Part 1 Of 5: The Zero-Sum Money Myth No One Is Talking About...

STOP These Hidden Money-Repelling Beliefs For Quicker & Easier Wealth Attraction - Part 1 of 5

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The Zero-Sum Money Myth No One Is Talking About...

We don’t usually post articles like this. But what we had to tell you today was so important, we hadto make this known—before you lose any more money:

See, there’s a monstrous flaw in the way most people think about the Millionaire Mind...

“Wealth starts with your thoughts. Think like a rich person, and you’ll become one!”

The problem isn’t that the above quote is false. It’s very much true - wealth is a mindset...

The problem is—povertyalso comes from your mindset:

When it does, it’s rarely obvious. It’s always deadly. And it can sabotage your journey to financial freedom... even when you’re “thinking like a millionaire”...

See, poverty beliefs stay inside you until you eradicate them, no matter what beliefs you “layer” on top of them. They’ll stay with you and cripple your wealth creation. And thwart your income-producing actions without you even knowing.

Why? ​Poverty mindsets disguise themselves as common knowledge​.

You might’ve heard phrases before like:

“Just THINK about being wealthy and money will come to you!” Or: “Put prosperity consciousness into the world! Visualize what you want!”

Now, you can—and should—focus on the things you want in order to get them...

But if you don’t also get rid of poverty beliefs… they’ll slow down or halt flow of money to you. Even if you’re taking massive action toward your dreams.

In this series, we’re calling these beliefs...

The Hidden Beliefs That
Repel Money From Your Life.

If you’re determined to get rich, reading this series will be a wise investment. No one is exempt from these beliefs—even entrepreneurs. We’ll explain how and why in a second—when we discuss the first belief.

But first—a brief introduction to set the foundation:

If this is your first time here, we’re Inktuitive. This post is NOT about us or our products…

But to give you some context for why we’re posting this:

We’re made up of entrepreneurs. We love inspiring those with big goals to achieve their visions. And we create canvas wall art designed to do just that…

Today, we’re releasing the first part of this five-part series for you. Why?

Because our passion is to make wealth-attracting ideas tangible, concrete, and actionable…

…for serious results. Not just “feel good” statements that don’t really help anybody. We’ve designed this content series to give you a powerful shift for better wealth creation.

So—over the next five weeks…

…we’re detailing the most common, lesser known beliefs you may not know are dwindling the flow of cash into your life—even if you’re using “prosperity consciousness” or principles from the book Think And Grow Rich…

In each post, we’ll give you actionable ways to get rid of Money-Repelling beliefs. And show you how to replace them with prosperous ones—that’ll prime you for true wealth attraction.

Each week we’ll release a new part to this series…

Once you read all five—and get rid of the beliefs that halt the flow of money to you…

It will streamline your thinking and actions in whatever your money-making pursuit is…

And it’ll “open up the floodgates” holding wealth back—to get you a more prosperous life.

Sound good?

Good. Let’s begin.

We’re kicking off the first part with a big one. The single most powerful wealth-killer in the world today:

Part 1 Of 5: The Zero-Sum Money Myth No One Is Talking About...

Money-Repelling Belief #1:
‘Money Is A Zero-Sum Game’

This belief is by far the most widespread—and harmful—wealth blocker around.

From your unconscious, it forms an invisible force field around you that lets money out… but never in.

It’s called the “Zero Sum” Money Myth.

See, most people believe money is a zero-sum game. In other words:

They think the only way to make lots of dough and become wealthy…

…is to enrich yourself at the expense of someone else.

Sounds silly when you say it that way, doesn’t it?

Still, this irrational belief exists—to varying degrees—in MOST people. Even entrepreneurs.

Even if there’s a tiny hint of it in your mind… it can restrain you from getting the wealth you’ve set your eyes and heart on.

I’m about to explain how it lurks below the surface of our thoughts. How it unconsciously blocks opportunities to grow your bank account when they show up in front of you…

But first…

Here’s Why It’s A Myth:

Not only is the Zero-Sum Money Myth completely false—it’s economically impossible.

Markets today weed out scammers and tricksters faster than ever before. If you DO somehow figure out how to make substantial money by taking unfair advantage of people…

…you won’t make very much before you get caught. People claim that all kinds of deca-millionaires, penta-millionaires, and billionaires got there by screwing people over in one form or another…

…but it’s just not possible to attract that kind of money without actually helping people.


Because when people get taken advantage of, they do things like:

  • Demand a refund
  • Post scathing reviews on the Internet, and
  • File law suits.

Everyone knows that. Yet the Zero-Sum Money Myth still operates under the surface of their behavior. Even in those who don’t think they believe it…

Here’s Why This Belief
Is Harmful To Your Wealth:

This toxic idea—that the only way to obtain money is by making other people poor—fools millions with guilt and shame. There’s no reason to feel it at all!

It causes business owners to nervously lower their prices (or avoid raising them). When they have no competitive reason to do so…

It causes some people to cringe at the thought of asking for the sale, either in person or in their sales material…

Sometimes, they’ll even walk away before asking an interested prospect (as if they already knew what the person was going to say)…

It causes others to feel queasy exchanging their product or service for more money than they’re “used to”.

…even if that’s completely reasonable or even necessary to do.

Listen - All Of That
Sabotages Your Wealth

You should feel completely content exchanging as much money as is fair for your product or service…

But if you believe in the “Zero-Sum” Money Myth—even subconsciously…

Here’s what’s going to happen:

When someone gives you money on their own free will…

…you’ll have nagging feelings that YOU are profiting and THEY are losing. It might feel like shame, guilt, or general queasiness.

