The 6 Top Mindset Secrets To Becoming A Millionaire (And Getting Anything Else You Want, Too)

The 6 Top Mindset Secrets To Becoming A Millionaire (And Getting Anything Else You Want, Too)

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If you want to make a million dollars, or ten million dollars, or however much money you want to make… There are certain ways people who earn that kind of money think.

Their thoughts create their actions — which then, over time, make them millionaires and billionaires.

That’s how it works. It starts with thoughts.

The good news is that you can adopt these exact same thoughts — so they can affect your actions and bank account, too.

Considering how simple that sounds, you’d think doing this would be more popular. But most people have no clue this exists:

Most people buy into a big fallacy — they think there’s a trick, or a plan, or a loophole that’s going to make them a million bucks.

That’s wrong.

Rich people think in a certain way. If you want to be like them, start with your thoughts because everything flows from that.

So how do you think in a way that the richest people on earth think — so you can do what they do?

Because if you can do that, you can start to make decisions based on those thoughts like they did — and get similar results.

There are 6 main mindset shifts to doing this. Adopt all 6 of them consistently and permanently, and you’ll be well on your way to your own personal fortune.

Mindset Shift #1:
It CAN Be Done.

A lot of us don’t really believe it’s possible to make a million bucks. If you have another goal — like losing weight or having a certain dream relationship — it’s the same thing happening here:

Why don’t most people believe it’s possible for them?

Because there’s no one around you who has the result you want.

You might see people living large dream lives on Instagram or on TV. You might hear about Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk, and all their wealth. And you might very well know those people are living real lives.

But if you don’t experience people in your own life making a lot of money… then you won’t really believe it’s possible.

It’s in a different land. It’s in your phone. Or the TV. Or the internet. It’s just not real enough.

Then, you might see people in an ad who say they can teach you how to become a millionaire. Maybe they’re telling you that you can do it, too, with just a little bit of elbow grease.

And it’s so far outside of most peoples’ realities that they don’t even buy that for a second.

And of course, there are many get-rich-quick scammers. But most people can’t tell the difference between the scammers and the legitimate ones because they don’t have a real-life frame of reference of “a rich person”.

How do you solve this? Here’s a story:

A friend of mine went to a business conference when he was young and broke. And he paid almost everything in his bank account to be part of a special “VIP” group within this conference. It was advertised the VIP group would allow him to “level up” quicker in business.

What he learned in the group was great. But who he met made him the most money in the long run.

See, the VIP group all went out for a dinner after the conference — where he sat across from a friendly elderly couple.

This elderly couple seemed like completely normal people.

When he asked them what they do, it turns out they had started an ink toner business — if you needed replacement ink cartridges for your printer, you could do it through their website.

The website would simply send the orders for the cartridges to China, and the ink cartridges would then be sent to the customer.

The elderly couple didn’t even handle any of the cartridges. They just managed the website.

He found out that elderly couple was making about $200 million dollars a year from this website.

He couldn’t believe it. Because in his mind, he was sitting in front of completely normal, average people. He didn’t think millionaires were the type of people who looked so… average.

Little did he know that at the table, there were all sorts of people making millions of dollars — including the owner and the business partner of the restaurant.

The one thing he realized by going to that dinner and immersing himself around successful people is that they’re completely normal people, and they’re literally everywhere.

There’s a huge number of millionaires created in the United States or any other country around the world. There are millionaires being created all the time.

It’s not uncommon to be a millionaire at all. If you want to make it your goal, there’s no reason you can’t be in that class.

So start by understanding just how many people ARE getting rich and making a lot of money. In every kind of economy. And from every background.

If you start looking for those examples and stories in your REAL life, then you’ll start to see and feel that it’s possible for you. Start asking people questions about their businesses and their livelihoods. You’ll learn the most from totally normal-looking people you’d never expect.

There’s nothing more important than this. It’s the baseline for everything that follows. So take it to heart.

Mindset Shift #2:
You Deserve To Make A Million Dollars (Or More)

Now — most of us would say to that, “Duh. I know I deserve it. I hustle daily. Of course I do!”

But the truth is that 99 out of 100 people don’t even believe they can do it (#1 above).

It’s one thing to believe it can be done, it’s a whole other thing to believe you deserve to have it.

This is also one of the reasons people don’t date the person of their dreams. They don’t feel deserving of that person yet. They feel they have to become someone different in order to do that.

Well, news flash: You don’t have to become someone different to date the person of your dreams. You can just be YOU, and see if you mesh with them. You’ll probably be surprised.

