Modern Canvas Art Gets Streetwise

Modern Canvas Art Gets Streetwise

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Modern art is everywhere – from architectural interpretations to the landscaped beauty of public gardens; from storefront window displays and gastronomy offerings to the audacious rebellion of bold ‘graffiti.’ And now, the same colorful strokes and controversy of street and urban artists have made their way onto modern canvas art, with the unique ability to transform your walls by breathing life and attitude into your space.

The visual communication of graffiti or urban street art has always pushed the boundaries of convention, providing a public canvas for artists to express their talent and let their voices be heard. It is loud and in your face, even bordering on offensive, and sometimes that is necessary! Street art becomes a talking point, motivating passersby to look at the world a little differently and redefining the outdated and tight-lipped definition of art. 

That is why we love it!  

And that is why we have designed and commissioned our own ‘graffiti’ modern canvas art masterpiece that will undoubtedly become a conversation piece in your urban corner of the world. 

Street art thinks outside the gallery 

Admit it - love it or hate it - ‘graffiti,’ in whatever form, shifts your mindset and awakens an inner sense of thinking differently. It is in all of us. For many, the potential lies dormant, and a mediocre life of daily drudgery awaits. But for some, modern art stirs an exciting sense of optimism that you can do something big, be something more, and achieve something great.  

The mystery and intrigue behind graffiti urban art will catapult you to an alternate paradigm. Those daring thoughts are the seeds of success and ambition. Decorating your urban space with graffiti canvas art is guaranteed to be the first step to setting you apart and reminding you what greatness you are capable of. 

Street art challenges the status quo 

Following the crowd will never set you apart. Visionaries and world changers have never gone with the flow. They have had the rare confidence to stand up and speak out. To challenge. To question. To experiment. 

They embrace ideologies that will change the world around them – making it a better place. That takes guts, as society is by nature ‘haters’ of such expressions of controversy and bravery. But modern canvas art is the perfect starting point for such a conceptual portrayal of bold thinking. It is within your reach. 

Street art celebrates open-mindedness 

Society is enslaved in a parochial mindset, creating a grey and mundane world that is challenged by expressions of modern art. Free your thinking from the shackles of conformity and idleness, and embrace the subtle dare that graffiti offers you to do something exceptional in your surroundings. Start unlocking the untapped potential inside your mind by investing in motivational canvas art. 

Give your internal ‘tabby cat’ the permission to think ‘black panther.’  

It is all about your mindset. Dare to see patterns and colors no one has even thought of and find ways to give them fearless expression.

Inktuitive gets streetwise 

Inktuitive has never apologized for pushing the boundaries with our modern canvas art. Our wall art is bold and daring and now gets an edgy streetwise vibe with our new release: Mindset is everything.  

Shop all our canvas art options to motivate and inspire you to change your surroundings and your mindset.

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