The Tragic Death Of The Information Age (And Birth Of The NEW Era Of Success & Abundance)

The Tragic Death Of The Information Age (And Birth Of The NEW Era Of Success & Abundance)

Photo by Joshua Sortino

Draw the curtains. Get out your hymnal books. Start the organ music. And have a thick wad of tissue in hand so you don’t sob too much… (Also, pour yourself some wine.)

Let’s finally call it: The tragic death of the information age is upon us.

See, for years it was widely assumed that “information” was all you needed in order to have the life you want to live…

If you only knew how to start a business…

If you only had “the secret cheat code" to losing belly fat…

If you only understood the information those “successful” people know… well, then you could have it all!

But now?

Information Is Everywhere.
We Literally Can’t Get Away From It.

Good information. Bad information. Misinformation. Disinformation. Empirical information. Subjective and objective information. Information overload.

Information is coming out of our ears!

If you’re oriented toward self-development in any way — it’s probably even worse for you. Books, ebooks, seminars, forums, Facebook groups, video programs, courses…

What more information could you possibly need?

You don’t need more information from me! You have a ton of it packed into that head of yours.

That’s why it’s finally time for us to call…

The Death Of
The Information Age

So let’s pay our condolences to the bereaved — and move onto something better, shall we?

What’s going to help you achieve your dreams most next is not going to be MORE information.

It’s going to be a very specific feeling…

It’s the feeling you get when you take all the information that has been crammed into your head, and lower it into your heart, and into your gut. So you can actually use it.

So that instead of going about the world operating from your head with all kinds of whirling and twirling thoughts pulling you in every direction, your actions come from your body. It comes from your soul. It comes from your very being.

And trust me, there’s a huge difference:

There’s something that down-shifts from your head into your body when you are LIVING the information you’ve consumed. You can feel it. It’s the feeling of information transforming into action.

After that happens, it’s not the same as it was when you learned it in the “head” sense. Instead, you’ve embodied it. And you’ve made it yours. You’ve made it YOU.

It’s not just information anymore. It’s a certain way of being. And that’s what most of us need right now. Not more information.

If You Can Get Good At This,
Your Life Will Be Objectively Better

You’ll try more things. You’ll fail more, but it won’t matter. Because you’ll have stopped living from your head all the time.

This dying information age is plaguing us with negative thoughts… And negative thoughts are like bees buzzing around your head. They distract you.

For example, let’s say you try something — maybe a business, or you ask someone out — and it fails. You get rejected. What happens when you’re living from your head?

That failure pushes you further into your head. You get into your head, and you go, “Well, that sucked. That failure just reinforced that I suck.”

And this negative thought buzzes around your head like an annoying bee. And one bee circling around your head is kind of a nuisance…

But if you have 3 or 4 bees circling around your head, that’s your whole world until they get out of there. It doesn’t matter what else is going on — the only thing you can think about or concentrate on is that.

And these bees are circling around in your head — these thoughts build upon thoughts — they escalate. And you slink down. You think, “Yeah I’m not good enough obviously and I don’t know what I’m doing, and this is stupid, and I feel awkward…”

And the thoughts jump on top of the thoughts, and they accelerate, and this swarm of bees goes around your head…

And you can’t escape it.

So there’s a whole doctrine out there that says:

“Change Your Thoughts,
And Your Life Will Change.”

But sometimes those thoughts are faster than you are. You can’t outrun the bees. You run and run, and they keep circling perfectly around your head.

So — how then do you take this knowledge you have in your head, and down-shift it into your body?

So that you’ve integrated the information into your BEING — and now you’re speaking and acting from the way you FEEL as opposed to from the way you think?

The action becomes, “I feel this. That’s all I know.”

And from that place, it’s a lot more authentic. It’s sincere. You almost can’t get rejected or fail when you do that.

That’s why the information age is done. We don’t want information anymore…

We Want Transformation

We want to take the information we’ve accumulated, and EMBODY it. So that we can feel it. So the world can feel it.

So you’re living it. And everyone can feel what you stand for when you enter a room. Because your feet are firmly planted in your life’s purpose.

