Your Proven New Miracle Cure - For Social Media “Inferiority Complex”

Your Proven New Miracle Cure - For Social Media “Inferiority Complex”

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(This Will Help Skyrocket Your Income & Success, Too!)

At least 97% of people have feelings of inferiority. Instagram has amplified this, but it’s been around forever. 

In this article, we’re going to cure all of it—once and for all.

When you read this all the way through... it will lift hidden barriers off your ability to achieve. Barriers you had no clue were even there. We’ll show you why, scientifically. 

So listen:

You’ve probably read content articles that grumble about the “toxicity” of Instagram’s “Comparison Culture.”

You’ve been warned social media is unsafe. That scrolling for hours is dangerous to your mental health…

You’ve been told there’s no way NOT to compare yourself to them—

…to the filtered, edited, 150th-take snapshots. With captions like “Just woke up!”

Comparing yourself to these images IS a serious handicap to your success and happiness...

BUT—and this is a HUGE but…

You can control it. And you don’t have to delete any apps or abstain much to do it, either. 

You’ll learn why and how in a moment. But first…

This 1960 Study
PROVES How Instagram
Holds You Back From Success:

According to Science Digest… 

A psychologist wanted to find out how feelings of inferiority hindered peoples’ abilities to achieve. 

So he gave his students routine tests they could easily complete—but threw them a curveball:

He told them the average person could complete the test in about one-fifth the time it really took. 

When, during the course of the test, a bell rang—telling the students that the “average person’s” time was up—

His BEST and BRIGHTEST students became jittery and incompetent. 

They still had unlimited time to complete the tests—but the quality of their performance was abolished.

So what does this tell us?

Even the brightest and most successful people need to view themselves as bright and successful people…. 

…in order to be bright and successful!

When their self-image was challenged, their performance suffered. 

Now that you know that… you can see how the “comparison culture” of Instagram isn’t quite pushing humanity forward. So…

How do we solve this?

First, you can’t change what other people post to Instagram. You can gripe about it, but that does you no good. 

You can only change how you interpret those posts—so they no longer affect you. 

That’s what the rest of this article will focus on—in FOUR simple steps. 

They’ll help you manage your perception so you’re comparing yourself only to your OWN standards. 

If you open up and take these four steps seriously, you’ll never again feel inferior to anything or anyone… on or off Instagram. 

As long as you keep these four steps in mind and practice them daily—we guarantee it.. 

Ready? Let’s dive in.

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Realize deeply that every person on the face of the earth is inferior to another person in some way. 

Don’t get inferiority in one area confused with inferiority in everything.

I know I cannot lift as much weight as Arnold Schwarzenegger could in his prime. 

I can’t sing as well as Beyonce and I can’t play tennis as well as Serena Williams. 

I KNOW this, but it does not induce feelings of inferiority within me, and blight my life. 


Because I don’t compare myself unfavorably with them just because they’re superior in ONE area. 

I mean…

Beyonce was NOT superior at marrying a husband who didn’t cheat on her. (Even though she was superior at writing an album about it)…

So if you’re a woman, and you have a husband who has remained faithful? BOOM—you’re superior to Beyonce in that area. 

This might sound a bit mean to say. But if we’re being realistic—it’s NOT:

You can find areas where you are inferior AND superior to anyone you choose. No one is “all” inferior or “all” superior. 

When you can accept that, someone being superior in one area will not hinder your self-image. You’ll know intuitively that it’s impossible to truly compare yourself to them. 

This needs to become a belief you hard-wire into your mind. Repeat it to yourself. 

It’s the first step to abolishing the all-or-none thinking—that comes with comparing yourself on Instagram or anywhere else.

The next one is…


Realize any feeling of inferiority you could ever have…

…does NOT originate from facts, or evidence, or even an experience you’ve had. 

Feelings of inferiority come from the CONCLUSIONS you make—inside your head—regarding those facts…

…and your evaluation of your experiences. 

Simply put:

You must control how you interpret the facts and experiences you encounter. 

Remember feelings of inferiority do not arise from truth. They arise from interpretation

Change your interpretation, and you won’t feel inferior anymore. 

Here’s how:


There is no such thing as a “normal” person. 

And any “norm” you’ve encountered in your life was completely made up. By people. 

