C'est La Vie

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The things you can’t control in life are just as important as the things you can. Here’s why:

While a large part of your results are within your power to change — some things are completely left up to chance. And how you frame those things when they come up — can determine your destiny.

Some people let it get to them. They curse and complain. They get bent out of shape. Or nervous. They waste precious mental energy on things they’re powerless over — for weeks, months, or even years…

And it’s completely delusional.

That comes from the illusion that they could somehow gain control, if only it happened differently. If only they were born to an affluent family. If only they got a head start. If only they knew ahead of time…

“If only” statements cause you to live in a land that doesn’t exist.

But oddly enough, you’ll feel the most power over life when you radically accept that some things you really can’t do a darn thing about. So why worry? All you have to do is throw up your hands… and say what the French say:

C’est La Vie — such is life. Then get on with your day.

These words burst in a stunning neon pink against the deep fluid green backdrop, reminding you daily to devote your vitality and life force to the things you CAN control. And accept — no matter what — the things you can’t.

Because only then will you be at peace with them. And only then will your thoughts, feelings, and mentality be free — so you can live your best life.

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Premium Gallery Quality
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Bring Your Walls To Life
With Canvas

The right canvas brightens your wall like no poster can. A canvas is bold. It will never fade, run, bend, or fold like paper. Canvases have been the artistic “gold standard” for years. Their color and texture demand status, influence and importance. That’s why it’s the perfect medium to add inspiration to your day.

We have strict quality requirements for each canvas we ship, so rest assured that you’re getting a piece that meets our supreme standards:

Experience Inktuitive Canvas Wall Art
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Experience Inktuitive Canvas Wall Art
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  • Durable Your canvas will be handmade & inspected by experts and ready to last generations—using a solid Canadian timber frame from renewable forests & gallery-wrapped to perfection.
  • Vibrant energy Premium gallery quality ink & high-resolution print processes ensure maximum impact—with absolutely zero loss of quality. No other canvas print provides richer color, more depth, and impressive texture from every angle.
  • Raw vision Canvases are three-dimensional & immerses your focus on the art. Enjoy the the beauty of the art from any angle.
Bring Your Walls To Life With Inktuitive Canvas Art
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  • Invisible preservation layer Your art is 100% safeguarded against dust, scratches, UV rays, & environmental hazards that normally fade or warp artwork over time.
  • Environmentally safe production process All materials are 100% ethically made and environmentally safe. Guaranteed.
  • Lightweight and easy to hang All canvases come with pre-installed hanging hardware and will never damage your walls. They are assembled and ready to hang right out of the box.

Your Vision Is Priceless.
Never Lose Sight Of It.

If you have big goals, you probably had a moment of inspiration that created them.

Remember how your eyes lit up with possibilities at that moment? How you felt the resolve to act and bring your vision to life?

You Can’t Just Wait For Inspiration To Strike

Your environment has an astounding effect on your thoughts—whether you’re consciously aware of it or not. So, what are you staring at every day? How is it keeping you aligned and inspired?

That’s Why We Created Inktuitive

…To bring you much more than a beautiful picture on the wall.

We’ve put staggering amounts of passion into our art to touch you on a core level and awaken your drive, confidence, and motivation every day.

If you’re still reading this, chances are you’re ready to optimize your environment now and claim the life you want. The longer you wait, the more you delay putting your best foot forward. We’re here to make sure you do it right.

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