How To Be Afraid Of Money

How To Be Afraid Of Money

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Way back before I had much entrepreneurial success, I spent years being terrified of money. I had no idea what I was creating by walking around sending these “money fear” signals into the world.

I was a hysteric anxiety-machine. Pumping out money worries into the atmosphere constantly.

I read books like Think And Grow Rich. And The Richest Man In Babylon. And about 100 other books detailing what you have to do to be rich.

I tried everything I could to “fix” this problem. And I understood everything in the books. Logically, at least…

But I still couldn’t get myself to do anything about it — or create real, tangible wealth.

Can you guess why?

Here’s The Reason:

I didn’t understand that stuff yet with my heart.

I hadn’t developed that visceral feeling — of how intangible mindsets, feelings, and goals can become tangible.

On the surface, business seems like a mechanical “input, output” type of thing. A machine.

Sure there are systems, and marketing, and all kinds of people and processes that make it work. Those are important.

But to defy the odds, you need to imprint what you want directly into your body and your skin before it exists.

Understanding that stuff with your “head” alone is leaving a vital piece out. You need to FEEL your goals are real before you even attain them.

It’s the same way scientists uncover groundbreaking discoveries. They hardly ever just “stumble” upon them… They almost always FEEL that those discoveries already exist before they go looking for them.

Albert Einstein started with a mere intuition that time and space were relative. He couldn’t prove it yet. But he knew it existed, and that’s what got him looking for a formula.

Then, and only then, he discovered E=MC^2.

Getting the “material” things you want through business is a CHOICE. It is not luck.

Get Rid Of
Money Fears:

If you’re like I was and you have fear of money, it’s not helping you make any more.

To get rid of it, ask yourself:

Who’s in control of YOU? The world? How many clients or customers do you have? What does your bank account tell you?

Do these things control you? Do they define you? Do they force your hand to do certain things?

Money might limit what you can do… but only YOU are the one who decides whether it controls you.

Only YOU can decide who — or what — controls YOUR thoughts, feelings, and energy.

In The End,

I realized my money fear arose because I was being lazy.

Not that I wasn’t working hard enough. I was working around the clock, burning myself out with little to show for it.

I was being lazy by allowing myself to fall into old “energetic” patterns — instead of doing the work that required to form new ones.

In the end, I realized the reason I felt so much fear around money was because it was my comfort zone.

I knew ‘money fear’ well. It made me feel at home, despite how much I didn’t like it.

I knew how to deal with it. I grew up with money fears. Despite how crazy it sounds, fear was my companion, like a child’s safety blanket.

Of course, I still hated having it. But I kept it around unconsciously because it was familiar. And all too often, that’s what humans do with things they hate.

The bottom line is this:

You get to choose what your primary motivation is in life and business. And you only have two choices:

Love, Or Fear.

Choose one. Most people don’t care which one you pick. But you are the one who has to live with the consequences of your choice.

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