The Scientific “Success Lever” That Turns You Into Someone Who WINS At Life

The Scientific “Success Lever” That Turns You Into Someone Who WINS At Life

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(Even If You’re Broke, Hopeless, Or Have No Skills)


How do you get the faith and confidence to go for a big new goal... if you’ve never seen yourself do it before?

…if you have no evidence you even can do it?

How can you take the first step to accomplishing your dream... when you have no clue what that step is?

…or if you have no proof it’s even possible?

How can you squelch that nagging voice—that makes you feel like a failure before you even try?

Prior to doing anything new, bold, or exciting... questions like these can haunt you. They can kill your success before you even start…

And those SAME questions have thwarted millions of people from achieving their dreams and changing the world—in ways we’ll never even know.

But listen: Those questions are completely irrelevant! They’re the wrong ones to ask. Because…

They Violate The
Way Your Brain Works.


There’s a “Success Lever” in your brain no one told you about…

If you know how to use it, you can do all kinds of things you never thought possible. You can achieve your wildest dreams. Seriously.

Science has proven it. And when you see it happen in action, there’s NO argument against it!

Anyone who has ever done anything new, defied the odds, or achieved something no one thought they could…

…was using THIS Success Lever!

All the technology that exists around you… including smartphones, the Internet, and the satellites that bring you countless astounding benefits—even the screen you’re reading these words on right now—

…they were ALL conceived of in someone’s head before they existed.

They started as a THOUGHT. Then they were brought into existence. And there’s no doubt you can bring whatever YOU want into existence, too. But you HAVE to use your brain the right way!

So let’s talk about what this success lever is, how YOU can use it, and make any limitation irrelevant in your journey to greatness.

To begin, and help you understand this…

Here’s A True Story:

Experimenters once wanted to test how basketball players learn free throws. So they compiled test subjects from the University basketball team and divided them into three groups:

Group 1: Practiced free throws 20 minutes a day for 20 days.

Group 2: Did not practice at all.

Group 3: Spent 20 minutes a day imagining they were throwing the ball at the basket. When they missed, they would imagine they corrected their aim accordingly.

The results of this experiment? Were AMAZING:

  • The group that practiced 20 minutes a day improved in scoring by 24%.
  • The second group—with no practice—showed no improvement.
  • And the third group, who practiced in their imaginations—improved in scoring by 23%.

That’s only ONE percentage point difference from actual practice.

Obviously, imagination is powerful…

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But That’s Only The
Tip Of The Iceberg:

Any real, experienced hypnotist knows—when he tells his hypnotized subject his finger is a red-hot poker…

…the subject will not only wince in pain when the hypnotist touches him. The subject’s skin will also physically turn red, swell up, and even get a blister.

Now, hypnosis is nothing magical—it’s merely bringing the subject into a state where his mind will believe whatever the hypnotist suggests.

And that’s what’s incredible:

The mere BELIEF is what causes the subject’s body to form a blister.

His mind sent signals to his lymphatic system that there’s a hot poker. And it reacts as if extreme heat is there - when it’s not. THAT is how powerful a belief can be!

But you don’t need to be hypnotized for this to happen:

Non-hypnotized, wide-awake college students have been asked to imagine one of their hands is immersed in ice water…

And thermometer readings showed the temperature dropped in the ‘treated’ hand in every student who did it.

Weird, right?

There’s something profound about this phenomenon. It can help you achieve your goals—and it’s more than just “positive thinking”.

Here’s what we mean:

Pretend You’re About To Catch A Baseball—
And You Also Think Of Yourself As An Outstanding Catcher…

When you see the ball flying high in the air… you’re not consciously calculating where the ball is going to land.

You see the ball, then you just run.

Deciding how to run, and why, and how far to run happens automatically, doesn’t it?

You don’t go, “Wow, that ball is coming fast. I need to turn around, and then move my left leg and then my right… and then jump two meters… and reach out with my left arm and catch the ball…”

No—it all happens automatically. It’s not conscious. Something else is doing that for you...

What’s more—if you feel you’re a BAD catcher, you wouldn’t catch the ball at all. Even if you tried.


Because YOU set a GOAL - by thinking of yourself as a bad catcher. Then your body carried out the automatic process to meet it.

Make sure you understand that last sentence. It’s vital to your success.