The point is — realize that millionaires and “rich” people are just like you. They do dumb things all the time. They trip and fall on cracks in the sidewalk sometimes. They misplace their keys. And they pass gas when no one’s around.

For some reason we put super-successful people up on this pedestal like they’re superhuman — but that’s absurd.

Super-successful people have the same fears and anxieties as anyone else. They just go and achieve anyway in the face of those fears.

What you need to understand in order to feel you deserve a million dollars — or whatever it is that you want — is that…

Nobody Is Cut From
A Different Cloth.

Of course, some people may have more inborn talent in a particular area. Some people may have charisma that makes them magnetic in social situations, and some people may be more inclined to be good at mathematics and what not.

But the brilliant part about becoming successful is that whatever your specific inborn strengths are, you can be successful and make lots of money with them.

You don’t have to be like Elon Musk and be able to calculate with physics to put rockets into space.

You might instead be more like Oprah — who can’t build rockets — but she’s a billionaire too.

And for the record, Elon Musk would probably suck at hosting a talk show.

Whoever you naturally are, you can use those strengths and take them to success. You don’t have to be “like” anybody else.

Above all, you definitely DO deserve to have the income you want.

Why? Because we’re all the same anyway!

Successful people are the same as you. We’re all bumbling around in the world, they just bumbled around longer. They just focused on one thing and chose to do it over and over and over again — and they figured something out along the way that worked.

Whatever “way” you wish to get rich — that idea is GOING to be done by somebody anyway if you don’t do it.

Somebody’s going to go serve the customer you’re thinking of building a business to serve. Somebody’s going to capitalize on your website idea, or your art installation idea, or your product idea.

It might as well be you.

And another reason:

You deserve to make whatever kind of money you want because there’s nobody else on earth who can tell you what you can or can’t deserve — except yourself.

Your parents, the government, universities, your best friend, your spouse — nobody can tell you what you can or can’t do with your life, and nobody can tell you what you do or don’t deserve.

YOU choose what you want out of your life and that’s it. You deserve it because you’re alive, and you are no better or no worse than any other human in the world.

So because of that, you get to decide what you’re worth. And if you want to be worth a million dollars, then you have the right to work toward it and put your genius out in the world until you get it.

Mindset Shift #3:
You Must – Actively And In Your Gut –
Not Give A F*@^$ What People Think Of You

Caring what people think about you — and your plans, ideas, dreams, and aspirations — is the #1 killer that stops most people from getting what they want.

Because what actually stops most people from getting what they want is fear. But the fear wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for other people around us.

Which is why most of that fear associated with going for your dream comes from what other people would think about us.

“Are they going to think that I’m just some money-hungry a-hole?”

“Do they think I’m just out to scam people to get money?”

People have this belief that making money is somehow a bad thing. Somehow you have to screw someone over in order to get money for yourself — as if it’s a game of musical chairs.

Now of course in certain places on Wall Street, and when certain “types” of people set up certain deals that are designed for others to lose out — that can be true.

But to think that you can’t create valuable products or services for others and put it out in the world in a way where they’ll voluntarily pay for it because it’s a win-win — is absurd.

Everyone’s an individual. There is no all-seeing eye that tells you what you should do to live your life. If someone has a problem with what you’re doing… Well, that should be kept as THEIR problem. Not yours.

I believe in freedom. And I believe everyone has a choice with what they do with their life, and unless they are harming themselves or others, it’s nobody else’s business if they want to walk the path they choose.

As long as you are a good person, and you believe it’s right, then it’s up to you to do it. And the opinions of others don’t matter.

This All Goes Back
To #1 Above:

If you don’t see successful people in your life, and they’re not where you are currently — find a way to get around them in your daily circle of influence.

Here’s why:

If nobody around you is successful on the scale you want to be on, OR has any ambitions to do so — and you suddenly announce to everyone around you of your plan to become rich — what do you think is going to happen?

Most of them are going to be quiet. Some may talk crap about you behind your back, or in their head. Or maybe they’re going to try and dissuade you.

There are very few people who will support you when you make an announcement like that.

This is going to happen if you are not around people who are aligned with your goals. Because any time you want to elevate yourself in life — it exposes the fact that the people around you do not want to elevate themselves in the same way.

And they will perceive this as a threat.

It’s actually nothing against you. It’s human nature.

That’s why when everyone tries to tell you that you can’t do it, or it’s not the right time, or the economy is taking a downturn and it’s too dangerous, or whatever it is — those are their reasons why they don’t believe they can succeed. Which they are projecting onto you.

Those are not legitimate reasons that apply to you in any way.

