How To Bend Reality With Sheer Will

How To Bend Reality With Sheer Will


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Ever heard of…

The Placebo Effect?

It’s a total sham.

The “Placebo Effect” is where something happens because someone thinks it should happen, not because anything outside of them made it happen.

In medical studies, one group of people will take a sugar pill (the “fake” medicine) and are told it will cure whatever ailment is being studied. Maybe it’s a common cold…

And a second group will take the real cold medicine to compare how effective it is against the sugar pill.

What’s funny is there are often people in the “Placebo” group who get better all by themselves, when they take no medicine.

Some people might call that amazing. A miracle, even.

What do we do, in our society, when that happens?

We discount it. Throw it out.

“Oh, it was JUST the Placebo Effect. Nothing to see here! Move along, folks…”

Because, God forbid, if YOUR MIND ALONE just got you results, we better just call it ineffective.

No. Here, take this pill instead…

You wouldn’t want to bend reality with sheer will. It’s far better to pin your self-esteem on something that isn’t you. Wouldn’t want you to get ahead of yourself.

The Placebo Effect: the “trick” your mind plays on you when you do something “fake” and real results happen. Just your inherent ability to alter material reality with your intention. Nothing to write home about, right?


How did they convince us this isn’t something to harness and develop? To celebrate? To use to better ourselves?

They even label it “The Placebo Effect”, as if it’s not YOU! As if it’s just an “Effect”.

Well, you can call it “The Placebo Effect” if you want.

You know what I call it?


That’s your power to do just about anything you’ve been told you can’t do.

Your power to use your mind for greatness. To get what you want in life. To shock and delight yourself with your own results. To radically alter the world for the better.

So if something happens just because you think it should happen, that’s not The Placebo Effect. That’s freaking awesome!

You just willed a result into existence. You’re a damn superhero! I’ll be the first to treat you like one.

When you realize how much power you’ve always had inside you, you will become unstoppable.

We’re only powerless if we choose to be — or if we let someone else trick us into thinking we have none.

You have so much more power than you think you do. But in order to access it, you need to know it’s there.

You don’t need a sugar pill to do that. You just need the right beliefs.

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  • Joe X. Tran

    I love this message. You’re responsible for everything you do in life. If you strongly believed in something and take massive action it becomes real.

  • Craig

    Great message you are sending out , definitely agree . 🔥🔥🔥

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