Why You Are A Snowball - And How To Roll In The Direction Of Your Dreams

Why You Are A Snowball - And How To Roll In The Direction Of Your Dreams

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The funny thing about humans is that we are self-fulfilling prophecies. What we think, feel, say and do tends to affect the material reality we create.

Walk round with a cloud of doom and gloom over your head, and your unconscious will find ways to make that your reality. But walk around knowing the world is working in your favor, and you’ll start noticing it happen for you.

It’s almost like we’re each a snowball rolling down a hill… IF that snowball had the power to control how fast it rolls, where it rolls, how often, and for how long based on what was going on INSIDE of it.

The problem?

This Is A Lot Of Responsibility
For A Little Snowball!

That’s why most of humanity is happy to give that power up to other people. The people who will gladly control where we “roll” FOR us. Our teachers, our bosses, the talking heads on the news, the politicians, and so forth are happy to take over us little snowballs and tell us what to do.

When you’re trained to let them do just that from the very first moments of your life — it’s a hard habit to break. Should the average well-trained human discover how much power he or she really possesses to create reality — it would probably give them a headache.

So with that said, you’ve got two choices:

  • Stay asleep to the nature and depth of your true power,
  • Or jump in — and figure out how to use it for the greatest good and to make your life exceptional.

The Only Thing That Makes People
Shy Away From Choice #2:

…is they don’t quite know where to begin. Or where to find their true power. Or how to use any of it. To add complication — from what I can gather — this “how to use it” part is slightly different for each person:

We all have the same basic process for transforming what is on the inside into what is on the outside. But there are many variations in some of the finer points of the process that we must each discover for ourselves.

There is no book that can precisely tell you how to master these things for YOU. There are plenty of books however where people will explain to you what worked for THEM. Books like Think and Grow Rich. Or The Secret. And reading those will be a good general guideline…

But after that, trial and error is probably your shortest route to figuring the rest out for yourself.

Now — if we ARE self-fulfilling prophecies, then that means WE are an active participant in creating WHAT IS for ourselves.

Along this journey, the most important shift in perspective is this:

To adjust your perception of the direction of the flow of reality.

Here’s what that means:

Most brainwashed humans are trained to perceive reality coming AT them instead of developing the ability to…

Feel Reality Coming Forth
From Within Them.

When you are able to make that switch, you will have taken a HUGE step in remembering just how powerful you are.

Your vision will flip and you will never look at “reality” with the same eyes. You will literally feel the shift as you align with the true source of everything around you.

And you’ll finally be able to direct the flow of your own life.

The biggest barrier to making that switch is that, in most peoples’ lives, they have these things called…


And when you’re staring a problem in the face — it’s easy to see it as an obstacle to getting what you want so you can be living as the CAUSE in the world instead of effect.

But the most difficult thing with “problems” is figuring out whether you actually have one or not.

Is the issue something to be solved? Or is it an opportunity for something else?

Is money being “tight” a problem to solve?  Or is it an opportunity to develop gratitude for something you already have - so the real energetic flow of prosperity to enter into your life?

Is an ache or pain something to be fixed? Or an opportunity to witness your body’s natural healing magic?

Is working at something you don’t like a problem? Or is it simply an opportunity to develop your ability to want what you get rather than needing to get what you want?

If you’re confused, try not using your mind so much when you answer these questions.

See, your mind will surely have an answer to all these questions immediately. It won’t allow any other information in either, but your body might have a completely different answer. Your soul might give another answer entirely.

When in doubt, it seems the smartest course of action is to simply give energy to the reality you most want to create.

Is this being naive?

Is it being unrealistic?

Is it being silly?


The World Needs More
Of ALL These Things.

Perhaps reality is not what is happening but the story we are telling about it — and the vibration that story emits into the ether that will influence what is going to be created next.

We have been trained to believe we are small, inconsequential and rather meaningless blips in a large Universe…

My experience has shown me it is FAR more likely that we ARE the Universe. Which can only mean we wield the power to create the life we choose from WITHIN.

There are both safe and unsafe ways to do this.

I’m not much of a planner, so I was always one to burn bridges and THEN figure out how I was going to get across the river.

It was definitely a bumpy ride. That approach isn’t for everyone.

Even so, sometimes burning bridges does…

Light The Way To Much
Greater Opportunity.

The problem with jobs is that they artificially limit how valuable you can be to other people. They limit the impact your presence on the planet can have on the world…

This is not by accident, of course. It’s by design.

  • This is why they didn’t teach you to understand your own genius in school.
  • This is why they didn’t explain how to package up that genius as a solution to a specific problem you can charge big bucks for.
  • This is why they didn’t provide a framework with which to connect that solution with the people who most want it.

They skipped all of that because they needed workers, mind-slaves who were trained to be happy receiving 5% of their potential. They needed people brainwashed into believing that selling your value to a SINGLE buyer (your employer) was far more intelligent than selling it to many, many buyers (customers and clients), over and over again, even potentially all at once.

When you look at it this way, a “job” is a really, REALLY bad deal for a human.

Want to go out and LIVE your life on a Monday instead of building someone else’s dreams?

That’s not always an option…

But Quitting A Job

That’s what they teach you anyway. And should you allow that idea into your mind, should you allow it to fester long enough to become a belief — you will create the reality that matches that.

And then, this “program” will be referred to as “common sense!”

Of course, everyone knows that quitting your job is risky and dumb and naive and shortsighted and all of the other words the controllers use to limit your potential.

Ahhhh… but NOW, the universe might have other ideas for a few million people…

Because for the last year and a half, the Universe has decided to offer a scenario where traditional jobs are no longer an option for them.

Is this going to turn into an economic catastrophe for those people? Or are they finally getting pushed out the door so they can spread their wings?

The power, as always, is found in the way you CHOOSE to see what IS — and the response you create to meet it.

If you are one of the people whose livelihood has been affected by the pandemic, perhaps now is the time to truly figure out how valuable you can be to the world. And direct the direction your own snowball has been pushed — instead of accepting the narrative the news tells you you are rolling.


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