The Magical Scientific Process For The Foolproof Creation Of Your Exceptional Future Success [PART 1]

The Magical Scientific Process For The Foolproof Creation Of Your Exceptional Future Success [PART 1]

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This is Part 1 of what might be the most important 2-part series you’ll ever read.

In this 2-part series, you’re going to discover a repeatable scientific process for creating wonderful outcomes in your life that are incredibly powerful. And here’s what else:

You’re also going to discover how to create those outcomes MUCH more quickly than you would have gotten them otherwise. And the most important part of this 2-part series is that it will be outlining a process you can count on.

The way it works is not vague woo-woo feel-good nonsense that leaves you the same as you were before.


This Is A Matter
Of Physics.

If you do this exactly the way I tell you, it has to work to get you the amazing outcome you desire in life. Just like Newton’s second law of motion, or how water has to evaporate when you bring it to a boil. And you can use this process to get anything you want. A prosperous business, the physique you desire, your dream relationship — anything.

Ready to do that?

Let’s go.

So how do you go from square one — from setting the intention to get your outcome in place — all the way to getting the outcome you want? Answering that one question trips 99.9% of people up. To the point where they never take action. And there's a good reason for that.

So first off, let’s set the foundation and learn an exciting new word that defines this whole model: It’s called Teleology.

Teleology is something all those philosopher dudes like Plato and Socrates used to talk about. But it’s simple to understand.

According to, teleology means:

The explanation of phenomena in terms of the purpose they serve rather than the cause by which they arise.

Teleology is also known as “unbounded design.”

Teleology occurs when the end-state of anything you do is NOT specifically pre-determined… but rather is the end result of the simple fact that you selected your result from several available alternatives. It’s the use of “ultimate purpose or design” as a means of explaining what happens in the world.

In Teleology, “Cause” plays no part in “Effect”. Instead, the effect happened simply because the effect was the effect you wanted.

Ok… but how can you use this in your life?

I’ll explain:

We often wonder things like, “What does the future hold for me?” As if there’s only one future.

Of course — you will inevitably experience only one future, but in the present, you actually have a selection of…

Many Different Futures
To Choose From.

So the first rule of getting what you want is to remember there are many different futures, at all times. And hold that paradigm in place for now.

You may say “I already knew I had many possible futures.” But do you LIVE that — at all times?

Because this is the beginning of building a model in your mind that pulls you towards the future, instead of pushes you from the past.

For example:

“We’re going to do better than we did last year.”

“I’m going to improve my score over what it was.”

“I’m going to be as fit as I was when I was 22 years old again.”

Whatever it may be — those are all models that start at some point in the past and push you to a future.

They’re based upon the idea that you are building on the past as a historical marker. And you’re going to use the past to go to the future in some way. Maybe you want to make it the same or better than it was before.

A teleological model is different.

It’s different in the sense that you are starting by putting yourself in a new place in the future — independent of whatever may have happened in the past.

It says:

“This future is possible from where I am here in the present.”

The past is irrelevant.

As you work to achieve your goals, it’s far more powerful to have a future-based position that you’re going to work on, rather than a past-based model.

So how do you build a future-based mental model to work toward when you don’t have anything in the past to base it on?

Simply put:

Positive Expectation.

And again, this is not some woo-woo feel-good “Just think positively, man!” Kind of advice.

Positive expectation is the idea that you’re GOING to have success in the future. And when you truly have that expectation — because it’s just what you expect — that’s what allows you to pull yourself into that future so powerfully and so quickly. It’s a matter of physics.

It means there is no concept of the ideas of obstacles, failure, setbacks — those don’t exist in your new mental model. Instead, you’re building on the idea that whatever happens to you as you move toward the outcome you want — is just information in the system.

