Why You Never Need More Information To WIN At Life (And What You Need Instead)

Why You Never Need More Information To WIN At Life (And What You Need Instead)


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You know those guys who sell information products — that teach people how to start a business from home? Behind closed doors, they’re often troubled by the fact that few people ever go all the way through their courses. An embarrassingly small amount, in fact. Sometimes only 2% of the people who buy them go through their course to completion. Why is that?

Because it’s not new. I spoke to an entrepreneur who sold “start-a-business-from-home” DVDs back in the early 2000s, before the internet was even that useful. He said that one time, the fulfillment company screwed up an order and sent out thousands of blank DVDs — with no actual course — to customers who paid a hefty investment for them… And guess what?

He didn’t find out about it until months later — from the fulfillment companyThere were ZERO refunds. Nobody even opened the course or called to ask why the DVDs were blank. Everyone put it on their shelves… then decided to put off learning or executing anything.

And even if we’re not buying information, we have so much FREE information at our disposal — how is everyone not a millionaire already?

Something Doesn’t Add Up…

People are attracted to “little-known strategies, tactics, and techniques” that will get them to wherever they want to be in life. And don’t get me wrong — many of those tips are gold… A lot of them are fake, too. You’ve gotta be careful where you’re getting your info these days. But we live in a time where the “How To’s” are abundant. They’re everywhere.

We’re literally drowning in information. And many times we still don’t make it happen. Yet—we look at where we want to be, and we still somehow believe new information is the key to getting there. (Never mind the OLD information we never even tried…)

I’m here to set the record straight today. Because for most people, it’s not about information. Believe me — you’ll ALWAYS be able to find the right info when you need it. But before you do that, in order to succeed in ANY area of life, you must recognize the most important task at hand:

The Cultivation Of 
Your Own Mind.

You cannot hope to govern a family, a company, a relationship, a checkbook, or a nation if you cannot first govern yourselfThe mind is both your compass and your canvas… It’s a malleable tool — one you use to navigate every single one of life’s arenas. Your goal is to turn it from your greatest vulnerability, into…

Your Most Powerful Weapon.

That’s easier than you think. But it’ll take some effort. And yes, EVERYONE’S mind starts out their greatest liability. Nobody popped out of the womb with perfect control over themselves.

We lived our first years of life helpless. Crying. Needy. Desperate for someone else to keep us alive and tend to our every need. (And some of us continue doing that well into adulthood.) But as we go through life it molds us in certain directions, we adapt to our experiences, and our brains become molded along with those experiences.

Now — it would be easy at this point to say we can’t control our experiences. You might think a crappy past gives you an excuse to act weak, timid, or apathetic, to deny ownership of your circumstances and yourself. Because something “bad” happened that you didn’t have control over.

And it broke you. Which means it’s okay now to accept less than the best from yourself for the rest of your life. Don’t get me wrong — there are plenty of people willing to agree with you on that, but the truth is, those people are not doing you any good at all! So here’s what I say:

Toughen Up, Buttercup!

You’re not reading this to hear excuses. And you’re forgetting a simple fact:

We can’t choose what happens to us, 
but we ALWAYS choose how we react.

The choices you make in each and every moment — determine how your mind is shaped in the long run. It is not the things that happen to you, but your internal reactions to them, that matter the most if you want to turn your mind into a weapon.

Our goal today is to take your mind — something that was once a blunt instrument (because everyone’s was) — and turn it into a ruthless force. A sharp, deadly edge.

When you practice this daily, you’ll be able to use that sharp edge to cut through any obstacle standing between you and the best version of yourself.

And That, My Friend, 
Is When You WIN.

That’s when you can finally execute on information and persist — so you can become a wild success story. How? Here’s a quote from the book “Killing Weakness: The Samurai’s Path To Self-Actualization” (emphasis mine):

“In order for us to complete this transformative mission, we must live with intention. This means not floating passively from one moment to the next but rather asking ourselves, in every situation, who we want to be and how our ideal self would deal with the circumstance at hand, then electing how we want to act rather than reacting instinctively.”

Now that you know that, here’s a question. How many people, out of a random sample of 1,000 people in the population do you think practice that, or something similar, on a daily basis?

Maybe 20 or 30. And that’s being very generous. But that means YOU can cultivate this powerful gift to your supreme advantage. It’s not even that hard. It merely requires commitment.

It doesn’t matter how old you are. It doesn’t matter what’s happened to you in the past. If you have the ability to read these words on your screen right now — your brain has the ability to live with intention, and become that best self you DREAM of becoming…

And once you do? You’ll be part of a very small percentage of the population — who has what it takes to do, have, and BE what you want most in life.

It Really Is That Simple

Now I said simple — but not easy. You’ll never totally control your circumstances. That would be impossible. And you shouldn’t want that anyway. If you could control your circumstances, you’d never be challenged. It would make your mind VERY weak, which means you’d still be like that needy little baby — who cries for someone to feed you and change your diaper.

Seriously - that’s why those coddled trust-fund babies end up so miserable. So be GLAD you have no control over what happens to you. Because it’s giving you the opportunity to turn something you CAN control into a deadly weapon:

Your MIND.

Then, whatever happens to you, it’s only making you betterIt seems obvious, right? Still, most of us are prisoners to our lower selves. All you have to do to avoid this is remember:

Keep the right perspective, in the toughest circumstances. Repeat it daily, for as long as it takes, and you’ll evolve to the next level. That’s when you develop what I call:

TRUE Power.

Sadly, the world isn’t a place that recognizes people with TRUE power. Because the type of power I’m talking about isn’t celebrity, fame, or “connections”… or even wealth, or any other conventional measure of success. (Although, those can certainly be side-effects.)

Take your average political leader who seems to get all kinds of satisfaction from taking authority over other people’s lives. That’s not power. That’s controlThat’s coercion

At the core, that’s weakness. It’s pain and despair trying to compensate for its own perceived lack. (Oh, sorry. Not the political leader you like… the other guy. Yeah, him.) It’s EASY to do that. But TRUE power has nothing to do with anyone outside yourself.

True power doesn’t need to be recognized. True power isn’t always searching for a pedestal. And it’s not looking to “get elected” and make promises it can’t follow through on true power is NOT interested in control over outside circumstances. Following me yet?

When you’re in business for yourself, or you’ve got a relationship, a goal, or a vision you will stop at nothing to achieve, there’s really no greater asset to your future than developing TRUE power.

Of course… it’s a lot of work. But like most things that are worth doing, you’ll get way more in return than you ever invest. When you approach investors for your business, prospective clients, potential dates, even your daily workout, with TRUE power in your core?

You don’t need a single outcome from anyone or anything. You are not affected by anyone else’s thoughts, opinions, words, or actions. And as a result — you are unstoppable.

That’s when the script flips — and the universe conspires in your favor. Want true power? You already have it. You just have to learn to use it. You are not broken. There’s nothing to fix. It’s all just waiting for you to claim.

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  • Jeff S.

    Another great life lesson! I love reading these emails with my coffee in the morning.

    Keep up the great work! Thank you.

  • Brandi Harris

    Wow!! Inspiring words that the universe brought me at the right time.!!! Ty!

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