Once you don’t catch the ball, you’ll take that as more proof that you’re a bad catcher. It reinforces the belief. And the cycle continues.

But if you think of yourself as a GOOD catcher and you don’t catch the ball—you’ll still find ways to see yourself as a good catcher: Maybe there was some wind. Or it was a tough ball. Or you didn’t focus.

Maybe you’ll even improve more by taking those things into account next time—and the idea that you’re a good catcher will be even further reinforced.

How is this different from mere “positive thinking?”

Because it’s about your entire SELF IMAGE. Which is…

The Holy Grail Of

Here’s where it gets REALLY interesting:

Dr. Maxwell Maltz, in his book Psycho-Cybernetics, didn’t think the “unconscious mind” was a “mind” at all…

Instead, he described it as an impersonal goal-striving machine

The same kind of machine that exists in a guided missile—that adjusts the course of the missile based on its GOAL.

On a missile, the machine’s goal can be to direct it to where heat is, or where an object is on a radar screen…

But the goal-striving machine of your unconscious doesn’t seek heat—it seeks an outcome YOU determine.

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And Here’s The
Scary Part…

Your unconscious goal-striving machine can’t tell the difference between what you want and what you don’t want in life!

“What you want” is ignored entirely by your unconscious…

All it takes into account—is what you believe to be true.

Including what you believe to be true about YOURSELF.

Which, as you’ll see in a second, is usually NOT based on reality!

That’s why a faulty self-image is the single biggest limitation you can put on yourself. You literally cannot achieve anything outside of your self-image.

Your unconscious will only let you do, or feel, or BE the things that are in accordance with it!

And, as you saw in our baseball example, your unconscious is doing all the work to get you to your goals. So...

If you want to accomplish exceptional things,
this can be dangerous.

Because—the truth is, most peoples’ mental assumptions about themselves are totally arbitrary.

They’re not based on real “proof”.

Maybe you failed at catching a baseball as a child on the playground, ONE time. Then the other kids humiliated you and said you suck at sports…

That humiliation could have formed a belief inside that you’re not worthy.

And that ONE experience could have solidified your self-image relating to baseball: you suck.

You might even carry that self-image with you for the rest of your life. When objectively—you weren’t any worse at baseball than the other kids were that day they made fun of you. They just wanted to pick on you.

Might sound weird, but that’s exactly how this stuff works.

Your entire self-image—the idea you have about “the type of person you are”—is based on what you picked up from past experiences, what you inferred about those experiences, and what you imagined about yourself.

If you’re like most people, a good portion of your negative self-image was formed based on misconceptions, errors, delusions, or mix-ups that you don’t even remember making!

This is important because it determines…

The Pictures You See:

Every day, your imagination creates mental pictures. Whether you’re trying to or not, it’s always happening.

When you remember the past and think about how things might turn out for you in the future, you’re creating pictures in your mind...

You also use these pictures to “simulate” what your options will look like if you’re presented with a choice.  You make decisions based on the situations you imagined.

Your decisions are NOT based on reality. They’re based on imagined pictures. And not only that…

You can’t separate your self-image from any of the mental pictures you create.

Crazy, right?

Now—your unconscious mind (i.e., your goal-striving machine) accepts ALL of your mental pictures as your goals.

Doesn’t matter if they were good pictures or bad ones…

They could be pictures in the form of worrying, anxiety, regret, or spite—or they could be pictures in the form of excitement, aspiration, hope, or pleasure…

They’ll ALL be accepted and acted upon in the same way. Your unconscious doesn’t judge.

And then...

Behind The Scenes…

Your goal-striving machine works tirelessly to achieve the goals you unknowingly set when you imagined pictures.

Whether those goals are good or bad, whether they’ll help you or hurt you—your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference!

It JUST works to achieve them.

And once it gets you there, you’ll have more “proof” that whatever you believed was true!

So whatever self-image you have... is strengthened by proof that your unconscious provided.  

Following me? Good.

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Sometimes, humans like to be right more than they like to be successful. So they don’t even acknowledge this process exists.

But your self-image sets ALL the “boundaries” for what you’re able to accomplish! If you want to change your life and make it thousands of times better, THIS is how!

It is not possible to act in a way that is counter to your self-image. Your unconscious won’t let you.

That means your self-image created every win and every failure you’ve ever had in your life...

