How To End The Struggle For GOOD And Finally Live The Life You Desire

How To End The Struggle For GOOD And Finally Live The Life You Desire

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Struggle is a strange beast. That goes for any “kind” of struggle. But especially when it comes to struggling with money and business.

Some people struggle for a little while, then rise above it. Some people struggle for much longer and eventually find their way out of it. Some people live the struggle every day — and never get out.

That last phrase describes my first few years “out on my own” in the world of business. Every day was a struggle.

Now, I have come to the conclusion that we were not put here to struggle on any level.

So why do so many people experience it?

The level of struggle I have dealt with is probably different from the one you might. And there’s all kinds of serious struggle in the world that probably requires charity and other such things to fix.

The type of struggle I’m talking about however, is the struggle to get ahead in life.

That was me.

Every morning I’d nervously look at my bank balance and scramble to figure out what games I had to play to make ends meet for the day.

It was a terrible feeling. And I got really good at it.

Finding my way out of this struggling maze took a fair bit of time. I’m sure many people have done it quicker.

But it was slow for me.

The primary issue was that I was too “smart” to realize what the real problem was.

Surely, it was NOT me.

Surely it wasn’t my thinking.

Surely it wasn’t my speaking.

Surely it wasn’t my actions.

Clearly, I had a lot to learn. Because the problem wasn’t a “what”.

It Was A “Who.”

And that WHO… was me.

Luckily, I stuck with it until I got the lessons I needed. And then one day, I managed to shift enough that “the struggle” left me completely.

Here’s exactly how it happened:

First off - it is my understanding that you were not put on this Earth to struggle.

It is also my understanding that we have far greater control over the struggle than we are led to believe.

The foundation of getting out of any and all struggles are as follows.

First, know the following two things:

  1. You have the power to create. But unfortunately, a lot of what we encounter out in the world has been constructed on many levels to mess with this inherent ability you have. Something attempts to co-opt that power, or it works to simply neutralize it so it’s not as effective.
  2. You are ultimately in control of only one thing. And that is your experience — your response to what is happening now. Which means YOU have the power. And it’s a lot of power. When you exercise that and focus that power over time, you can actually make a large amount of impact on the material side of things.

So here’s the deal:

You have where you are in life right now. And you have where you want to be in life. And it feels like there’s a “delta” between them. A gap.

And what’s in that gap?

For most people, it’s struggle. But the struggle doesn’t need to be there if you don’t want it to be. It’s all up to you.

If you want to know where this is going, look back at #2 up above…

The gap between where you are and where you want to be doesn’t actually exist until YOU create it. Then that creation becomes a manifestation that people refer to as “struggle.”

We are trained to focus on manipulating the circumstances of reality to “get” to where we want to go. Of course, the gap FEELS real because it’s something you’ve created. You have an extraordinary ability to create your reality. So if you DO create it, it’s real.

But It Doesn’t Need To Be.

Especially in business, but really in any area of life, we get into this “groove” of getting stuck somewhere. Most people know they don’t want to stay where they are, so they get this bizarre feeling of complete and utter dissatisfaction with things.

And we get stuck in the loop of struggle.

It wears many different masks. It could be different for different people. But when you realize you’re creating this — you are creating this “story” of this difference between where you’re at and where you want to be…

Which makes completely logical sense to your head — I’m not saying anyone’s crazy for doing this, it’s exactly what anyone would do…

But when we do this simple little pattern, we are actually exercising what is one of our greatest powers — against ourselves. And that is

Your Power To Create.

If you want to move forward, get better, and feel complete… there’s a deeper, underlying, energetic ramification of what’s happening in your life.

See — we grow up being trained to follow all rules. To tell people what they want to hear. And we like doing it. Because when we get that pat on the head for telling “authority figures” what they want to hear, it feels really good.

In the business world, I discovered this was a recipe for nothing but struggle. Which is what I did for a very long time. Most of that struggle was because I didn’t know how to see through all this — and frankly I didn’t know it was a thing to work on.

I was clueless and scared. There was an enormous fuel cell of fear that was powering these projections of struggle. Which meant if struggle didn’t happen — I made it happen.

You better believe it.

The check that was finally deposited in the bank account after hours of grinding to get new business?

It got mysteriously lost.

