How Do You Pick The Right Dream For You, Then Live It?

How Do You Pick The Right Dream For You, Then Live It?

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Short answer? You try stuff. It’s never a straight line. Rather, it’s a journey.

Usually, you won’t know you’re living your dream until AFTER you try it. And here’s how you’ll be able to tell:

Once you’re living your dream, the word “vacation” won’t be something you think about very much, because you’ll create a life you love. You’ll have a life you don’t want to escape from.

Unfortunately for the majority of the world — vacations are the number one thing they desire. Countless research and questionnaires prove it. They want to escape the monotony of their lives.

Now don’t get me wrong — traveling is GREAT.

Even if you ARE doing what you love, there’s nothing wrong with traveling to explore new places and get the most out of your life…

But all the highest-paid entrepreneurs I know — who love EVERY second of what they do — don’t care about vacations. If they travel, it’s to get MORE out of life. Not escape the monotony.

So, how does it work out that you get to spend your days doing stuff you love to do, AND getting paid handsomely for it?

Here’s the blunt truth:

You Have To Refuse
To Do Anything Else.

Now don’t misinterpret what I just said, because if you quit your job with no backup plan for income, you might be putting yourself or the people around you in danger.

You might have to work a 9-5 you despise in the short term… while hustling toward your dream from 5-12. That’s what I mean.

Because at first — it won’t work out.

And then it won’t work out some more.

And after that? It probably won’t work out again!

But here’s the 100% INEVITABLE truth:

If you stick with it long enough — you’ll figure out how to make it work. Guaranteed.

You simply must keep going.

You might’ve heard this before, but it’s worth repeating: most people quit too early.

Most people try three or four times, then they throw their arms up and go back to lives of quiet, comfortable desperation.

While most people try three times, you have to try at least 50 times. Or 100. And be willing to learn and grow and adapt the whole way through.

I can’t put into words how WORTH IT it will be to go through all those tries. Not only because you’ll get the life you dream of, but because of the person you won’t be able to become without it.

So that’s the FIRST reason so many people are obsessed with vacations — and so few live a life they DON’T want to escape.

Here’s the second reason:

Years Of Conditioning
About “Responsibility”

You’ve spent your days in school and maybe even spent ungodly amounts of money on college.

And what did you learn there?

All the things they claim are not possible, or realistic, or practical for you.

They claim you MUST live a life you dislike so badly, all you can think about are vacations. And then they call that being a “responsible” adult.

But when you put that definition of “responsible” under the microscope, what do you see?

Here’s what I see: misery, drudgery, and spiritual death.

When people buy into the idea that their dreams are impossible, unrealistic, or irresponsible… it takes a little bit of life out of them.

That hope and belief that you can live your dream — even if you’re not doing it right now — that’s what keeps that “spark” in your eyes alive.

Most people have that spark in their youth. But as they grow older — and get more “responsible” — they often lose that spark.

So Here’s THE Question (let’s put everything you ever learned about being “responsible” aside for a second):

Why do you think you love to do some things more than others?

Is it just so you can KNOW about those things? Then spend your limited time on the planet doing something completely different?

That’s IT? For the rest of your life? Here’s what I think:

Maybe your love of doing the things you love is a clue. A clue that you should work toward spending your life… well, actually doing the things you love!

Of course, that’s not the easiest path. No one will give it to you. You might have to fight for it. It probably won’t happen instantly.

But everyone I know who’s done it? 100% of them would do it again if they had to relive their lives.

It starts with making the decision to refuse to settle for anything else. No matter what. After you make that decision, there’s only ONE more question you need to answer:

How do you do what you love in a way where you add REAL value to other people?

That’s a heavy question. Maybe not one you can answer in a day. But once you figure it out, you’ll never need another day of vacation in your life.

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