This ‘Underrated Business Asset’ Will Multiply Your Wealth  & Win You The Success You Desire.

This ‘Underrated Business Asset’ Will Multiply Your Wealth & Win You The Success You Desire.

Here’s How To Use It:

The root of all business success—no matter what industry you’re in…

…comes down to ONE tragically misunderstood word.

If you know how this word works, you’ll get an unfair advantage in your market.

It’ll be your most valuable asset—the one MOST responsible for multiplying your wealth into the future…

This word is the single greatest skill that makes people successful, influential and prosperous.

Yet, sadly… most people avoid this word—at their own peril. Well-meaning entrepreneurs reject it like the plague…

It’s like an open treasure chest, just sitting there full of riches—that everyone just ignores.

That avoidance stems from a severe misunderstanding—a delusion that hampers your income, your potential, and your future success.

So let’s talk about it.

What’s the word I’m speaking of?


People who know how to sell—know how to succeed. Period.

If you don’t embrace selling, you’re making your path to success THOUSANDS of times harder…

And if you don’t feel comfortable selling… or feel repelled by that word in any way… you want to pay special attention to this article…

We’re about to get rid of any ‘icky’ feelings you have about selling—by exposing you to the 100% honest truth about it…

Because—as you’ll see in a second—salespeople are the unsung heroes of our modern world. Despite the bad rap they get…

And not only that—everyone is a natural-born salesperson! You are too. Even if you don’t realize it, or aren’t using sales to your advantage just yet… you’ll soon be able to.

Because—Here’s Our Promise:

When you’re finished reading this, you’ll LOVE selling. Even if you despise it right now.

You’ll be excited to start using it to enrich your life and income, too.

Don’t believe us? Only one way to find out: Read on.

To begin, let’s get rid of the lie that…

Selling Is EVIL.

If you feel queasy or nervous at the thought of selling…

…the underlying misunderstanding you have is that selling is WRONG.

Some people think selling is synonymous with dishonesty…

Or with pressuring people to do something they don’t want to do…

After all—if you really had a product people wanted… why would you need to sell them on it?  Wouldn’t you just show it to them… and they’d automatically buy it?

Absolutely NOT!
Here’s Why:

Even if your customers have the desire to buy your product…

…research proves most people STILL won’t make a purchase until they feel more confidence in their buying decision.

That means they need you to explain how your product will meet their unique needs…

…or how the “technical” details of the product translate to improving their lives. They can’t—or won’t—figure that out on their own…

They need to feel like they’re making a safe decision by purchasing…which means they need to feel understood.

And often, your customers won’t even realize how much they actually WANT your product or service—until someone sits down and educates them on how amazing it is!

Those are just a few of the ways salespeople make the world go around.

Even on the off chance your product does “sell itself”, good sales skills can DOUBLE or TRIPLE your results.

Selling is the backbone of any business—and of the global economy. It’s THAT important.

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The Definition Of “Selling”

This definition comes from Dan Sullivan—and it’s the best one we know of:

Selling is getting someone intellectually engaged in a bigger future result that’s good for them… and getting them to emotionally commit to take action to achieve that result.

Now—if you take out the “good for them” part, selling very well COULD be evil…

But here’s why it’s still not:

Any seasoned salesperson will tell you: when you’re certain that what you’re selling is going to help the person you’re selling to… you’ll naturally do a WAY better job of selling it.

This is human nature.

For example:

Martin Luther King got people emotionally engaged in a future result, and got them to take action.

By our definition, he was a great salesman. One of the best!

Same with Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, and Mahatma Gandhi. They were ALL exceptional salespeople—who changed the world with their sales messages.

The truth is—you’ll get much wealthier, much faster from selling something that actually helps people.

More on how to leverage this in a moment…

For now, remember:

Claiming selling is evil, bad, or wrong…
Is like saying OXYGEN is evil, bad or wrong.

Just like no living thing can survive without oxygen—no business, country, or economy can survive without sales.

If every salesperson took a month off from selling at the same time… our economy would collapse.

It would be financial chaos. People would lose jobs by the millions.