The new project I stayed up all night, working so hard on?

The client hated it.

I’m serious — ridiculous things. It was a struggle all the time. Living in a constant state of fear. As I sorted some of this out, I started to realize what created this.

The “Building Blocks” Of Struggle.

I thought of institutions like school. Where I grew up being force-fed a template of reality that made sure I was always chasing the next “grade.” The next rung on the ladder. The next hierarchical level of whatever it is “they” set up to keep me busy.

I didn’t understand the energetic ramification of going through life that way. But I do now. And I know what happens when you’re emitting a vibration like that.

Here’s a BIG one that causes struggle:

I didn’t question the continuous suppression of my own intuition by “the system” through childhood and adolescence. That’s something that’s happening. And if you went through the school system, it probably happened to you, too.

The result?

Living in your head. Constant chattering of that “little voice”. The inner critic. Most people think that’s their voice — but it’s not.

Most people never connect with their intuition enough to develop the separation to hear that “little voice”. They never realize that, if YOU are “hearing” it, then by definition, it’s not YOU!

Most people can never explain what that chattering is. They’re just controlled by it forever. If your intuition is suppressed, you have no connection to your creative force. Which is your life force. Which is your ability to direct your spirit.

The Result?

But that’s not the only thing that causes struggle.

How about the legal system — where everything is illegal unless you are licensed to do it?

Want to become a hairdresser? Better get a license from the government. God forbid they make sure people are okay to cut hair. Wouldn’t want to put those clippers in the wrong hands. Someone’s ear could get nicked.

No, no. Too dangerous. Apply to our bureaucracy and wait 12-15 weeks for paperwork to shuffle around so we can make sure you can be trusted with a pair of scissors.

In our current system, you can’t really do much of anything until the privilege is granted to you. And if it can be granted to you, it can be taken away.

This is all part of this complicated corporate-government overlay of the real world. Pretty ingenious, totally devious. The law today is basically used as a containment field for YOU.

Want to start a business? Go ask permission. Want your kids to have a lemonade stand at the town park? Go ask permission.

The energy of YOU is being directed in very specific and strategic ways. It’s all about energy. And everything — including money — is energy. That’s why when you go into court, they say you’re being “charged”.

And when you’re released? “Discharged.”

It’s all about money and commerce and bonds being sold and all that kind of stuff. But…

The Real Purpose
Is To Control You.

And to control your creative power.

So as you’re growing up and being told “how this world works” — what that really means is “how some people want it to work.” And those “some people” have exerted an enormous influence into almost every area of our lives. Including the money system - which you can’t really extract from the legal system because they are both so inextricably linked…

“Money” ultimately is a symbol of the value we bring to the world, taken outside of us. Money is such a strong thought-form, it has a life of its own… But there’s something very specific about the money of the last 150 years or so that makes this extra important to bring your attention to…

Here’s the gist of it:

If you’re in the US, each dollar is a piece of debt. It’s pretty much the same with any government’s currency. But we’ll stick with the US dollar as an example.

Debt HAD to be created to bring each dollar into existence. The way that debt is created is it’s borrowed. You can read plenty of books about this if you’re interested…

But here’s the issue:

Money is created by issuing debt. But no money has been created to pay off the debt that was issued in order to bring each dollar into existence.

So there's all this outstanding debt on all these balance sheets out there. And there’s no money to pay it off. In fact, the only way to pay off that debt is to create more money. And to do that, you have to create more debt.

See the problem?

No wonder people feel like there’s not enough money in the world. There literally isn’t! But it’s been designed that way. That’s one of the reasons why every 70 years or so there’s a big economic calamity.

So What Does This Have To Do With Struggle?

Because WE take all of that in. Our ability to create “takes in” the fact that there’s not enough money out there.

You might agree that we all KNOW there’s not enough money on a gut-level. Everyone feels it. Well, we embody that feeling. We know money is a symbol of the value WE bring to the world and there’s never enough, is there?

It’s always lacking.

Your ability to create, creates that reality. And when you have seven billion people across the planet doing that, it’s very real. The money system as it stands today has been created to perpetuate lack.

But the money system is just one factor. You have all these building blocks of struggle — the legal system, the money system, the fact that you’ve been blocked from your intuition…

And not to mention, any “social norm” conditioning that wasn’t particularly helpful growing up, trauma from our first seven years of life — which most people have plenty of — and the division of the “self” from the world. Because heads are easy to manipulate and control. Hearts, not so much.