It won’t feel good. You’ll feel like you’re “taking” something from them when you’re not.

In reality—if someone gets value from what you’re offering… you’ve both WON.

But the “Zero Sum” Myth won’t let you see that. It’s a glitch in the brain that stops prosperity.

It makes you feel wrong for meeting a real market demand—and trading it for as much profit as you can (within the realm of “fairness,” of course)…

Thousands of entrepreneurs WANT to become wealthy. Yet they can’t get over this feeling. And they don’t even know it exists.

It makes you avoid legitimately growing your business—as if new sales or marketing strategies are somehow a form of “using” people…

It only causes guilt, trepidation and fear whenever an opportunity to get wealthier comes up in your life or business…

(As if you know what’s better for your customers than they do.)

And That’s Not Even
The Worst Part:

The “Zero-Sum” Myth spreads through mass-consciousness like a virus.

It sets up shop in your mind whenever your guard is down:

Journalists, celebrities, and politicians repeat it as if it’s scientifically proven (it’s not).

Influential people—who have zero business or financial knowledge (like most people)—echo it constantly.

It’s in the news, movies, articles—the fabric of society.

That’s Why This Programming
Can “Sneak Up” On You…

It can enter your thought patterns without you even knowing.

It can make you feel shame for doing what entrepreneurs are supposed to do: Create as much wealth and prosperity for yourself (and your shareholders) as possible. In exchange for massive value for your market.

So that begs the question:

If this mindset is everywhere…

How do you combat it? What do you replace it with?

Part 1 Of 5: The Zero-Sum Money Myth No One Is Talking About...

First: Recognize When It’s Happening.

When you encounter someone spreading the idea that wealthy people ONLY got there by making other people poor…

…simply realize that person has no clue what they’re talking about.

Remember there’s no legal, sustainable way to actually do that. It’s economically impossible.

Replace it in your mind with the truth:

Wealthy people become wealthy by adding value to the world that is proportional to their wealth.

NOT by taking wealth from others or preying on people.

So respect rich people for being rich. Assume they earned it until proven otherwise.

Because—here’s the crux:

When you view other wealthy people that way—knowing they’ve earned it…

…you’ll free yourself from the cognitive blocks preventing YOU from getting wealth yourself.


Second: Realize There’s PLENTY
Of Money To Go Around…

Money is “replenish-able”. It flows from person to person constantly.

It exists so people can spend it. Otherwise it would have no value!

So—if someone gives you money in exchange for your product or service—on their own free will

you must have ZERO trepidation about taking it from them.

This next part is kind of heavy, and an extreme example… so bear with us—

Even if that person appears poor. Even if it looks like they can’t pay their rent (key word: looks).

Even if their unkempt appearance causes horrifying images to flash in your head about their financial situation…

And now you’re imagining they can’t feed their kids this month…

Listen. It’s not your place to make up stories about their life. You don’t know anything about them. And it’s not your place to make decisions FOR them—judging only by their outward appearance…

The truth is, very few people who can’t afford to feed their kids would even listen to your sales pitch. They’d be too focused on feeding their kids. Making leaps of judgement like this about your prospects is a slippery slope.  

But most importantly…

If they’re giving you their money… that’s what they WANT to do. Take it.

Doesn’t get simpler than that.

But people feel guilty and complicate it—because the Zero Sum Money Myth is lurking somewhere in their mind…

Listen - if you’re SUPER concerned about them, take their money first—and then call Child Protective Services to do an investigation. But remember YOU simply cannot be responsible for THEIR decisions.

Besides—more often than not, if you walk away in those situations without selling… they’ll get offended. (Ask anyone who’s been in sales long enough. They’ve got stories.)

And if you walk away and their money doesn’t go to you, it’s going somewhere. That stuff is getting spent. The church, the liquor store, a new television—better it goes to you than those guys.

Here’s the MAIN point:

Rich people do NOT prevent anyone else from becoming rich. And poor people are not poor because the rich “took” anything from them…

Money just flows to the places where there’s value. That’s all.

People who become rich took actions that made it flow to them. The poor group simply never took those actions.

Now—maybe the poor group never had the knowledge, mindset, or even time to take those actions… it’s not our place to judge any one person’s situation.

And it’s beyond the scope of this article to talk about why poor people are poor. We’re not pointing fingers about whose “fault” it is that they’re poor. That’s a can of worms we’re staying far away from.

The only one thing we’re saying for 100% certain is:

The cause of poverty has NOTHING to do with other people being rich.

The two are entirely separate. Money just flows around to different people. And some people have figured out how to make money flow to them more than others.

If you un-link the two in your head…

…you’ll free up mental faculties that will slash your own internal friction to getting wealthy.

Part 1 Of 5: The Zero-Sum Money Myth No One Is Talking About...

Finally—Understand This:

The reason the Zero-Sum Money Myth spreads around our society like a virus…

…is because 99% of people in the world DON’T have an entrepreneurial mindset.

Entrepreneurs literally see opportunities to make money all over the place.

After all, every problem in the world you can solve (or solve better), someone will pay you for.

But when you don’t have an entrepreneurial mindset…

…you have to make up reasons why other people are rich and you’re not.

That’s all it is.

The money just keeps replenishing. It’s ALWAYS there. It’s just that some people don’t see it, bend over, and pick it up. So they pretend to know what’s going on.

The rest of us must ignore them—and be too busy hustling and getting money flowing in our direction to pay attention to them.

It has nothing to do with viewing those people as better or worse than you. Focus on getting money flowing to YOU and don’t judge anyone else.

Keep that in mind, and it will assist you greatly in your journey to prosperity.

To Your Success,

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