Sales makes it ALL work. It makes money, products, and economies move!

If you eliminate salespeople…

…you eliminate the very forces that keep our businesses, and global economies, ALIVE.

Not only that, but…

Salespeople Are The
Reason We LEARN.

Most people learn what it is they know about cars, financial tools, computers, tech or anything else…

…MORE from salespeople than they do from school.

Salespeople are incentivized to make sure you know about what they’re selling. And that’s a GOOD thing! They’re educating the world.

Think about all the amazing things you know in life—that you learned because you went to a store, or watched a video… and a salesperson told you about it.

Salespeople are the carriers of messages all over the world. Why? Because they’re the most incentivized to do so!

Every significant thing that has ever happened in mankind—came because someone was incentivized to sell it.

That makes salespeople the real unsung heroes of the world!

Now--if that’s true…

Why Do So Many People
Think Selling Is BAD?

The problem is—selling only gets labeled as “selling” when it’s done POORLY.

So—if someone went to a used car lot… and the salesperson tried to pressure them into something they didn’t want…

…that person will curse the salesman for trying to “sell” them.

But that’s mislabeling it. What they experienced wasn’t selling. It was BAD selling! And that’s an important distinction…

We don’t even notice GOOD selling when it’s happening to us—because we’re so caught up in how awesome it is!

Good selling just feels like an interesting, engaging conversation—that ends with a purchase.

And that’s how this negative view of selling is unrightfully spread…

The only time selling even gets called out as “selling”… is when the salesman totally sucks at it!

If the only time we called someone a “doctor” was when they mis-diagnosed you with a bogus illness, then prescribed you the wrong medication…

…we’d view doctors as bad, too.

All that said…

This Is GOOD
News For You:

You don’t need to worry about coming across as an annoying salesperson.

When you’re truly GOOD at selling, people won’t even notice you’re doing it! They’ll only feel compelled to buy from you.

How do you become good at selling?

EASY. First, remember this:

People LOVE To Be Sold,
But HATE To Be Pressured.

When you’re educating someone—and offering them something they really want—they’ll feel good about it. It will feel FUN to them.

Selling is NOT pressuring. Pressuring is what desperate people do. Pressuring does not sell products or make anyone wealthy.

Education DOES. Seeking to help your prospects FIRST does, too. So ask them LOTS of questions.

Find out about THEM before you talk about your product or service. Show you care about helping them—not just taking their money.

From there, selling will be EASY for you. Because—just like everyone on this planet…

You’re Naturally
Good At Sales!

See—anything that comes out of my mouth, your mouth, or ANYONE’S mouth…

…is designed to either attract someone to do something you want them to do… or repel them.

That’s selling.

If you’ve ever gone to a movie, read a book, or ate at a restaurant…and then you recommended that book, restaurant, or movie to another person…

…and then that person actually took your advice on it?

Congratulations! You’ve successfully made a sale!

If you’re anti-selling, or claim you’re no good at selling… all you’re doing is selling yourself on the idea that you can’t sell.

And you appear to be pretty good at it!

Everyone was born good at sales:

Type the words “Linda Listen” into YouTube. It’s a video of a three-year-old kid selling his mom on giving him cupcakes…

And that kid is a MASTER salesman!

His mom didn’t give him cupcakes in the video—but his sales skills landed him on the Ellen DeGeneres show, where Ellen gave him hundreds of them.

Mission accomplished!

Just like the “Linda Listen” kid, everyone started out with a natural ability to persuade.

The problem is—we get discouraged from it as we go through school and get older. And we lose that amazing, lucrative ability.

It’s a shame…

Most of the people who have lost touch with their ability to sell—are also the ones complaining about selling, giving it a bad rap.

But here’s what those people don’t realize:

Everything that exists in the world that they benefit from—from light bulbs, to houses, to chairs, to cars, to the music they listen to…

…some salesperson was incentivized to create it, or make it available to them!

It’s indisputable that…

Selling Is The Root Of ALL GOOD
In The World!

If there were no incentive to sell things, there would be no jobs in our economy.

All the products and services you love would be gone.

