those people ravenously jealous of you…

But when it comes to whether money flows into your pocket or not, morality has zero impact.

You can’t get more money “JUST” by doing any one thing.

You get more money by doing things that produce more money. And there’s no one thing that can cover that. It’s a SYSTEM of things.

So catch yourself when you hear yourself say “JUST”… and evaluate.

By using that word, you might be short-changing yourself. 

To Your Success,

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