And that information in the system — no matter what it is — will allow you to take the next steps forward to eventually get to where you want to go. And the more you understand that that’s the case that no matter what happens, it’s just information in the system, and when you understand deeply that wherever you are, that’s exactly where you want to be in terms of moving forward…

You can make the changes you need to make, and adapt. Because you’re not stuck in the old model, of:

“It HAS to go this way to get what I want.”

“I’m going to achieve my goal like THIS.”

“Here’s the 37 steps I have to go through to get success.”

Because who the hell really knows what’s going to happen in the future? Anything could happen!

So why would you commit to getting what you want in the future using a model you created in the past, that is by definition, NOT the future?

In fact, what will likely happen — is that you’ll reach a moment in time where you thought it would take 37 steps… but it’s actually only 6 steps to your big successful outcome. And that allows you to leap forward to where you want to be VERY quickly because the environment has somehow colluded with you, without you knowing it.

This is 100% hard physics.

The reason this works is because this entire mental model takes into account…

The Idea Of

See — we can all agree that in the human experience, time moves forward. We go from a past, to a present, to a future. And that’s the way we experience it.

Whether or not that’s actually happening in the objective, cold, dark multi-dimensional universe — none of us actually care. Because as human beings, that’s the only way we know to experience time. And because of that, what happens in the future for us hasn’t happened yet. So it’s unpredictable.

It HAS to be.

Things can — and will — happen that we don’t yet know are going to happen. And they can change the nature of how we experience what’s going on. The plans we’ve made. Our ability to create outcomes. Our ability to be limited in some way.

You plan an outdoor dinner party and it rains. There was a traffic jam and you were late to a job interview. Your dog devoured your homework.

All of these things happen because of unpredictability.

But what if you could move toward your goals building on a mental model that transcends unpredictability? Not by eliminating it — but by making it irrelevant?

And that’s what this simple shift in thinking and feeling really does for you.

Now that we’ve laid that foundation, let’s go into your successful new mental model into a little more detail:

The Past

The past is where most people begin making plans. They go:

“I’ve done these things. I got this degree, this position, I have this money in the bank, I have these successes and skills I’ve built…

…and therefore, because I have this model of experience — this model of resources I can use — I can now make a decision here in this present moment based on them about what I want to be doing next."

Most people are building their future based on what they’ve done and where they are, and what they believe is possible from that point. And then they build out this future scenario based on that — and they take the steps to follow.

But Clever People
Do Something Different:

They go:

“Well, here’s where I was. Here’s where I am. And from here, what I want to do is xyz123…

This is possible for me because I have this education, these skills, these resources, this network — whatever it may be. And I can get from here, to there. I’m capable of that…

But I’m going to start with the future I want — the outcome — and I’m going to look at what I have to do going backwards."

Did you hear the difference? They actually build it backwards.

Stephen Covey said in the 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People to start with the end in mind. You work backwards from the end, looking at all the steps you would have to take to get there.

That’s a much more clever way of doing things. If you walk away with only one thing from this, make it that. BUT…

There’s Still An
Even Better Way.

This is the third way no one ever talks about. And it’s where we’ll be focusing for the rest of this 2-part series. This is a way where you look at how you’re going to do these things from a radically different point of view:

Now we’re actually starting at the end literally.

And we’re building an outcome that’s independent of the past AND present we previously thought we were “locked” into — because we mistakenly bought into the idea that that’s what we had to build from.

It’s almost like this:

I want to give you a magic wand, and let you create a future scenario of anything you want. If you think this is impossible, take the time to understand that you’ve seen this happen again and again and again:

Every product that’s ever been produced…

Every service that’s ever been designed…

Every great artistic masterpiece…

Every exceptional human feat in sports, architecture, or achievement…

Every business that’s ever been created that never existed before — that existed outside of time from when it was first imagined…

…was something that somebody did by going to a future point in time — and imagining a possibility NOT based on what was present in the moment they were thinking about it, but something they imagined COULD be present if they did certain things to get there.

