Why Struggling Is So Damn GOOD For You And How To Feel Amazing About It

Why Struggling Is So Damn GOOD For You And How To Feel Amazing About It

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If you’re a human who is alive, you’re probably struggling in some area of life.

Maybe it’s with your finances. Maybe your relationships or health. Or maybe it’s something more subtle and specific to you.

No matter what it is… one thing is always true:

When you’re struggling and striving to achieve at the same time, that struggle can sabotage you.

Presenting yourself as an expert — or even thinking of yourself as a high achiever who can get the things you want — doesn’t feel like it quite “matches up” when you’re struggling.

It can make aligning with your highest goals feel inauthentic. So maybe you put them off another year.

And for good reason:

That struggle is overwhelming, right? It’s right in front of you. You’re forced to deal with it every day, reminding you about how "far ahead” everyone else is.

And your goals, hopes, and dreams? You’re not forced to deal with those at ALL…

If you don’t consciously take steps every day toward them, they’ll feel less and less “realistic” to you as time goes on. And if you don’t know of anyone who’s overcome YOUR particular struggle and achieved exactly what YOU want, your dreams will feel even less achievable.

The YouTube entrepreneurs and Instagram influencers with perfectly staged lives only add to the feeling that — because of your particular struggle — the life of your dreams will take longer. Or require more work. Or for whatever reason, you have to put that dream off. Because it seems no one else has that struggle but you.

The simple fact that we’re struggling gives us a lot of reasons to avoid getting the life we want.

But those reasons are ALL based on illusion.

Here’s The Truth:

It’s just the opposite.

For every single person who has achieved exceptional levels of wealth, health, status, or any other area of their life…

Their biggest struggle has ALWAYS ended up being their biggest gift.

Their deepest wounds become the things they’re paid the MOST money for.

The person who struggled with finances ends up being most helpful to others who struggle with their finances. The person who struggles with confidence helps others develop confidence.

The funny part is — often those people are STILL struggling with their challenge. At least on some level.

BUT they’re getting paid for it at the same time, because they can figure out how to offer value better than anyone who hasn’t struggled at those things.

If you let the imposter syndrome get to you, you’ll think you couldn’t possibly make money with the very thing you’ve struggled with.

But the truth is… you’re the most qualified person for that job.


Because you understand the struggle better than anyone else.

The person who’s never struggled with anything — whether they’re an Instagram influencer or not — can’t really relate to anyone who does.

So their value on that subject is limited.

But if you’ve struggled a lot, you have deep reference experiences for what it feels like. And that’s valuable. It’s worth LOTS of money. You simply have to re-frame how you look at your struggle.

Contrary to the messages we are fed daily, no one is perfect. And perfect isn’t even a goal worth pursuing.

Being valuable to other people is. Because that’s how you grow wealthy. And it’s what makes life worth living, too.

So embrace the struggle. Your struggle is giving you exactly what you need right now to live the life you want — and it’s more valuable than any course from a “guru” you could buy.

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