When you realize this and embrace selling, things become a LOT easier!

Nothing happens in business without sales. It’s a completely natural part of commerce. It NEEDS to happen to make money—and products or services—move.

We’re almost finished—but I can hear one last objection coming from you…

So let’s tackle it.

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“But I Don’t Want To
Coerce Or Manipulate People!”

It’s true. Selling CAN be coercion, manipulation, persuasion… or whatever you want to call it…

But remember—we’re all manipulating each other all the time. All day long.

Don’t believe me?

If you’ve ever worked a new job, and you bought fresh new clothes to give your boss the impression that you were ‘on top’ of things—that’s persuasion.

If you didn’t want to persuade, you would have worn sweatpants to work. And you wouldn’t have showered, either.

If you’re a man, and you’ve ever bought a woman flowers, or said something to impress her—you tried to persuade her.

Be honest—did you really care about the flowers? We didn’t think so. It’s an action you took solely to shape her opinion of you.

If you’re a woman, and you’ve ever worn makeup or put effort into your hairdo to impress a man or anyone else—that’s persuasion, too.


Persuasion is simply doing something to make other people take the actions, or think the thoughts, or feel the feelings,  you want them to.

We all strive to control other peoples’ perceptions of things all the time…

EVERYONE does it. It’s just that some people don’t like to admit they do it. But no one on earth is above it.

Besides—if you want to do the MOST possible good in the world…

It’s NOT An Option To Avoid
Selling & Persuasion.

Even if you set aside all the success it can bring you…

You should learn it for the simple fact that—if you didn’t know it, you wouldn’t be able to recognize when it’s happening to YOU. It will affect your ability to make the right decisions.

You’ll be susceptible to people who are doing it to you for dishonest reasons.

What makes selling evil—has nothing to do with the “tactics” you use.

It has EVERYTHING to do with whether you’re trying to sell someone on something that is NOT in that person’s best interest.

If you’ve tried selling before and hated it—
this is probably why.

It wasn’t the selling that you hated. It was WHAT you were selling.

If what you’re offering is not legitimately, inherently valuable… or you don’t believe it is…

…you need get a new offer. ASAP. Don’t sell things that don’t help people. Those things are miserable to sell anyway!

Shape up your business model. There are MILLIONS of products and services you can offer that will truly make the world a better place.

Get into something you believe with conviction is doing good in the world—and we guarantee your sales will go up.


You Have A
Mental Barrier…

…to selling things that don’t help others. It will always come out.

Everyone knows they shouldn’t be committing crimes. Everyone knows they shouldn’t be harming people. Even sociopaths know that deep down…

And deep down, you’ll know if you’re not really helping other people by selling a bad product or service.

When you get to a point where you strongly desire to change peoples’ lives…

…and you feel with conviction that your product or service is making the world a better place…

…you’ll automatically LOVE selling. Guarantee it.

You’ll become above-and-beyond awesome at it. You’ll take JOY in it.

That’s how humans work:

We love to educate people about things that will help them.

In fact—if what you’re selling truly makes their lives better…

…you’ll realize it’s your DUTY to make sure they know all about it. That’s when avoiding selling becomes downright immoral.

You’ll speak with conviction. People will FEEL your energy…

They’ll fork over their money to you with rabid enthusiasm. And they’ll LOVE you for taking it!

THAT, my friend, is the best way to become rich.

But It All Starts
With Your Conviction…

When you’re inspired and energized, selling becomes a thousand times easier.

People feel it coming from you. It’s contagious—it skyrockets your sales and income.

That’s exactly why we create stunning canvas wall art…

To keep that energy alive, by reminding you why you’re doing it—day-in, day-out.

To motivate you to sell with passion… and create massive success for yourself.

If this post helped you embrace selling… the next step is to develop the conviction to start doing it—so you can turn your dreams into reality.

So browse our store—we specifically designed every piece to help fuel you on your path to greatness.

Find a piece that speaks to you—and invest in it. If you take it seriously, we personally promise it will make a huge difference to you when you’re achieving your destiny.

To Your Success,

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