How To Change The Way You Look At Everything

How To Change The Way You Look At Everything

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So You Can Do What You Really Want
And Become Who You Really Are

Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

I hope you realize just how profound that statement is. But just in case you don’t, here’s a blog post that — after you dive in — will open up just how powerful this can be for you.

Below, you’re going to discover how to stop trying to “be a normal person” — and instead become the person you were meant to be.

You’re also going to learn why the idea of “sacrificing” for something you want is a bogus idea. And how to get clear on your intentions in life. That way, you can cut down on the time you spend “sacrificing” and just jump to the stuff you want to have.

Really! It is that easy.

It all starts with ONE thing:

Your Mental Models

A mental model is nothing more than a framework of thoughts and ideas you process information from the world through.

When you take information from the outside world, the mental models you have “installed” into your mind help you make sense of how you can use that information.

Whether you’re aware of them or not, your mental models are affecting everything. They are what will become most real for you. Even though they’re totally imaginary.

Here’s why this is so darn important:

Whenever you’re growing and stepping into a more powerful expression of YOU — there’s work to be done to critically analyze the crap you’ve already allowed to invade your mind space.

This helps you to become the person you were meant to be.

For example, think about…

The Idea Of A ‘Normal Person’.

How often have you caught yourself doing something a little strange, then asking yourself “Was it normal to do that?” Or, “Is this something a normal person does?”

Why do we all strive to become this image of a “normal person” — when nobody really knows what this so-called normal person even looks or acts like?

Seriously. Are you normal? I’m certainly not. You probably aren’t either.

Maybe you’re colorblind. Or left-handed. Or maybe you have a very particular food allergy nobody else has. Maybe you’ve got a birthmark on your left pinky toe or you have strange, untold secrets you’ll never reveal to anyone.

NONE of those things are normal.

And your lack of normalcy will only grow worse when you start to notice and stack up all the differences between you and other people. But…

It Gets Better When
You Realize This:

“Normal” is nothing but a concept in your own mind.

In fact, your idea of what “normal” means isn’t even the same as anyone else’s idea of what “normal” means.

Even your sense of normal is not normal.

“Normal” is just a way of limiting yourself — a concept rooted in fear to begin with:

Realize that you are not like anyone else on earth. No one on this planet is exactly the same as you are, even if you have a twin. It’s not even close. Your individual collection of experiences makes you totally unique.

Yet what do most people do with this uniqueness? They try to forget it. They keep striving for the ever-elusive “normal.” And why?

They want to cling to the pack, thinking they need to be like everyone else. They strive for normalcy — something completely unattainable, since it doesn’t exist.

Have you ever met a 100% normal person?

You haven’t, right?


“Normal” Is Imaginary.

So “normal” isn’t a label worthy of your pursuit. It’s worthless.

Perhaps you’re worried that if you’re too different, you’ll be ostracized. Unfortunately, that’s sometimes true. Sometimes…

But you will be ostracized only by other fear-driven normality-seekers. And their acceptance is basically worthless anyway, since they’re not even being honest with themselves to begin with.

And before you start going there:

“Abnormal” or “different” are not labels you should pursue either.

In this case you’re only aiming for the opposite of normal out of a drive to find a sense of uniqueness.

The person you were meant to be already IS unique without trying to be, and it doesn’t matter anyway. Because the person you were meant to be doesn’t lie on some linear spectrum between “normal” and “different.”

You automatically lose whether you’re calling yourself “normal” or you’re calling yourself “different”. Because with both of those labels you’re still…

Comparing Yourself To Others

And that isn’t EVER going to help you.

Instead, compare yourself to yourself. Your future self. Your past self. Your ideal self.

When you do that, you can begin to become the person you were meant to be. We’ll get back to exactly how you can go about doing this in just a moment, but first, let’s talk about another pesky mental model you were probably installed with that is limiting you:

Think about

The Idea Of ‘Sacrifice’.

It’s a generally accepted idea that, if you’re going to achieve “success,” you will have to make sacrifices in order for that success to happen.

But that’s likely B.S. Maybe not in all cases, but in 99% of ‘em:

If your reality is based on the idea that all good things can only come from “sacrifice”, you won’t even see opportunities to have good things without suffering and flagellating yourself unnecessarily before you get it. Which, believe me, they’re out there.


If you truly want to have a beautiful body, is it really a “sacrifice” to not sit around eating cupcakes all day?

If you truly want to learn to speak French more than anything else, is it really a “sacrifice” to stay home on Friday nights and study the very thing you wanted to learn more than anything else?

If you truly want to eat cupcakes all day, is it a “sacrifice” to not sit around eating carrots?

When you buy into this “sacrifice” construct, you actively project into the world that you are choosing not to do things that you actually would like to be doing.

And even worse, you make yourself believe it.

So which is the truth? Where’s your intention?

If you’re not sure, you have to figure ONE thing out for yourself before you figure out anything else:


“Sacrifice” is an idea. It needs energy from you to exist. It needs your attention. Your brainpower. Your focus.

You have to believe in it for it to be given power.

If you don’t believe it? It does not exist.

So what does that tell you? What does it tell you that you have the power to make things come in and out of existence?

We are intention-directed, creative beings. Whatever we direct our intention to, becomes real. Pure intention IS power.

When you offer your intention to create, there is no reason “sacrifice” should be invited to the party.

Why should that guest be given a seat at your elite table?

Do you see why it’s so important to take control of this ability we have?

If you want to create something in your life or business or relationship, choose the route you are going to go down to create it.

If you want to change your mind and create something else, you can always do that, too.

You have been given the power of creation to wield as you choose. Why would you direct it to create your own prison?

What happens if “sacrifice” is just a lie that keeps you small? That keeps you mentally torn between what you really want to do and what’s just a distraction?

And what happens if “normal” is just…

A Lie That’s Stopping
You From Being YOU?

What happens if you just meditate for a while, visualizing yourself going into a room, meeting the successful future self you want to be, and having a long, in-depth conversation with him/her?

Where do you get to imagine yourself discovering all the things your future self has achieved, and all the ways they’ve grown?

Maybe you discover your future self is reacting to YOU in certain ways, too. Maybe he or she is looking at you amused at the things you’re currently fearful about — because he/she has long overcome them…

And maybe you can see the courage, character, or sense of inner peace your future self has developed… in ways that seem out of reach for you now.

And what if — instead of asking if you’re being “normal” or “different” or anything in-between — you asked yourself if your behavior in any moment aligns with that ideal future self you’ve imagined?

Well, what if you did that?

You might just unlock the secret to becoming who, and what, you want to be.

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  • Michelle

    This resignates with me…..everytime I hear somebody wanting to find NORMAL, I say “there is no such thing as normal” This is a good read but a shorter version could be inspiring as most will not take the time to read anything more than a paragraph when sharing.

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