Is there a mathematical formula for success?

Is there a mathematical formula for success?

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If you’ve been hanging around the “personal development” space for even a little bit of time... I bet you’ve seen people talk about a thousand different…

“Success Ingredients”

Things you “absolutely can NOT attain success without.”

Everybody seems to tell you a new one. I must’ve heard thousands by now… It's a bit daunting to keep track of all of them, isn’t it?

After going through the ringer with all of this, failing a lot, and then finally succeeding, here’s what I’ve learned.

From my experience, there are only THREE ingredients you need in order to build the success you want, whatever that success may look like:

  1. The first is the truth about your journey. The problem is — despite what self-proclaimed “authorities” tell us — truth is subjective. Everyone lives out a different one. The only solution to this… is to become your OWN authority, and define your own truth.
  2. Second, you need tools, skills, and ideas. What are the possible ways you could get from where you are, to where you want to go?
  3. Finally — you have to try stuff. In other words, action.

Let’s look at item number one: your truth.

I can’t tell you what that is. No one can. If you buy into someone else’s truth, you run the risk of limiting your potential.

That’s why it’s WELL worth it to define your truth for yourself, and choose that truth carefully.

Because once you figure out what your truth is, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. That’s how humans work. We create what is inside us.

Whatever YOU have inside you as YOUR truth, becomes YOUR reality. So choose one that empowers you and helps you thrive. And remember it’s dangerous for others to define that truth for you.

Don’t like what you’ve got in life? Then stop looking outside yourself for your solutions. You won’t find anything there. Change your truth.

For the second item, you need ideas and things to try.

You can’t just wait for the perfect plan to drop out of the sky, either.

Take something you know — within a reasonable error margin — works, and run with it. Even if you don’t entirely know how to do that thing yet.

As you’ve heard before, most perfect plans begin as imperfect plans. Start from where you’re at with what you’ve got. Walk forward, and repeat.

Finally, consistent action is the only way in the universe to accomplish much of anything.

Imagine a blacksmith trying to forge an amazing tool by hammering it ONCE?

Hard to do. They have to keep pounding until they get what they want.

That’s just the way it is. And if you want great things in life, you have to keep hammering away at it too.

You can try to cross your fingers and hold out for “sudden success” — that happens one time in a billion. But who wants to live hoping and waiting?

Success is not a paint-by-numbers journey laid out for you like when you were a kid. It’s a complete mess, one day after another. You might call it…

A Beautiful Disaster

I never could have created some “69-steps-to-success“ info product for entrepreneurs. Since everyone’s journey is different, and so is everyone’s truth, I would never limit you to a one-size-fits-all ”formula.”

Not in good conscience, anyway…

I COULD if I wanted to though. I could make you afraid of failure, take all your certainty about the journey away, then sell it back to you in the form of a video course.

(If you’re selling a video course, that’s the standard formula. Take notes.)

Instead, I want to spread the message that you‘ll have a much richer journey, you’ll contribute more to the world, and you’ll make more money with greater satisfaction…

...when you carve your OWN path.

When you define your OWN truth about how you want to live, earn money, and help people — and when you spend every day unafraid of failure, knowing in your gut that imperfect action is not just a thing to practice — it’s a way of life to embody.

An information product could never help you do that. If I were doing an info product, I’d have to position myself as an authority, and try to tell you there’s a predetermined formula to getting the life you want.

If you want that, go back to University. Those guys will be happy to tell it to you all day in exchange for $50,000 and a liberal arts degree, so you can make amazing caramel macchiatos after you graduate.

With all that said…

Here’s What Will Help You More
Than MOST Information Products

And I’m giving it to you Right here, free of charge:

Push — until you get to the point where you take so much imperfect action, you desensitize yourself to the fear of failure. And the fear of judgment from others. And any fear related to trying something big and exciting that might not work out.

And take so much imperfect action, you’re able to move through life fully engaged with your passion, trying stuff, and not needing any one thing to work out. But simply being open to receiving great rewards if and when it does.

That’s when your greatest success will emerge.

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  • Audrey

    Clear concise message delivered in truth and humor. Thank you.

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