The Invisible Key To Quickly Achieving Any Goal In 2022 – And Making Your Life Exceptional

The Invisible Key To Quickly Achieving Any Goal In 2022 – And Making Your Life Exceptional

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Happy New Year! 2021 went by fast, didn’t it?

If you’re setting goals for 2022, you only have 365 days to achieve them. That’s 8,766 hours… and only 525,960 minutes.

Woof. Doesn’t sound like a lot, does it?

That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re using this time on things that are worthy of it.

You’ll never get the next 525,960 minutes back.

And the truth is, most of us aren’t even aware when we’re not spending our time wisely. People can spend decades focused on the wrong thing… then not even realize it until they’ve wasted their time away.

That’s why in today’s special New Year’s goal setting blog post, you’re going to discover…

How To Set And Achieve
Life-Altering Goals For 2022
You Had No Idea You Needed

Whatever it is you want in life — better health, wealth, or relationships, mastering a new skill, or anything else — it helps to peel back the layers and look at what’s actually driving the desire for the “surface goals” you have.

Because when you can tap into that underlying desire, it makes achieving those goals 10 times faster and easier.

Here’s what I mean by that:

In people’s lives, there’s only half a dozen categories that really matter. And especially when setting their New Year’s resolutions, most people aren’t paying attention to those categories at all.

Most people major in minor things. They spend all their time focusing on stuff that doesn’t matter.

They know more about the celebrity going in and out of rehab than they know about their own health, wealth, relationships, and personal development.

And even when they set personal goals that seem great… Those goals are often not really the right ones for them.

Because when most people set goals, what they’re actually doing is looking at someone else’s life and hoping that if they can get the same thing that person has, it will make them happy.

Most people look at someone else and think, “I want to get THAT, because that person looks like they’ve got it all figured out!”

But more often than not, the person they’re looking at doesn’t have it figured out, either. And behind closed doors, they’re likely miserable. The proof of this is all over the place.

How often do we see someone who seems to have the perfect life and has achieved everything, then we find out they’re depressed. Or on drugs. Or even suicidal.

Which is why wanting what someone else has isn’t always a great solution. Because that person is totally different from you.

So what IS the solution?

It starts with knowing this:

Success Without Fulfillment
Is The Ultimate Failure.

I know that might sound cliche. But when you really understand this, it will change your life:

If you fail at something and, deep down, you know you’re an achiever… then you didn’t actually fail.

You’ll see that what you tried didn’t work, and you’ll say, “Oh I learned something — I’ll try something else. I’ll get there.”

But when you SUCCEED at the exact goals you set and you’re still not happy… that’s a different story entirely.

Here’s a perfect example: How many people do you think loved Robin Williams?

EVERYBODY loved Robin Williams. He made people laugh around the world. They were touched by him.

How good do you think he was at setting goals and achieving them?

Well, he wanted to make the whole world laugh. And he did.

He wanted to have his own TV show. And he did.

He wanted to have the number one TV show. And he did.

He wanted to make movies. And he did that too.

Then, after becoming one of the greatest comedians on earth, he wanted to win an academy award for NOT being funny — and he did that!

He wanted a beautiful family — he got it.

He achieved everything…

And as you probably know, he hung himself.

Now I know people will say he had dementia, or he had drug and alcohol abuse most of his life that led to his suicide…

But why did he keep abusing drugs if he had everything?

Now I never personally knew Robin Williams. But my educated guess is that he used drugs and alcohol and had all these internal conflicts because he made everybody happy but ONE person:


As you set your goals for the year, remember that YOU must come first.

In fact, the only way to give back and have a massive impact on the world in the long-term is to do what’s right for YOU before you move on to other people.

That’s why if you’re setting goals, the most important category of all has NOTHING to do with your wealth, health, or relationships.

The most important category is…

Your State, Mindset,
And Daily Emotions.

In fact, if you’d like to make 2022 the #1 best year you’ve ever lived, where you get the satisfaction of crossing off every single goal you set, the only way you’ll be able to do that is by giving serious attention to this tragically-ignored area — of daily emotional state and mindset.


Because emotions are everything. If you’ve got a ton of money and everybody loves you, but the primary emotions you feel each day are pissed off and frustrated… then your life is pissed off and frustrated.

How successful does that really make you?

I’ve met people who had millions of dollars in the bank, yet spend their entire existence trembling in anxiety and fear about one thing or another.

One of the most worthwhile things you can have is a consistent way to master your emotions and your mindset.

If you do this properly, you’ll find it will create a vacuum for more wealth, health, prosperity or any goal you set to flow to you, too.


Because our whole lives are guided moment to moment by the emotional state we’re in.

Learning how to change your state, — not in a fake way — but to authentically go from pissed off, frustrated, and freaked out… to back in your center, to creative, determined, or something that’s going to move you forward and create a better quality of life for you — that’s a critical skillset.