That’s why the Really Really Ultra Super-Clever People just go straight to the future. And say:

“I don’t have any single idea whatsoever how I’m going to do it…
I just know I want to create this outcome.
I know I want to build this kind of business.
I know I want to have this kind of relationship.
I know I want to create this kind of art…
…and I’m going to do it regardless of
what happens in the world as I understand it
around me

Now that’s a powerful way of thinking. And that’s what I’m about to show you how to do. And act on. Successfully. So you can begin to design — as if you have a magic wand — any future you want.

In some ways, this is as close to magic as you’re ever going to get.

So as I said, if you had mistakenly been starting from the present, looked only at the resources you already had from the past, and used them to decide what you can do in the future…

STOP doing that right now. And instead…

…reverse it.

Go out to the very end. Go out to that future event. And think about it for a moment. It’s fine if you want to take a half an hour, or two days, or a week to get that future in your head. Whatever it takes. And if you’re really serious about living an exceptional life — I strongly suggest that you do the exercise I’m about to show you and write down the answers you come up with.

Design The Future
You Are Going To Have
If There Were No Limitations.

You’ve probably heard this advice before. But this time it’s different in a few very important ways:

What would that “magic wand” future look like for you?

Now you do not need to go into meticulous detail. In fact, I’d recommend you DON’T go into meticulous detail about this.

Generally speaking, what’s incredibly important to you?

What are the most important things you could be putting in place for yourself and your life?

What kind of relationships do you want to be having? With your significant other, or partner, or lover?

What kind of relationships do you want with your parents, or siblings, or children you may have?

What about your friends or acquaintances?

What kind of relationships are really important to you that — for you — feel like they’re essential for you to be living…

…The Quality And Kind Of
Life You Most Desire?

What’s happening for you in terms of your profession/career/work?

What kinds of things are important for you to be able to be doing — in terms of what gives you pleasure because you have satisfaction in the achievement that you get through doing these things?

The word achievement is the most important word in that last sentence. Meaning, the OUTCOME you produce as a result of the career or work or profession that you’re in.

What kind of financial success do you want?

What does it look like for you to have a truly successful financial life? What kind of number is in place there for you?

Now I don’t want you to come up with some bizarre number because someone else in the world has achieved it, and you think “Wow, that would be really great if I could do that too!”

I want you to think instead about what kind of lifestyle you want. Because it’s always great to have a bigger aspiration beyond what you think is really important to you.

But for now, focus on what’s REALLY important. If you were living that life today. The life that would just thrill you and make you feel you’d achieved everything you wanted in terms of financial independence and wealth accumulation.

What would THAT look like?

Because if you look around, and you look very carefully at people who are extraordinarily, obscenely, UNGODLY wealthy, what you’ll find is that many of these people are at a point where their wealth no longer matters to them.

They’ve got more wealth than they could ever need or want.

That’s why I’m saying don’t make it some obscene number that is incredible for yourself and more than you need. Unconsciously, you won’t even be motivated to obtain more money than is important for you.

It’s MUCH more important to have that number be the number that’s going to give you the lifestyle and the quality of your life that you want to be living most…

…For Yourself And Those
You Care About And Love.

Maybe it’s half a million. Maybe it’s ten million. You know what it is.

And in terms of health and fitness — what kind of life do you want to be living for yourself?

How do you want to FEEL as you move through the day?

As you do this, pick a point in your future where you’re old enough to really recognize:

“I’ve done what I need to do to feel this way in this future moment in time. To be able to do the things I want to do. To be able to have the mental and physical life I want to be having.”

What’s important to you there?

The last thing I want you to do is think about — in terms of learning and experiences — what experiences do you want to have had when you look back over your life?

What kinds of things are important for you to be able to do?

Maybe there’s traveling you want to do.

Maybe there’s some learning or skills you want to have accomplished.

Maybe there’s a personal endeavor of yours — write a memoir, build a photo library of things you’ve seen, places you’ve been, and people you know…

What’s important to you in terms of the activities, education, learning, and events you want to have accomplished before you can look back on your life and say…

“I’ve done everything I want”?