And it will also determine your destiny.


Now Here’s The GOOD News!

You can ALWAYS change your self-image. Any time you want.

You’re never too young or too old to do it.

Once the concept of your ‘self’ has been changed...

...other things consistent with your new concept of self will be FAR easier to get…

If you have fear of public speaking… procrastination… problems starting a business… feelings of inadequacy, or if you just want to see yourself as “better” at whatever you do…

You can solve ALL of that by changing your self-image. And it’s not as hard as you think.

Keep reading. Because here’s...

The Biggest ‘Hack’ For
Human Achievement - Revealed:

Read the following sentence TWICE, to make sure you understand it:

Your brain and nervous system cannot tell the difference between an imagined experience and a “real” experience.

Here’s why:

Every experience you’ve ever had is an imagined one anyway!

Not to get all “Matrix” on you—but you aren’t operating directly on reality. None of us are.

Everything you see, hear, touch, think, taste, and feel ALL comes as raw data through your nerves.

Then, it gets artificially “constructed” by your brain... which is working to make sense of the ‘data’ you get from your senses.

Your brain puts together the data from your senses to construct a “map” of the world...

And when you’re going about your life... you’re interacting with the map. Not with reality itself.

This brings us to a quote from a guy named Alfred Korzybski -

“The Map Is
Not The Territory”

Remember that!

Here’s why this is useful for your success: Pretend you’re hiking through the woods. And you see a bear.

But it’s not really a bear—it’s just a tree that looks like a bear in the dark. But when you see it, you have no idea it’s a tree. You 100% believe it’s a bear!

When that happens, you’d react the same way you would if there REALLY were a bear in front of you, right? You’d feel the same adrenaline. Your heart would beat faster. You’d get hyper-focused. You’d probably try to run, too.

All because you imagined the bear to be real.

Your brain built a “map” with a bear in it—when one did not exist in reality.

In the same way, your unconscious can act on what you IMAGINE to be real. Even if they’re counter-productive... Like the idea you’re a bad catcher, or that you’re inadequate at public speaking, or that you’ll never make over $5,000 per month.

They’re things that are in your MAP that are not there in reality.

Now—for the most part, the “pictures” and “maps” in our heads are reasonably accurate…

They help us navigate the world, avoid getting hit by busses, and determine whether a stranger at the bar is attractive.

But remember the college students who imagined their hand in ice water and it got colder? How the human body will give itself a blister if it imagines a hot poker? How an athlete’s free throws can improve with mere visualization?

These are all examples of the body reacting as if something is real... when it’s not:

The MAP was real! So it didn’t matter.

Now our ‘maps’ are usually accurate enough to help us survive and reproduce. But when it comes to achieving financial or career success, or any other success for that matter…

YOU have to create the right map! If it’s not working for you, your map doesn’t align with reality.  

And that’s EASY to fix...

Just realize this:

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We’re Imagining Our ENTIRE Reality Anyway!
Why Not Imagine A Good One?

If you imagine the reasons you won’t succeed at something when others can…

…your body will produce physical responses that stop you from succeeding. Just like it’ll produce a blister with no heat.

Your body literally will not allow you to succeed if that’s in your self-image.

On the other hand—if you see yourself as ‘able to achieve anything you want’...

...your unconscious mind WILL work to get you there!

If something is possible, and you have enough focus and persistence to do it… your only limitation is in your head.

That goes for anything—a career position, starting a business, public speaking, or excelling at a sport or an instrument.

How do you get a better self-image?

You’ll gain a MASSIVE advantage when you…

Train Your Imagination
For 30 Minutes A Day.

It’s easy. Here’s how:

First, close your eyes.

Imagine taking the actions that will get you the success you want—as VIVIDLY and as DETAILED as possible. Remember, your unconscious ‘goal-striving machine’ responds to PICTURES.

While you’re visualizing, pay attention to the small things—the sights, sounds and the objects…

It’s important to make it as REAL as possible—with bright colors. In 3-D…

See yourself acting and reacting appropriately, successfully, ideally…

Imagine everything as if it were already true

KEEP experiencing it in front of your mental eyes—and FEEL it, too. Every part of it.

When you make a practice of vividly imagining yourself succeeding at what you want - over and over…

…this will be built into your unconscious. It’ll be stored as positive thoughts and experiences for future reference. And it will be “added” to your self-image. Because your unconscious won’t know it’s not reality.