(A critical skillset that is in HIGH demand, too. Because not many people take the time to master it.)

Our moment-to-moment achievement in life is controlled by our daily states of mind. If you’re in an angry state you’re going to respond to what happens in your day differently than if you’re feeling playful or curious.

And what controls those states long-term is your model of the world — also called…

Your Worldview.

Now I’m using the term “worldview” here in a specific way as it applies to your 2022 goals.

Because the right worldview adds serious rocket fuel to any resolution you set. So if you want to be looking back a year from now smiling ear-to-ear at what you’ve achieved, pay special attention to this part:

You can find out what your worldview is by looking at your behaviors over the past year and scanning the list below to figure out what was really driving them.

Because everybody has different goals, dreams, and desires…

But 99.9% of people have the same problems with the same 6 human needs underlying them. That’s it! Just 6.

The 6 needs below drive the vast majority of human behavior.  And everyone prioritizes one or two of them over the others. Understanding these needs is like having the key to unlocking an incredible life.

We all have the need for:

  1. Certainty / Security - We want to feel certainty that we can avoid pain and have some pleasure. Some comfort. We want to feel certain that we’re not in danger or that our business dealings will go well. You’ll find you have the need for certainty in specific areas of life that are unique to you. And some people need more certainty than others.

  2. Uncertainty / Variety - We all need some kind of variety or else we feel dead inside. If you’re totally certain 100% of the time, you’re bored. But if you have total 100% variety, you freak out because everything is chaotic. And it’s not really about finding a balance between the two as much as it is learning which of these you need more as a person, in different areas of your life.

    For example, one person might prefer a job that presents new, unique challenges every day (uncertainty) while another person won’t do anything new unless they absolutely know (have certainty of) what the outcome will be.

  3. Significance - We all want to feel unique, special, and important. The need to feel needed. To grow. And to contribute. To be treasured by other people. Feeling significant is one of the most common reasons people do anything at all. More on this one in a second, because there’s a lot to unpack with it.

  4. Love - If you’re driven by love first (and maybe you want something else like certainty too, but love is higher)… Then you’re going to behave very differently than if you’re driven by significance—where your primary attitude is: “I HAVE to be THE best/greatest/most important!” When a behavior comes from the need for love, you’re rewarded simply because you have spread or received love, and you got to connect with others.

  5. Growth - Everyone feels the need to be a better person next year than they were this year. To have gone through trial and tribulation and come out the other end victorious. If you’re not growing, you’re dying! Your behavior is fueled by the need for growth when you’re doing it for a sense of development, self-extension, and to feel like you’re making progress in life.

  6. Contribution - Your behavior comes from the need for contribution if you’re doing it to feel a sense of giving, making a difference, and serving a greater purpose than yourself. Usually people feel the greatest need to contribute in the latter half of their lives. But not always.

Look at the six needs above and figure out which are the TOP TWO on your list. You can even rank them in order of most important to least important for you — and be honest.

Because your top two needs control 95% of your entire life.

Everyone is “set up” differently to value some of these needs more than the others. Some people value success or significance at the top. Some people value love more. Some people just value basic levels of certainty. And some people value uncertainty most — those are the more novelty-seeking types (like adrenaline junkies, compulsive gamblers, or serial entrepreneurs).

But in my estimation, the MOST common top-two needs that 90% of the people on this planet have are:

And Certainty.

Significance, because we live in a social media world. Where people fake their life, put instagram filters over it, and make it look different than it really is so they can look and feel important to other people.

They tell stories that are totally full of it to make themselves look good — because social media has created a false world where significance reigns supreme.

Now the need for significance can be very healthy and help you achieve a lot…

But when it’s unhealthy, it can separate us from connection.

Too much focus on significance can cause a lack of fulfillment in life.

And achievement doesn’t get you much if it lacks fulfillment. Remember Robin Williams?

It’s important to point out I’m NOT saying the need for significance is a bad thing. Depending on how you meet your need for significance, it can take you far and make life very rewarding for you. But it can also be unhealthy.

The other need we see most often is certainty. Most people want to be totally certain what they’re doing will work before they do anything.

This presents a problem, since most things worth having in life involve RISK.

No one can ever start a successful business if they were absolutely certain before they started that it would work. No one can ever build a great relationship, either. Even quitting your job to find a higher-paying one involves an element of uncertainty.

Every single good thing in life starts with uncertainty.

So if certainty is 1st or 2nd for you, then everything has to stay the same and never change — which means you’re never going to grow.

And that means you’re going to be miserable. Because growth, even if it’s farther down on the list for you, is a need everyone has.

So if you NEED to have certainty with everything you do — but you also aspire to build a million-dollar business — you’re going to have to face that and embrace some uncertainty. Or else you’ll never get that business off the ground.