See, Instagram was NOT the first institution to set a “norm” and measure you against it…


Your entire upbringing consisted of comparing you to norms as you grew and developed. 

You’ve been trained from birth to measure up to norms in order to be worthy:

…worthy of starting school. 

…of getting the privileges your older siblings did.

…of passing the 6th grade.

…of going to a high school dance with someone you liked. 

We’re all conditioned to believe there’s some “norm” out there in every category you want results in… 

…that you need to measure up to if you want to get them. 

When you believe that to be true, you always—without exception—come out SECOND BEST. 

And since “THEY” set the norm, you can’t succeed.

And because we think… and believe… and assume we SHOULD measure up to a “norm”…

…we’ll feel miserable. Like something is wrong with us. 

Then, we’ll conclude we’re not “worthy”:

…that we don’t deserve success and happiness. 

That it would be out of place for us to fully express our own unique abilities and talents—whatever they may be—without apology (or without feeling guilty about it)…

But listen:

Your unique abilities and talents will hardly ever fall in line with the fake idea of “the norm’s” abilities and talents. 

We’ve allowed ourselves to become “hypnotized” by the entirely incorrect idea that you should be like anyone or everyone else. 

So here’s the truth:

“Everybody else” is composed of individuals, no two of whom are the same. 

So how can there even BE a “norm?” There isn’t. 

Now, realize: as long as someone else is setting the standard for “what you need to be like”…

…that person will always hold the key to your self-esteem. 

Now that you know better, your job is to take it back from them.

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Inferiority and superiority are reverse sides of the same coin. The cure lies in realizing that the coin itself is counterfeit. 

The TRUTH about you, no matter who you are, is this:

You are not “inferior.” 

You are not “superior.”

You are simply “YOU.”

“You” as a personality are not in competition with any other personality. 

Your business may be in competition. Your sports team may be in competition. That’s the type of competition that’s healthy…

YOU, as a personality, are not in competition with anyone. It’s technically impossible to do, even if you tried… because everyone is so different. 

There’s not another person on the face of the earth like you, or in your particular “class” of achievement, looks, upbringing, life experiences, or any of the other variables that shaped who you are. 

You are not “like” any other person and can never become “like” any other person. 

You are not “supposed” to be like any other person because that would be impossible. There is no “supposed.”  No one is “supposed” to be like YOU either.

Whether you believe in a creator, or if it’s all just biology and evolution to you… it doesn’t matter. The truth is the same:

Nature did not make a “standard” person. 

There is no label on that person saying… “Welp, this is it. This is what everybody has to be like.”

There is no “common man.” No standardized template. 

But an “inferiority complex” and its accompanying deterioration in performance… can be created from thin air to control you. 

And “the powers that be” just want you to buy what they’re selling. So they set the world up to make you feel inferior so you’ll buy their stuff. 

In fact, it’s easy for them to do: 

All you need to do is set up a norm or average, then convince your subject he or she does not measure up. 

Now you know better. 

STOP measuring yourself against “their” standards. You are not “them”. 

“They” can’t measure up to your standards either—nor should they. 

Once you see this simple, self-evident truth—accept it and believe it. 

When you repeat this to yourself enough, your inferior feelings will vanish.

Here’s How To
Get Good At This:

When you hold these truths in your mind and make them your new reality—your life will change. 

Not only will you stop feeling inferior—you’ll also start getting ahead in life. Because you’re not bogged down by inferiority. 

When you set your OWN standard for achievement, you’ll achieve more. You’ll be happier. And free. Fewer things in life will control you. 

But you MUST practice all of this daily to see results. 

Come back to this article often to remind yourself...

Daily repetition is the only way to get to the point where it’s second nature—where you’re living on your OWN terms and getting what you TRULY want. 

And if you’d like extra help…

We have created artwork to supplement your transformation and live by your own standards. 

If you find something that speaks to the outcomes you want… seeing it on your walls daily can induce an amazing change in your thought patterns. 

Click here to check out the artwork we created to help you live on your own terms.

Before long, when you go on Instagram and see doctored-up images that portray perfection... 

...and scream out at you to compare yourself…

…you’ll just laugh, close the app, and continue living your best life. No “social media diet” needed. It was all YOU.

To Your Success,

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