How To Be A ‘Green Apple’ Of Extraordinary Value (This Can Get You Whatever You Want)

How To Be A ‘Green Apple’ Of Extraordinary Value (This Can Get You Whatever You Want)

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In order to make money, start a business, or even get a date, you have to be of SOME kind of value to someone else. And I truly believe everyone is inherently valuable.

But even after that — you have to BELIEVE the value you bring to the table is important. Otherwise, no one else will believe it.

But what if you already have not just some value, but extraordinary value… a LOT more value than you think — and you just don’t see it?

And what if, as a result, you could be…

Selling Yourself Short
In Life Because Of It?

The truth is, most people are hopelessly unimpressed with themselves. It’s a problem:

When it comes to selling or marketing yourself to an employer, a business prospect, or even a hot date, being less-than-impressed with yourself can make getting the things you want in life a challenge. Because if you believe you’re nothing special, you’re going to write and talk about yourself like you’re not special.

This is a big reason people hate “selling” themselves.

It’s also why most people are absolutely terrible at it.

But would you hate selling something that was truly awesome?

Think about the truly awesome things you’ve “sold” to people before without even knowing it: Your favorite movies, restaurants, or music you've recommended to friends…

If you can hype up the stuff you’re most passionate about in life, why do SO MANY people shy away from selling themselves to someone who might see their value?

The biggest, most likely possible reason for this is…

They Don’t Want
To Be “Different”

One of the most common traits everyone reading this has is that there’s nobody else like you. And if you’re like most people, you’re also probably hesitant to show the most different parts of you to the world.


Because if you’re the only green apple in a lineup of red apples, you’re going to get noticed.

And you might not get picked, either! Especially if you’re speaking to the National Association of Red Apple Growers…

But even so — you won’t struggle to be noticed.

After years of experience, I’m here to tell you one majorly critical thing:

Embracing your “green apple-ness” in the face of all the red apples is one of the most important things you can do to make more money, and have a more successful life in general.

See… for years, I myopically fixated on what I had to do to succeed in life. What I didn’t know at the time was — I never had any original answers for that question. My “method” for getting to “success” involved just trying what worked for someone else (or what appeared to work, or what they told me would work — which are actually three totally different things).

That’s what I heard, that’s what I learned, that’s what I did! For years.

That’s what everyone told me to do, anyway. But once none of that stuff actually works, what you eventually realize is this:

This approach is from the tool belt of the HACK.

To someone who has not yet TRULY gotten in touch with their unique genius, and the gifts they are here to share, they will tell you to follow everyone else. When you realize that, you can begin to rewire your brain to start seeing what is invisible to others.

Here’s What’s
Invisible To Others:

Opportunities that YOU specifically — given your unique blend of experience, perspective, thoughts, talents, skills and abilities, — can pursue.

You have a path that is unique to you.

By all means, learn from experienced people who have what you want, so you can get what they have. But if you are walking on someone else’s path entirely — the path they set for you, the one they SOLD you to walk on (cough, universities)…

Then You’re Missing Out.

Never before in history has it been more important (and advantageous) to create your own path than it is right now. Never before have so many opportunities been open to those who dance to the beat of their own drum. And never before have there been so many rewards (monetary or otherwise) given to people who are willing to STAND OUT.

And it’s NOT hard to stand out. In fact, it’s even harder to blend in.

But when you’ve been conditioned to walk down a road filled with people who are all doing the same things — and authority figures (like the school system) have inflicted you with FEAR of doing anything except follow THEM and follow THEIR HERD — then it’s virtually impossible to stand out.

So today, make the decision to go your own way.

People say the BS phrase “Pioneers end up with arrows in their backs” to scare you out of going your own way. Pioneers don’t get arrows in their backs. They discover the undiscovered. They get freaking LAND named after them for hundreds of years after they’re gone.

And “how you should succeed in this world” is the greatest undiscovered territory available to you right now to explore.

Here’s The BEST News
About All Of This:

No one else is even exploring the territory meant for YOU. You’re the only buyer for this property. It’s just sitting there waiting for you to hack down vines and stuff with a machete, to claim the land as yours.

If you don’t think this is possible for you, then you might not have figured it out just yet, but there’s something different about you that you need to get in touch with.

When you can really pinpoint what that is, and when you see your value, and figure out how to tell the world about it in a way they care about…

That’s when you start getting…

All The Success
You Can Handle.

But NOT success inside of anyone else’s system.

Their systems are designed for you to blend in. To be like “THEM”.

When you stand out, you can create your OWN success independent of them. Who you are, what you believe, why you are here, and the principles and ideals you hold most dear…

Virtually everything in our conditioning is designed to make us scared to death of anyone ever finding out all those things. You show THAT to the world and you can be absolutely certain that SOMEONE is not going to like it.

And that’s the problem.

Because there is almost nothing in our system designed to reward “outspoken” (that’s the only word they use for it, that’s the best they’ve got) people.

The only way you make it in “the system,” is not to ruffle any feathers.

I suppose this might be why marketing is often taught to people exactly backwards:

We’re taught to change how we show up to affect a certain result. Entrepreneurs research the market, develop the product, and basically chameleon our way to *hopefully* finding success.

All to answer, “What do they want?”

Job applicants do the same thing. They write what they think the interviewer wants to see on a resume. And most of the time they’ll only produce something that bores the interviewer to tears and sounds like the other 1,000 resumes.

How about using your OWN ingenuity to see what your “target market” had no clue they wanted?

“If I would have asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”
— Henry Ford

How about showing up as you are and finding the people who like it?

Trying to fit into what other people want sets you on a wild goose chase with billions of possible ways forward. “What if I do this… what if I look like this… what if I speak like this… what if I work like this?”

The second method gives you a constraint (who you are), and provides amazing clarity that allows you to fill in the rest of the pieces pretty easily. When you demonstrate WHO YOU ARE, it sends the people who you don’t even want around you running for the hills – and brings the right people right up alongside you.

In the end, YOU are the solution you’ve been looking for.

All you have to do is be OK with…

Showing All That
To The World.

And we’ve come full circle now:

Would you hate selling something that could completely transform the world? Would you be timid if you had something that could change someone’s life? Or take their pain away? Or make them eternally thankful that you told them about it?

The issue isn’t selling yourself. It’s your perceived value of the thing you’re selling: YOU.

Not everyone will see you as valuable. And that’s okay. The only people who don’t have any haters have never done anything that awesome in life, anyway.

The fastest way to find YOUR people is to be your unfiltered self. To be the green apple and repel the red ones.

So just how valuable is that being who looks back at you in the mirror every morning? Where do you find that answer? And who has the ability to answer that?

Someone “out there?” Or not? The “market?” Your “employer?” Your spouse or significant other?

They might help… but they’re not the answer either. You’ll never find it in any of those places.

They say you never understand someone until you walk a mile in their shoes. But you really never understand yourself until you do the same thing, and look back at yourself. From someone else’s perspective.

What you might take for granted as “not very special” is the very same thing others might consider a godsend.

Want to change your value? Change your perspective. Because you already have it. You must now believe it — with conviction — wherever you go.

That’s when you see a profound shift.


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  • Ronnie

    This is for me! I can’t thank you enough. This resonates with me on a higher level than anything I have ever come across.

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