Flamingo Graffiti

Canvas Art Designed by Inktuitive
Pink Flamingo with graffiti background canvas art
Flamingo graffiti floral canvas art in a condo living room
Pink Flamingo graffiti canvas art in a bedroom
Flamingo graffiti black floating frame

Flamingo Graffiti

Canvas Art Designed by Inktuitive
All canvas sizes are in inches.
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All canvases are stretched over a wooden frame.
Canvas + Black Frame

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Enough winter. Enough gloomy, gray, buttoned-up, huddled in. It’s time to spread your petals and show off a little. Flamingos, we believe, are the second best way to do that…

The first, of course, is flowers:

Researchers at Rutgers once sent one of three surprise gifts to 147 different women: Either candles, fruit baskets, or beautiful bouquets. Guess which gift created the most scientifically genuine smiles — measured by the women’s facial muscles?

Yep. Flowers! Pink ones especially. And it’s no surprise that flamingos have the same preference:

If you’ve held the “tree pose” in yoga, you know how difficult it is to stand on one foot for any length of time. So why are Flamingos so dedicated to it? In short – the color pink.

See, they measure who their closest friends are by who they stand next to in the flock. And like humans, Flamingos make friends for life. But here’s the best part:
Animal behaviorists discovered the brightest pink birds are the ones that befriend each other most often. Imagine that!

So if you’re still reading this, you might find yourself feeling pulled to this stunning piece for a very important reason: It’s fun, it’s vibrant, it’s royal, it’s lovely — and birds of a feather flock together.

Whether you plan to “tree pose” next to it daily, or you simply enjoy being in the presence of an energy that matches yours. This piece is guaranteed to fill your room with the most vibrant pink passion you’ve ever seen. Perfect for shaking off the blues, celebrating the ‘pinks’, and feeling absolutely spectacular.

The right canvas brightens your wall like no poster can. A canvas is bold. It will never fade, run, bend, or fold like paper. Canvases have been the artistic “gold standard” for years. Their color and texture demand status, influence and importance. That’s why it’s the perfect medium to add inspiration to your day.

Durable frame

Durable frame

Your canvas will be handmade and inspected by experts, ready to last generations—using our proprietary profile radial pine produced from renewable forests.

Vibrant color

Vibrant color

We use our UL Certified GREENGUARD GOLD Inks and high-resolution print processes to ensure maximum impact—with absolutely zero loss of quality. No other canvas print provides richer color, more depth, and impressive texture from every angle.

Lightweight and easy to hang

Lightweight and easy to hang

All canvases are delivered with pre-installed saw tooth hanging hardware and rubber bumper pads that will ensure protection to your walls. Canvases are assembled and are ready to hang right out of the box.

Invisible protection layer

Invisible protection layer

Your art is 100% safeguarded against dust, scratches, UV rays, and environmental hazards that normally fade or warp artwork over time.

All canvases are made from sustainable materials, using environmentally safe production processes.

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