Do “imagination training sessions” for a BARE MINIMUM of 21 days in a row...

And do NOT expect any results during the initial 21 days—that’s simply how long it takes to program your brain and nervous system to begin automatically moving you toward your goal.

Got it? Good. Now...

Here are the mistakes most people make with this:

1. Imagine End Goals.

You need to have a clear goal or target, and you must conceive of it as already in existence—now.

Either in actual or ‘potential’ form…

For example, anytime someone sets out to find a new creative idea or the answer to a scientific problem… they’re only successful when they assume the answer already exists—they just have to find it.

Their unconscious sees they believe it’s a truth—and guides them to it.

Achieving success is no different.

2. Don’t Worry About The “How”

The job of your conscious mind is to give your unconscious the “end result” goals you desire.

But don’t worry if the means to achieving those end results aren’t obvious to you at first.

Figuring out the “means” to getting there is NOT the job of the conscious mind.

That’s the job of your unconscious!

Your conscious mind’s job is to:

  • Keep finding and giving your unconscious the BEST information relating to your goal—so it has more to work with, and...
  • Visualizing and supplying your unconscious with the right mental pictures - day, after day, after day. So train your imagination!
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3. Don’t Be Afraid Of Making Mistakes

Your unconscious will figure out how to reach your goal by trial and error—the same way you feel around in the dark to find something.

The worst thing you can do is take the “error” part as proof of your old self-image—the one you want to get away from.

If you make an error, simply realize that’s your unconscious mind “feeling around in the dark” to make you successful. Keep going.

4. Trust Your Unconscious And ACT

Trust your unconscious—or goal-striving machine—to do its work.

Don’t “jam it” by getting too concerned or anxious about whether it will work or not.

“Let it” work, rather than “make it” work. It operates below your consciousness, and you can’t “know” what is going on beneath the surface.

Plus, its nature is to operate spontaneously according to present need.

So you have no guarantees in advance of the situation you’ll need it in! You simply have to dive in with faith.

Your unconscious comes into operation as you act.

NEVER wait to act until you have proof. You won’t get it. Act as if the proof is already there. Your unconscious will reward you for that.

Do the thing—and you will have the power.

5. Supplement Your Imagination
With ACTUAL Success Images

Your unconscious mind thinks in images. It responds best to vivid, striking pictures that provide it with goals about who you want to become…

And these images need to be consistent. Day after day.

So if you only rely on your imagination... the images you just “conjure up” can be inconsistent or vague...

People often have a hard time focusing on the SAME image when they have to imagine it over and over for weeks with no “reference point”.

But if that image changes too much from day to day, it can send mixed signals to your unconscious. It can “jam” your goal-striving machine...

That’s why it’s important to incorporate real life images as well as imagined ones...

It feeds your unconscious mind the same images over and over, consistently.

That makes your goal “take hold” faster. And...

That’s the reason we put so much detail
and vibrant colors into our canvas wall art:

To program your unconscious mind with goals that make you automatically strive for success…

…to wire your conscious mind to create more meaningful, rich, and powerful pictures - as you train your imagination to acquire a new, better reality. A better ‘map’.

...And they simply inspire you daily, too. Not to mention, they’re stunning to look at - and WILL get you compliments from guests!

The truth is...

Our pieces are designed to act as a compass…

They guide you to experience the life you want—and the person you want to become—right now.

When you do that, you’ll give your unconscious “goal-striving machine” all the fuel it needs to get you where you want to be.

And if you’re committed to it, you’ll reach your goal THAT much faster.

So check out our store [here] and find a piece you’re most inspired by! We honestly believe anyone with a goal in life should have artwork like this in their home - whether it’s our artwork or someone else’s… It’s THAT much of an advantage.

But we can only say so much about it here.  In order to understand the advantage you get, you have to see it for yourself. And we get anyone selling artwork can tell you this on a blog post...

That’s why we have a LIFETIME money-back guarantee. If you don’t see the advantage, send it back whenever. Even if it’s in 10 years! We want you to see the results you get from taking in your beautiful masterpiece daily!

Thanks for reading - if you got anything out of this post, feel free to share it with your friends. And we’d LOVE to hear your feedback.

To Your Success,

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