Personally, I recommend you don’t even tell people your goals. Don’t tell them until you’ve already started and have enough momentum that you’re not going to stop.

See — if you tell them your plans too early, you’re still not set on your path yet. You’re still “shaky.” You’re still trying to figure out how your path to wealth is going to work. And you’re not exactly sure yet. You’re in the discovery/experiment phase.

If you start asking people who aren’t even going to be where you’re going to be — and don’t even plan to be successful — their opinions and their doubts are going to affect you. This could stop you in your path.

It doesn’t matter how powerful you are, how strong your mind is, or how much you’ve resolved to achieve your goal. If you are in an environment around people who don’t match your ambitions, and you tell them what you’re doing, they will cut you down to size and they will poison your mindset.

It would happen to anybody. We are social creatures and we are all affected by our environment no matter how much we want otherwise.

That’s why you’ve got to get around people who are going for what you want to go for, and who are already where you want to be.

Long story short? Don’t give a f$#& what others think of you.

The people whose opinions WANT to care about are the people who have already achieved what you’re trying to achieve. That’s it.

Now — this doesn’t mean you disown family members or close friends who don’t share your goals. It just means you limit your time around them and how intensely close you are with them while you’re getting your bearings on your goal. So that if they say something negative it’s not going to destroy you and throw you off your game. Instead, it’s just a pleasantry.

Do that until you come full-circle — and you’re successful, rooted and confident in what you’re doing. Then they’ll start coming around. They’ll be happy for you and say they were with you all along (even though they weren’t).

It’s okay. That’s just how humans are.

Mindset Shift #4:
Change The Tribe, Gang, Or
Community You Hang Out In

When you do this, it becomes a hundred times easier to become successful.

There are people who are addicted to working out, eating right, and being healthy. If you end up living with roommates who are like that — your circle of influence will be so committed to a healthy lifestyle that you will start going to the gym and eating right by default. With practically no effort.

It’s easier to stay motivated and inspired that way because the people you’re hanging out with are already on the same path as you.

And if you’re not living a healthy lifestyle, and you’re sneaking junk food in their presence, you’ll be concerned about what they think about you. You’ll feel guilty when you’re not doing some of the things they are, that you know you should.

Because you’re in an environment where working out and eating healthy is just what everyone’s doing.

Whereas if you’re living with people who lounge around eating junk food all day and don’t go to the gym, it’s extremely easy to justify doing the same.

You become the average of the people you spend the most time with. Their beliefs and thoughts affect you.

Whatever you feel, the people around you feel. And whatever they feel, you feel too.

This is an extremely powerful shift. If you really do want to skyrocket your money game, get around people who are wealthier than you as much as possible.

And before you object, claiming you don’t know anyone richer than you, let’s move on to…

Mindset Shift #5:
Kill All Scarcity

Scarcity is the idea that there is not enough of something to go around, and not enough of something or everyone.

And it ties into the belief that you can’t have it.

If you remember back in school, there was a subject called economics. The definition of economics is “How we split up all of the scarce resources in the world through society.”

There’s only so much water, wood, oil, food, or anything else to go around. So how do we split the pie so everyone can have a chance at getting their needs met?

The definition of economics itself will stop you — and everyone else in the world — from being successful in the first place. Because it assumes by definition that the resources are scarce.

So maybe you’ve heard we’re running out of oil.

But what did we do before we had oil?  We used coal and whale oil and cow dung.

Oil wasn’t even a resource at all… until it was. And before that we got along without it.

So how can there be scarce resources when we humans always seem to find a way to use our ingenuity and creativity to invent new resources whenever one goes away?

Scarcity is in your mind.

If you don’t have enough money in your life, go make some. Go create some. Start a business or a side hustle.

You may think that sounds easier said than done, but I personally know many people with that attitude — who act on it all the time and literally seem to pull money out of thin air.

This scarcity mindset is everywhere — it’s in the words and phrases we say to ourselves. It comes in hidden forms in our thoughts that we don’t even realize. Start noticing it and eradicating it.

Scarcity shows up in your life in every way possible.

“I want to start this business, but I don’t know who would buy this product.”

Or, “I don’t think people would pay X amount.”

Or, “People don’t have the kind of money I want to charge.”

Or, “I don’t have the time or capital to start this business venture.”

Or, “I don’t know the right people.”

All of those things are beliefs of scarcity. You say you don’t know the right people? Well… are there more people than you know in the world?

There are 7.5 billion people! You don’t know all of them, right?

Just because you don’t know the person who can help you right now doesn’t mean you won’t know them in the future.