Can you see how this helps now? When you know your top two underlying needs in life, it can add a LOT of clarity to how you set and achieve your goals in 2022.

The point is to…

Find Out What’s Driving You.

Because it’s driving your goals for 2022, too… for better, or worse.

And when you know which needs are driving you, you also know which needs could be limiting you.

It adds amazing insight to how you can go about achieving what you want.

Now you can have two people driven by significance — but each one does it with a different set of rules that lead them to two separate outcomes.

Those “rules” are the next piece of all this:

Your beliefs are rules about how to fulfill the “target need” you have.

And most often, changing your “rules” for how you get your needs met is the only thing that will get you to…

An Extraordinary Life
Of Success In 2022.

So how do you change your rules?

There’s both an art and a science to it:

Let’s call them the Science Of Achievement, and the Art Of Fulfillment.

Most people only focus on the science of achievement, while totally ignoring the art of fulfillment. But the art of fulfillment must be used in tandem with the science of achievement if you want to make 2022 the most exciting year of your life.

What does all this mean?

Let’s dive a little deeper:

When you master the science of achievement, you’re answering the question, “How do I take what I envision and achieve it? And how do I do it quicker, better, faster, or easier?”

How do you manifest what you come up with and make it REAL?

That’s a skillset. A science. That involves filling the GAP between your decisions and your actions.

No matter what your goal is, there’s a lot to be learned out there about the science of making it happen. There’s a science to making money in business. You can hire a business coach. There’s a science to becoming fit and healthy. You can hire a personal trainer.

You can read thousands of books on whatever it is you want to accomplish that could cut years off the time it takes for you to achieve what you want.


The science of achievement is only half the battle.

There are people who are remarkably good at the science of achievement — and they still don’t have an extraordinary life.

They have a life you might mistake as extraordinary, but trust me, there are multi-billionaires in the world who are miserable as hell. And more often than not, what they need the most is…

The Change Inside
Of Themselves

…which is a change that leads to real fulfillment.

Knowing how to make this change is what the second half — the art of fulfillment — is all about.

If you want an extraordinary life, you can’t just achieve.

You’ve gotta be fulfilled.

As simplistic and cliché as that sounds, trust me — it makes all the difference.

Fulfillment is an art. Not a science.

There’s a science to making money, losing weight, or even raising your kids well. For any goal or outcome you might desire, there’s a science to getting it.

These are fundamental rules. Laws to success.

But FULFILLMENT is much more elusive for most people because it’s not a science at all.

Since fulfillment is an art, it involves CREATIVITY.

In order to incorporate the science of achievement AND the art of fulfillment for a holistically extraordinary life… we must take both of them into account when setting our goals.

And by the way — what really are goals, anyway?

Both when you’re setting them and while you’re achieving them…

Your Goals Are Really

And the reason goals are attainable is because the decisions we make control us much more than the conditions that surround us. It’s not the conditions that determine your life. It’s your decisions.

Decisions on what to BELIEVE.

Decisions on what to DO.

Decisions on what to GIVE to the world through your livelihood.

Look back 5, 10, 15 years ago — and think of a decision you made. A decision that, if you would have made a different decision, you would have a totally different life today.

Better or worse — I don’t know. But totally different.

Decisions are more ART than SCIENCE because they’re driven by the 6 emotional needs above. And done properly, they are a creative endeavor. There’s often no right or wrong answer about what decision to make.

You have to create the answer by making a decision.

And the MOST IMPORTANT decision you can make above anything else, is deciding that no matter what happens in your life — no matter WHAT happens — you’re going to live in a beautiful state.

It’s the decision to say “I am not going to suffer.”

Pain is one thing. Suffering is another. You can control suffering.

Suffering could be worry, anger, frustration — it’s anything that takes you out of a beautiful state.

And here’s what a lot of people don’t get:

You Can CHOOSE Not To
Suffer Any Time You Want

How do you do that?

You stop suffering when you stop focusing on yourself — and focus instead on something you want to achieve or someone you want to serve — something that is greater than yourself.

Your growth. Your life. Your children. Your spouse. Your mission.

You can “get out” of suffering in an instant by realizing the nature of the human mind is to constantly compare things.

Your mind — your brain — is a 2 million year old device. And it is NOT designed to make you happy.

It’s designed to make you SURVIVE.

That’s why it’s always looking for what’s wrong.

That used to be useful. Because we used to be surrounded by saber-toothed cats and all kinds of threats.

But in the present day, people are constantly worried about what others think about them. Or whether they have enough money. When 2/3 of the planet lives on $2 a day — and you’re making $38,000?

You’re RICH!

The poorest of the poor in the first world are considered rich by most of the rest of the world. I’m not saying it should stay that way…

But the only thing you can build on is SUCCESS. You can never build on anything coming from a place of LACK.