What are those things?

Take all of them, and build that mental model out. And once you’ve thought about it…

Write down the answers to all of this.

Really. Go ahead and take time to do this. Write these things down. Then come back with your answers.

And take this SERIOUSLY.

If you’re still reading, by now you know this is important. This is your future-based position. It’s literally where you’ll end up if you do all this correctly.

This is NOT just “jotting down stuff you want.” That method has become all-too-common and frankly no one takes it seriously anymore.

For your own sake, do not treat this like one of those run-of-the-mill visualization exercises…

Instead, I want you to treat this like you are building a future memory.

And there’s a way you feel — a way your body experiences a sense of those results when you’ve already experienced it in the future… Of having already had the success that you want. Of having already lived the experiences you desire.

Of knowing that whatever is important to you is present in your life. In your bank account. In your relationships. In your health.

That your career has flourished — and you’ve done the things you wanted to do. You’ve already learned the things you wanted to be learning and had the experiences you wanted to be having.

All these things combined come together in such a way that now what it all led to is you have a feeling about WHO YOU ARE.

This Is What’s Very Powerful
About This Mental Model.

You’re building a future identity position.

If you want the technical definition, it’s called an ontological form. It's a way of being where you look in the mirror and know on a GUT level: “This is who I am.”

And “This is who I am” includes all of the stuff around you that you just chose for yourself. Because who we are does not end at our skin…

Who we are extends into our relationships, our career, into the things we’ve done and learned and achieved…

Who we are extends into the impact we’ve had and the aspirations we strive toward. The things we haven’t done yet but intend to. The quality of life we’ve built…

All of these things are part of who we are.

It’s Part Of Our Identity.

And you are now building a representation — a sense of being. Of knowing yourself to be this way already. And it just hasn’t happened yet.

So in essence, what we’re saying to ourselves is this:

“This future event — this experience I want to have of me being this way — has happened already. Just not yet.”

And I know that’s a crazy way to talk. But allow your mind to experience it exactly like that, and it’s going to be incredibly powerful for you.

Once you’ve done that — not just thought about it or jotted it all down but also felt it as an experience of being that way — then congratulations: You’ve narrowed down the focused future in which you want to be living.

You’ve chosen, using teleology, the ONE future you are going to live out of the many possible choices that were available to you.

And that’s what’s happening here. It’s a very powerful thing we want to be able to do.

So do the exercise. Block out an hour or two. Or more if you’d like. Get it all straight in your head. And cement this as a future memory.

Next week, in part two, we’ll talk about the simple process you’re going to take to move in real life toward the teleological memory you just designed. But it’s very important you work on your future memory FIRST. This model won’t work for you if you don’t work for IT.

Whether or not you actually wrote down your future position yet, you’re going to write it down before next week if this is going to happen for you. Writing it down is as important as the thinking part.


Writing it down externalizes the information outside of your brain. And the externalization part is so darn important. I cannot emphasize this enough.

You must put it out of your head and into the world and looking at it on a piece of paper.

Looking at the words outside your brain in your own writing actually changes the way your brain works in response to what it is we’re doing here together.

So between now and next week’s post — take the time to write down the outcomes you want. Then experience them as a future memory that has already happened, just not yet.

And For Extra Credit —

Go ahead and turn those words into a vision board or image collage of sorts. Find pictures that represent the future position you just designed.

That way, your brain begins imprinting all the visual representations that let you know what success feels like to assist the future memory you’re building.

The house you’ll live in. The skills you’re mastering. The private airplane you’re going to be renting. The watches you’ll wear, the people you’ll be interacting with, and the mentors you used to help you get there.

And once you do that, you’ll want to be right back here next week — when we cover the radical new model you’ll use to take action on your future memory to completion. Even when you haven’t a clue in the world how you’re going to do it.


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