Everyone you know now, you once didn’t know. You had to meet them. You can also meet people who have a lot of investment money or connections — and find ways to get them into your circle of influence.

See, this is all an excuse your brain gives you of scarcity. It’s biological.

It’s the same reason why you want to eat everything in sight when you get hungry. Your body doesn’t really know when it’s going to get its next meal and thinks it could starve if you don’t take second and third helpings.

It’s scarcity, and it’s not true. You know logically you’re going to eat again. But when you go on a diet, and your body thinks it's starving again — what happens?

Even though you know you’re trying to fast, your body doesn’t.

So your brain and biology will make up all these excuses about why you can’t start a business, or all the hurdles that you can’t get over, and all these excuses to starting —

So Understand This:

There’s always food in the fridge.

There’s always the right people to meet.

The money you need is available to start your business venture. Venture capitalists are literally everywhere, dying to invest millions of dollars.

Do you know how many people there are who have more money than they know what to do with — who want to invest it into something or someone just like you?

It’s endless the amount of money there is looking to fund people who are willing to hustle and put in the work.

Don’t believe me? Go to Vegas and walk around. There’s just so much money out there it’ll make your head spin.

Oh — you don’t have the time?

So instead you should start in 5 months or a year from now, right?

Well, the timing will never be right. You’ve just gotta do it. Nothing’s ever going to line up perfectly. You will never be fully prepared.

Scarcity is going to kill you. To prevent that from happening, you must kill scarcity:

Understand there’s an abundance — an unlimited amount of everything you could ever need to get what you want.

There’s all kinds of qualified people to help you in every area of starting your business.

There’s people who have been there, done that, who can mentor you. There’s people who will want to get on the phone and sell your product for you. Who want to do your accounting for you. Who want to do everything with you and for you — as long as you have that vision of what you want to do, and you’re clear and confident about it.

If you have those things, it’s downright scary how the world will fold to your desires — it will get out of your way and give you what you want.

You’ve just gotta get it out of your mind that there are any limitations to your life and to the world and your business. None whatsoever.

Mindset Shift #6:
Action, Not Entertainment

We go on Instagram and somehow feel entertained watching influencers live opulent lives.

We go on YouTube and see all these people like Gary Vee or Grant Cardone giving big business talks, traveling, hustling, and making money. All these people you look up to — you are inspired by them because they’re living these amazing lives. As you should be…

But the person who’s not quite successful yet is watching these people do these things … and not doing it themselves.

They’re not even starting.

Everybody’s watching someone else live an exciting life on reality shows because it’s so normal these days to be a spectator of life and success — instead of getting it for yourself.

These videos and Instagram influencers should be making you really truly WANT to get what you want for yourself.

It’s almost like we convince ourselves that just watching it is good enough.

Somebody might buy a course on how to be successful — or a diet book or anything else to improve their lives — and just the buying of the book is good enough for some people to give them a sense of accomplishment.

But if you really want it, that’s never good enough.

Watching an inspirational YouTube video should get you even more hungry to go out and crush it. It shouldn’t be satisfying on its own.

Too many people are watching inspiration as entertainment. Not as a form of wanting to take the lessons and level up. Categorizing these things as entertainment in your mind makes you feel like you don’t have to do anything.

This is a huge shift — if you want to be a millionaire you have to take massive massive action. That action doesn’t have to be painful. But it has to be taken or the result won’t come.

People see others getting all the glory, and they don’t want that for themselves enough. You can’t be content watching the reality show. You’ve gotta want to be in the show yourself.

Don’t feel the drive? This takes us back to rule #1 above. You must know you can do it — that it’s possible for you.

If you follow that rule, seeing someone else on YouTube or Instagram getting everything you want should motivate you to ACT.

The glory is YOURS. The glory is to be HAD. Inspiration is not the end result. It’s the very first spark. It should drive you crazy to the point where you go and DO something!

So you have to ask yourself this one question:

“Am I okay with just watching other people get what I want and sitting on the sidelines? Or am I actually willing to take what’s available to me and make it happen?”

If you find you’re okay with just watching — go back to #1 above. Because until seeing others living your dream sparks within you the hunger to ACT, you don’t believe it’s real enough.

All you have to do is know it’s real — and the motivation will kick you into overdrive.

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  • Debbie Haymon

    This is an inspiring piece!! I am starting my second business and constantly talk to myself about what’s possible! It helps me with my wobbly moments. My take away from this article is to change my circle. I don’t have many friends doing what I’m doing. My circle thinks my ideas are great but they aren’t living it!! Time to hit overdrive!!!!!!!

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