So focus on the successes you have if you want more of them.

And that’s a decision that you create. It’s up to you to make the choice to do it.

2022 will go the best for you if you can remember one thing daily:

Life is short. We don’t know how short it’s going to be. But if you only had a week to live, I bet you wouldn’t allow yourself to suffer over little crap that makes you crazy normally.

I think you would probably spend time with those you love. You would do what you love.

You’d take awe in a sunset, you’d smell the air, you would take in everything in those final moments that you possibly could.

So Why Wait?

Why not just decide that “If I start to suffer, I know the solution. Because suffering is only obsessing about ME.”

But you might say, “It’s not me — I’m worried about my kids because they’re not doing well in school…”

But the truth is, you’re actually worried that you hadn’t done enough for your kids.

It’s about you still. You’re worried about what was done, or what you should have done, or shouldn’t have done.

You can END that.

To end it, simply become aware of it — and say “I have made the most important decision of all: I’m going to live in a beautiful state.”

Frankly, being around you in that state will probably help your kids the most, too.

Because you may lose a family member. You probably will, eventually.

Somebody may get cancer.

Your business might not survive because the government might change the rules. They might change things radically and you can’t even do anything about it.

You might go bankrupt or get divorced.

I’m not saying you will, but no one knows what’s really going to happen in your life. Life is full of uncertainty.

But Here’s What
You CAN Know:

You can decide that no matter what happens, you can have a great time.

If somebody like the psychologist Viktor Frankl can be locked up in Auschwitz — and come out of that experience finding JOY in the middle of a concentration camp… then human beings have a special capacity they’ve undersold themselves on:

We buy into this lie that the outside world determines how we feel. But if people HAVE to behave a certain way - if your spouse, or your partner, or your kids or co-workers MUST “do xyz” in order for you to be happy, and if they don’t behave that way, you believe that MUST mean you’re unhappy?

Then guess what? You’re always going to be unhappy.

The more people are around you the more they’re going to change. Because they’re all human.

My invitation is — as great as it is to achieve, it’s more important to enjoy.

And if you can enjoy every moment in that state when you’re feeling loving, playful, passionate, and curious, in awe… You’ll treat other people 100 times better than when you’re feeling frustrated, pissed off, overwhelmed, worried, stressed or feeling sorry for yourself.

That’s when the world just seems to work in your favor, no matter what life throws at you.

That’s when you get into a flow state where you’re mastering life. Where you can take on anything.

Where — even if bad things happen — you’ll come out of it with people complimenting you on how well you handled it.

You’ll be a better parent, a better lover, a better businessperson — you’re going to have a better life.

So my suggestion to you for new years is this:

Simply DECIDE.
Decide today:

What if you said, “I’m not willing to settle - and I’m just going to live in a beautiful state from here on in?”

Doesn’t mean you won’t ever feel bad. And it doesn’t mean you won’t always be in that state. You will instantly change.

We live in a culture that has defined “success” to mean “hitting an expectation.”

But success is so much more than that.

And you’ll find that you can actually make more money, find better relationships, and live a much better life when you trade your expectations for appreciation.

That’s how you live in a whole new world instantly.

If you can’t do it here and now, you’re not going to do it “there” — when you’ve got more money, business, or friends.

So why not have a rich life right now?

Money is one thing. Having financial abundance takes skills you develop. That’s a science.

But wealth, on the other hand, is an art — a decision.

You Can Be Wealthy Right Now

The richest people in the world right now are probably some villagers on the remote island of Fiji.

Why? Because they laugh. They’re healthy, they love, and they don’t pay any attention to the economy or whether the politicians are screwing everything up for them or not.

Other people say they’re poor. Wealthy people visit Fiji from the United States all the time. Because they constantly travel around trying to figure out what to do next…

They’ll spend 9 years in one area, then 7 in another… and they constantly tell themselves, “Once I do this and this and this… I’ll finally sit down and be happy.”

But the humble villager in Fiji says, “Why don’t you just sit on the beach now dude and be happy? Why don’t you just experience it?”

Why spend the 9 years?

Why not have it now?

That’s my invitation as you set your goals for 2022.

By all means — feel empowered to go out and accumulate tons of money, amazing relationships, peak health, and anything else you want. I want you to have more of that than you can ever dream of.

But when you’re in a state of already being wealthy and happy and satisfied… of already living in a beautiful state… any goal you might achieve past that in 2022 becomes just the icing on the cake.

And from that state of mind, a dream relationship or the ultimate physique or ten million dollars in extra income — whatever it is you want in 2022 — will come to you a LOT easier.

Happy New Year!

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    Great blog. What a way to start 2022 of right!!! I am starting NOW to live life to the fullest:)

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