The Illusion of 'Further Along in Life': How to Unlock Your Inherent Power

The Illusion of 'Further Along in Life': How to Unlock Your Inherent Power

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Most people have spent years expending emotional energy, wishing they were further along in life, business, or their goals.

Almost everyone shares this sentiment. I felt it daily when I started out in business, and honestly, it's a frustrating experience.

Some argue that this feeling is positive, signifying commitment, motivation, or hunger. However, they are sorely mistaken.

Yearning to be further ahead in life merely entrenches you in a personal struggle, a self-imposed prison.


Because this desire misleads you into believing there's a "further along in life" when, in reality, there isn't.

A New Perspective in a Few Seconds

It only takes a fleeting moment to progress "further along in life" than your current position.

It may sound far-fetched, but soon, you'll recognize its practicality and feasibility.

Remember your school days? You were taught "how the world works." They presented you with facts and figures, suggesting the world is static and society immutable.

They dictated the way the world operates, emphasizing your need to adapt, to "fit in" with the existing structure, lest you fail.

Their teachings encouraged you to conform, to painstakingly navigate the ladder of success, governed by society's ever-shifting rules.

Unmasking the Deception

This method effectively ensured children never unearth their innate power and potential.

They advised pursuing a solid education, securing a reputable job, managing finances wisely, and climbing the corporate ladder—earning success incrementally.

Sadly, even entrepreneurs sometimes harbor this limiting belief.

However, schools omitted one pivotal detail, perhaps out of fear you might achieve greatness.

The Genuine Secret (Not the Film)

This secret unlocks your inherent power.

They never emphasized your innate capacity to envision and manifest your desired reality, whether you attribute this to the Universe, your subconscious, or any belief system.

They shied away from the truth: that you can understand and determine a process without prior knowledge of its execution.

That acknowledging a potential solution ensures you'll eventually discern it.

Ironically, they conditioned you to dread failure, even when failure is often the truest teacher about the world's dynamics.

Unconditional Empowerment

They never conveyed that success isn't contingent on top grades.

You weren't required to heed every word from teachers or comply with every classroom norm to achieve greatness.

The silver lining? This immense power is accessible, irrespective of your age.

It's perpetually present, albeit concealed.

Seize this power, and you can consistently advance in life, whenever you wish.

Harnessing Creativity: The Unsung Hero

Schools seldom celebrated creativity. If you displayed a natural flair for it, the system often suppressed it, falsely portraying it as irrelevant to success.

In truth, creativity is paramount for realizing your innermost aspirations.

Carving your path through creativity is straightforward:

  1. Define your goals.
  2. Visualize your accomplishments daily, focusing on vivid, evolving details.
  3. Navigate life alertly, anticipating your envisioned reality.
  4. Obtain environmental feedback and adapt accordingly.

Persist in this routine, and your aspirations will manifest.

Realize that there isn't a predefined path in life, only the potent power you possess to shape your destiny. Utilize it or neglect it—the choice is yours.

To the skeptics, I hear your reservations:

"Rich, this is fanciful and impractical. We should adhere to 'proven strategies and success protocols' as outlined by renowned institutions..."

My aim isn't to sway you. Some truths demand intrinsic belief before they unveil themselves.

My sincere wish is for the societal conditioning, which has barricaded your mind against alternatives to mediocrity, to eventually dissipate.

Because only when you truly believe can you perceive the reality.

Such is the magnitude of your prowess. Remarkable, isn't it?

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