But if people grow up never developing the emotional intelligence to “tune in” to who they really are — to hear their own intuition — then you’ve got a large population of people that can be easily controlled.

So people wonder why 95% of businesses fail… It’s because 99% of us are conditioned to do just that.

All on the inside comes out.

We’ve got all this emotion and “molding” that’s at a level much deeper than our conscious minds. And we’re supposed to go out there and NOT project it?

If you project it, it does create real struggle. People think they’re not worth anything. Because…

No One Can Escape These Systems.

And what that has done, is artificially created a way that we use our own abilities to interact with the world…

By creating a blueprint that’s internal to all of us.

Where we create struggle without trying. We literally are struggle machines. We create it.

So what do you do about it?

How Do You Get OUT Of Struggle?

Start by knowing this:

When you believe you are watching a movie someone else wrote, you assume the role of “disempowered spectator.” But when you realize you can consciously create the movie, you move into the empowered role of writer and director.

You probably feel like you’re watching somebody else’s script in your life if you’re walking around saying things like:

“I really hope I get that job…”

“I hope they like me…”

“I hope it goes well…”

Constantly commenting on what’s happening out there. Never inside. And if the ways you try to affect what’s happening “out there” are more on the superficial side:

“You want a good job? Send out more resumes.”

“You want to work for that guy? Go to the networking event. Shake his hand. Do something nice for him.”

Very head-based, logical and rational kind of stuff.

That means you’re in the audience of your movie watching it. And you’re probably annoyed that some of the parts aren’t going how you want them to.

You’re told,

“Suck it up.”
“This is the way life is.”
“Be mature.”

Which is really a fake story people are told because that’s what they’d been told. And most people don’t have the real answer anyway.

The minute you realize “Oh. I can step into the director’s chair…” it’s kind of the best and worst day of your life, all at once.

Because it means you can be free. But it also means you need to take…

100% Self-Responsibility
For Your Outcomes.

And that can be a hard pill to swallow for some people.

But what’s the alternative?

You are trying to win a game on a race track that someone else has built for you without you really knowing or being aware of it — and it has bars around it and never leads to the finish line.

For the first 18 - 25 years of our lives, we’re pushed into all these templates which are designed for someone else’s purpose.

Then we get out there and wonder:

“Why can’t I earn above X dollars?”


“Why is it that whenever I think things are getting good, I always do something to screw it up?”


“Why is it that no matter what I try, it just never gets any momentum?”

And we just work harder on the race track without being able to zoom out — and realize it was never built to lead to the finish line in the first place.

We’re playing a game that was crafted for us to lose.

So what’s the solution?

You MUST Play
A Different Game.

Of course, you can get angry at the old game. It’s normal to go through an angry phase — because hey, you did everything right. You followed the rules. And you just kept struggling along, totally clueless.

But at some point, you want to pick a new game to play. Where you can be in control.

And here’s the GOOD news:

You literally have everything you need to drop struggle like a toxic ex. You came into the world with the very real tools that you can use to create what you want. It’s inherent inside you right now. In fact, the very situation you find yourself in NOW is merely an example of you demonstrating your innate ability to create.

The problem is, most of us are creating our lives not aware that we are the ones doing it — and not aware of the building blocks of struggle that conditioned us to project it everywhere.

But you created the situation you’re in right now, so you can create something ELSE. The situation you’re in right now — that IS an example of your ability to create.

You simply have to learn how to harness it to create what you want.


Let’s Plot Your Escape
From The Struggle.

The first step is to create a separation between you and your internal system that perpetuates the struggle.

Of course, that sounds easier said than done. And you may not know where to start.

But the good news is — it’s EASY once you get the hang of it. But you must FOCUS on that consistently. You can begin to do this simply by thinking about it.

It begins in your mind.

Develop the ability to observe the struggle internally for just a brief moment. Notice it’s there.

The simplest way to separate yourself from the struggle is to develop the habit of consciously reconnecting to that part of you that is not affected by the pre-conditioned “blueprint” that perpetuates struggle.

It’s actually a lot like meditating.

