Why You Need Motivational Quotes On Your Canvas Wall Art

Why You Need Motivational Quotes On Your Canvas Wall Art


When faced with a personal crisis - or a global pandemic - our natural instinct is to dwell on the crisis more than anything else. Fear and negative emotions hijack our minds, and anxiety becomes our unwelcome voiceover. That is where the superpowers of motivational quotes sweep in to save the day in the form of canvas wall art inspiration.

Your in-house coach


You are stuck at home on lockdown or self-isolation - caged in your box of four walls. Now, more than ever, those four walls need to host your muse, your motivation, and your reason for getting up in the morning. Fortunately, we have what it takes, for as long as it takes: motivational quotes artistically and creatively displayed on wall art. Ideas stimulate ideas and quotes in your line of sight spark the first ideas. They become your personal motivational coach at the ready. 

If motivational posters could work for Sue Heck in ‘The Middle,’ then ‘what the heck,’ they can work for you as well. Nothing could keep her down, and we believe the power of words on canvas wall art - in the form of motivational quotes - will be the catalyst to keep you going, surviving and thriving in dark times. We all need a philosophy of ‘No negative thoughts allowed’ and ‘I can and I will’ displayed as visual reminders around our spaces. 

Your in-house shrink

There is unique psychology behind motivational quotes about which psychologist and motivation expert, Jonathan Fader, PhD, says the following: ‘There’s a little bit of implicit coaching that’s happening when you’re reading it. It’s building that self-efficacy in that kind of dialogue that you’re having with yourself.’ You need to listen to these voices in your head. 

Your environment has an outstanding effect on your thoughts, whether you are aware of it or not. As you sit on your couch, work at your desk, or dream in your bed, motivational quotes on canvas wall art become your daily inspiration and pick-me-up - keeping you aligned and inspired. We are saluting them as ‘little triumphs of rhetoric.’ [Gwen Moran]

Your in-house reminder

Motivational quotes are a weapon - holding the secret power to affirm and validate what you already know about your id and ego, but are quick to forget. 

When tempted to give up, wall art boldly sends a message; ‘Don’t Quit!’

When you feel out of control, canvas art reminds you thatThe World is Yours!’

When your dreams seem unreachable and leave you paralysed, canvas art steps in and shakes your resolve with these words: ‘Stop Dreaming and Start Doing!

And when negative naysayers and fake news penetrate your existence through the incessant noise of social media, motivational wall art gets #goodvibes.

You see - it is already working. 

Canvas art motivational quotes are way more than pithy sayings. They are the constant and much necessary inspiration and affirming voice in your ear. #Socialdistancing and #lockdown cannot remove their influence! 

Your in-house supplier

Inktuitive is your one-stop online shop for the widest range of motivational and inspirational canvas art. Get your fingers scrolling through our collections - the act itself will subtly motivate, refocus and inspire you to do what you need to do every day: BE YOU. DO YOU. FOR YOU.

Our artwork is much more than a beautiful picture on your wall - it is the means to awaken your drive, confidence, passion and motivation every day!

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