How To Discover Enlightenment & Finally WIN At Life

How To Discover Enlightenment & Finally WIN At Life


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Question for you…

Who’s game are you really playing? Do you ever feel like it was set up for someone else to win? And would you like to change it, to put it into YOUR favor for once?

Then read on:

Imagine you are at a carnival. There’s laughter and smiles all around… A man calls out for your attention. Knock three bottles from a table with a softball, and you win the prize! He demonstrates. He glances at the target and gently lobs the ball. The bottles tumble to the ground.

What could be easier?

You pay the man a couple dollars, take the ball in hand, and with perfect concentration and aim you let it go. The bottles rock some but don’t fall. So you try again.

And again.

Occasionally one or two bottles fall, but never all three. In disgust, you turn to leave but the man and the others around you urge you to try again. The man demonstrates once more, then tosses you the ball. Your friends tell you to be a good sport. Smile. Have fun. Don’t give up.

You force a smile and continue to play. Now, everybody is laughing. Smiling. Having a great time. Except for you. The bottles simply will not fall for you. In fact, the bottles will NEVER fall.

Because The Game Is Rigged.

You cannot win. You can smile and pretend all you want. Your friends can offer encouragement until the end of time, but you will never win. You can stop imagining now, because if you are someone who has followed all the rules of life only to be left bitter and disillusioned, this scenario is not make-believe.

This is your life. And it, too, Is rigged.

From the time we were born we’ve been taught to act in ways we cannot sustain. To strive for things that do not exist. And to expect things that can never occur. Left undetected and unchallenged, these teachings guarantee a life of frustration and failure for those who try to practice them. But for those who teach them?

They guarantee an endless supply of “lost souls” desperate for someone to show them where they’ve gone wrong. And unfortunately for the seekers, the answers they receive come out of a system in which only the teachers can win.

Of course, this fact is hidden. It’s clocked in beautiful language, intriguing riddles, in the promise of miracles and magic. For as long as the fact is concealed, the game will go on. The students will struggle and the teachers will thrive.

Twister Example:

I have a friend who has a young daughter. He tells a story about how he gave her the Twister game for her birthday:

She’d seen other children playing the game and knew just what to do. She spread the plastic mat on the floor and tied herself in knots — placing her left foot on yellow, right hand on green, right foot on blue, and so on…

Soon, my friend and his wife joined in the fun. They played like that for quite a while, when his daughter suddenly stopped and asked:

“How Do You Win?”

Until that moment, they didn’t even realize they weren’t playing by the rules. They were simply enjoying themselves and making it up as they went along. They decided they should probably get the instructions out of the box, and find out how to play the game. Within minutes of playing according to the actual rules, his daughter grew bored and walked away from the game.

They never played it again.

A Glimpse of Enlightenment?

You’ve probably had what the ‘gurus’ call enlightenment before. But you had no clue that’s what it was. When you can recognize that enlightenment is there, and use it to your advantage — it gives you a degree of power over your life that can hardly be imagined by people who haven’t experienced it. It provides opportunities to more consciously participate in life, and as a result, have more impact. Not just in our own lives, but in the lives of others.

When you experience enlightenment magical things will not suddenly begin to happen in your life. Instead, you will simply become more aware of the magical things already occurring in your life.

It’s a strange thing to explain… But you don’t need to levitate, heal the sick, summon spirits, cleanse your aura, or predict the future in order to become enlightened. In fact, the most enlightened people on this planet are not much different from you.

If you get duped into looking for someone else’s idea of enlightenment, you’ll miss your own all along.

Most of us have missed out on some of the greatest learning experiences of our lives because we’ve been led to believe in something that does not exist. You might find it by giving away all your possessions and moving to a compound on the outskirts of the desert.

But it isn’t necessary to do so.

In fact, enlightenment is available to each of us, whenever we happen to find ourselves and at any given moment — IF we know what we're looking for. When you discover enlightenment, many of the new rules you’ll notice will contradict the traditional teachings you’ve encountered over the years.

That’s Not An Accident.

A dangerous thing happens when a person discovers their own truth. Suddenly, they no longer find themselves at the feet of some guru. They no longer buy into the pretty pictures their teachers once held up for them as bait in elementary school. They no longer find themselves bound by the dogma of some body of thought that supposedly holds the keys to their salvation (in life OR death).

No, enlightened people have fought their way out of the cage and earned their freedom. And no one who controls them or hopes to in the future wants to see that happen.

The fact is no one holds the key to your own enlightenment except you. It is yours to use at any time you choose.