The next step is to discipline the response you have to it. That means once you can identify it, you choose to simply stop getting caught up in it. You see its attempts to affect you, and you withdraw your willingness to participate.

Eventually, you work your way to observing it, then batting it out of your line of sight like a pesky bug and moving on.

Finally, make this a practice. Do it to the point where those things are no longer created by you.

When you can feel what that part of yourself feels like — the part that is free from all this conditioning and manipulation…

That’s The Real You.

A great way to do this is meditation. Especially Yoga Nidra meditation. When you sit down and meditate, you are calming your mind, and whatever’s left after that — that’s what you’re connecting with.

When that mind quiets and you feel what’s left — that’s the feeling of wholeness. And the complete absence of need.

You’re no longer engaging with the old vibration.

The old vibration is when you embodied the ideas of:

  • There’s not enough
  • You have to earn what you get
  • You have to really work hard to make it
  • It doesn’t work out for everybody
  • It could be hard for a very long time…
  • If you can get those things into somebody, they will build that for the rest of their life and never get to where they actually want. THAT is what you’re capable of doing.

    If you embody the vibration of “I’ve got to get mine because there’s not enough and I hope I do it, and I hope it works out, and I hope they like it, and I hope they pay me…”

    That’s exactly what you’re going to build.

    Most people are just controlled by this forever. So when you can sit down and quiet that, if you can begin the practice for even a moment, feel what it feels like, the more you…

    Reclaim Your Power
    And Control Over YOU…

    …the more will and intention you have for directing your creative force.

    This is when complaining goes out the window.

    When “wishing” for things other than they are... is gone. Because you realize it’s not worth your time.

    Blaming other people goes away, too...

    This is when you move out of “victimhood” to a better neighborhood. And feeling “sorry” for yourself no longer exists.

    You stop trying to find out “the things that I don’t know that clearly other people do know, and if I can just find those things out then maybe some stuff would work out for me...”

    That whole track in your head. Get rid of it. The minute you reclaim that power over YOU, things feel different. It’s like that calm in the storm.

    You might feel it for little blips at first… And eventually you can totally live there. And you should WANT that.

    Because — why does this all matter?

    What you’re projecting affects material reality. So if you can project something beneficial to you in the world 80% of the time, you’re way better off than somebody who can do it 5% of the time.

    So It’s Worth It To Work On This.

    This is making the conscious choice to reclaim control over the thing inside you that creates.

    Instead of viewing what you get paid as some way the world measures what you’re worth, you can use money as a way to call in ONLY those who value what you do MORE than the amount you are being paid.

    Did you catch the subtle difference in frame between those two?

    The shift is that YOU are creating from the inside-out. Rather than looking to the world to see what you’re worth. You are setting a bar and a signal to the world to call to you ONLY the people who find what you do extremely valuable.

    One by one, you can re-align everything in your life so it has this feeling of: “I am exerting my will and control and intention over my creation.”

    NOT “I really hope they take it.”

    It’s a totally new habit to get into if this is new for you. And it can be a difficult habit to create, especially if money at the moment is tight. But you still have a choice about how you want to respond to the current reality of money being tight or not.

    I mean, I know how society’s “blueprint” trains us to respond… But when you reclaim that choice that you — and only you — have to actually CHOOSE your response, that’s when you can begin to detach from the struggle from the inside OUT…

    You can begin to see clearly…

    And you can begin to create your life.


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    • chetty vendetti

      I’ve been reading you for years and I either always learn something/a new perspective, or I already know what you’re saying and agreeing with you. I needed this particular article at this particular time, so thank you. Furthermore, while reading this it dawned on me that you write these philosophical, perhaps ethereal, articles for a website that sells art. Granted, it is “Motivational Canvas Wall Art” but the depth and intricacies of the topics you so concisely convey and that you capture so well really have nothing to do with the art that this site sells. And I remember thinking how odd that connection was when I first started reading you forever ago. Thus, I can only come to the conclusion that you created your own reality and these articles are the manifestation of the very topics you write about. You somehow got a website that sells art to employ you no just to promote their pieces, but to actually push the principles that you believe to be beneficial to others. You manifested this, and realizing that is simply amazing. First, great job, but second, coming to this realization about what you’re doing makes what you’re saying make so much more sense, even though I already agreed with it. Thank you.

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