It is my position that the only reason you haven’t recognized this before is that others have, knowingly or unknowingly, encouraged you to look elsewhere for that key and you believed them. You don’t need to chant, believe in spirits, shave your head or give your life over to a guru.

My purpose in writing this is to get you to stop looking “out there” for the answer and, instead, simply recognize the power you have had all along. A power some people right now would rather you never discover.

Are You A Conscious Being?

This is a common misconception - you and I are only conscious some of the time. You might say, “Of course we are conscious. Isn’t it our very consciousness that separates us from lower animals?”

Well, sort of.

Ask yourself, at this very moment, how many things are you consciously aware of? Not how many things are you aware of now that you think about it, but how many things were you aware of at the instant I asked the question.

Aside from the ideas being discussed, were you aware of the font these words are typed in or are you only aware of it now that I bring your awareness to it? Were you aware of the various background noises around you or are you only aware of them now that I bring your awareness to them?

How about those things that are “really” important to you? Were you aware of those the moment before I brought them up? Were you aware of any issues from your work or family life? Were you aware of the latest fluctuations in the stock market? Were you aware of how many shopping days there are until the holidays?

Of course not.

While something other than what I’m telling you about right now might have been in the background of your conscious thought, the odds are there wasn’t much else there.

The fact is while it is possible for us to be aware of virtually ANYTHING, at any given moment, we can only be conscious of a few select things. So while it is true that we are conscious beings, that doesn’t mean very much until we ask ourselves, what are we conscious OF?

And Most Importantly,
What Aren’t We Conscious Of?

What good is it to examine these commonly held “truths” about enlightenment and human nature?

Hopefully, it’s given you some insight into why, despite our greatest efforts, we can still fail to better our lot in life. As long as we buy into society’s half-truths and strive to live up to them, we will be doomed to a life of frustration and failure.

And since we cannot live like this for long, we must seek relief. Is it any wonder then that there are some people who promote misconceptions to the masses, and then turn around and offer “solutions” to the problems they cause?

Why more people don’t see right through that is beyond me. The only “solution” to this is to wake up to the insidious nature of this never-ending cycle — and

Refuse To Play The
Game Any Longer.

So What Is Enlightenment?

Before giving you my definition, I want to remind you of two critical points.

First — just defining enlightenment isn’t going to produce it. Defining an experience — any experience — doesn’t produce it. It simply makes it understandable. So don’t expect the definition to change your life.

And second — the fact that enlightenment is an experience means that it’s subjective. Like other human experiences such as falling in love, losing a loved one, or facing your own mortality — your sense of enlightenment will be yours and yours alone.

When you strip away all the new-age mumbo jumbo and religious connotations, enlightenment is nothing but…

A Simple State
Of Detachment.

Detachment from what?

From the ideas and concepts about life that we have come to see as absolute, permanent truths rather than the subjective, temporary beliefs and experiences they are.

That’s it. The crap you hear about “being one with the universe,” “having a direct experience of divinity,” and the like — are merely interpretations of this detachment and can often serve to complicate the concept, quite frankly.

There’s an instant in time when a person transitions from an “unenlightened” state to an “enlightened” one. Your mind “turns” to enlightenment when something you knew to be true instantaneously drops out from under you… and you are left scrambling to make sense of what just happened.

This is not the same as acquiring knowledge and coming to hold a more accurate sense of reality. That’s education. Education is the exact opposite: it promotes the adoption of “more accurate models of reality” rather than the detachment from the ideas and concepts we’ve come to believe.

The experience of enlightenment is unusual. Because rather than experiencing “attachment” to something and becoming identified with it, the “detachment” takes over, and you identify with nothing. And when you can learn to experience that, you will never feel more free in your entire life.

Regardless of the circumstances of your life, for that brief moment in time when you slip into enlightenment, you aren’t attached to any limitation. In this moment, you have POWER. You see through the illusions of life and are no longer bound by them.

But this power is fleeting. Before long, the never-ending stream of human experience blindsides us with other thoughts and concerns — and our blissful state slips away before we can even realize what happened.

So be ready for the moment you achieve enlightenment. Now that you’ve read this, you’ll know when it happens. And you can use it to your supreme advantage. For insights, ideas, actions, epiphanies you could not have gotten otherwise… the possibilities are endless.


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    That’s a wonderful, beautiful article I learned a lot from reading this, studying comparative religions definitely have me a great sense of what enlightenment means to me, I believe everyone has their own sense of enlightenment and self depending on the experience and upbringing and lifestyle they have been accustomed to, this was a great presentation on what enlightenment means to some, generally speaking, great article!!

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