We think all we need is the right information. The right knowledge to get us to our goals. But what’s missing from the pure pursuit of information? It’s…

The Sense Of Journey

Everything in most peoples’ lives is a loop. We have a job, we do the job, we get a promotion, and it’s just a slightly different loop from before.

We start a relationship, it ends after 2.5 years, and it loops back. Then we get another relationship just like the one before, but slightly different.

And we don’t have the sense that we’re on a progressive move — a sense of journey into the exciting future. But life is better when we have a sense of transcendence in the direction we want to go.

You know the feeling you get when a birthday comes around? And you go, “Jeez, I can’t believe it’s here again. A year flew by.”

You blow out the candles, and it’s a celebration. But…

Do You Really
Feel Celebration?

Yes, you’re nodding your head and smiling as everybody sings to you. But inside, most people feel a little knotted.

The anxiety of this year that flew by. What did you do with it? It’s a sense of angst. The year just flew by. I’m already another year older…

I’ve heard stories of high-level executives who quit their cushy corporate jobs for that very reason. One in particular had to give two months notice before leaving because of his high position in the company.

He was an executive. And leaving his job shocked and scared him like you couldn’t imagine. Because he was going into nothing…

And in that two months, he recalled, he would lay in his bed with tears streaming down his eyes. “What did I do??”  He thought…

He gave up that full ride pension. All the benefits. Medical, dental… it was all gone. And he was scared. But he’s never looked back since quitting.

He eventually started his own business doing what he wanted and traveling the world. It wasn’t easy though. There were many struggles. But incredibly — the side-effect of all this was that when birthday came around again, the knot feeling was gone.

It was just another day.

When you’re on a REAL journey in life, you don’t feel that angst because another year went by.

You don’t have that twinge of anxiety in your heart when you are on your path.

Maybe you still don’t have it all figured out. Maybe you don’t have full confidence. And you don’t know what your next step is, but you know that you are taking steps to…

Live A Life Of Excellence.

To GET somewhere. And to make excellent memories doing it.

That’s all you know.

So if you truly want change — and by now you probably do, or you wouldn’t be reading this — the very last thing you need is more information. Information can’t save you. It’s going to take everything you’ve got and more.

And the more I hear stories of people who have done great things, the more I truly believe this:

Every Great Life Has Had In It
A Great Renunciation

We think we can just put some motivational memes on Instagram. “Like” some quotes on Facebook. Do some affirmations. Read another book.

It will help. But it’s not enough.

The most pivotal moments of your life will be the ones where you reinvent yourself completely.

You will consciously choose to have a new way of thinking. A new persona. A new path. By sheer force of will.

In fact, I believe you should reinvent everything about yourself every decade or so.

We think we have it all figured out. You just have to save some money. You just have to get ready for the future. You have to prepare, and seek security…

But you know what? It wasn’t too long ago that people just like you went to sea in archaic wooden ships.

And they didn’t get medical insurance before they went.

They had no safety guarantee. No assurance. No security.

But They Went Anyway.

They followed the romance of their hearts, and said “I gotta go do this thing.”

There was no safety net for them.

You might say, “Oh, I backpacked around Europe for six months so I know what that’s like.” But that’s not the same. You were just traveling from ATM to ATM.

You don’t need to risk your life anymore to feel this. You need to cultivate that sense of moving through life in a state of adventure.

And then we have this other very common excuse: “I would try to reach my dreams... but I have trauma and issues from childhood that are preventing me from doing so.”

And that’s valid…

But in all of history, have there ever been good childhoods?

In every generation and culture before us — fathers have been dragged off to war. Mothers couldn’t feed their children. Brothers and sisters died from dysentery or gangrene or polio. Natural disasters wiped out entire continents.

Childhoods throughout all of history were nasty, brutish, and short. They’ve always been traumatic…

And yet we’re the only generation that dwells and contemplates and tries to resolve it before we do anything else?

Of course, you SHOULD try and resolve it. Our understanding of psychology has come a long way in recent decades. And we’ve got a long way to go, too.

But if you’re using it as an excuse to avoid having forward momentum in your life, that’s not a valid reason.

All the generations before you knew full well they were abused, abandoned, betrayed, hurt, shot, stabbed, and double-crossed by the world.

They consciously decided to…

Leave All That Behind
And Find Out What They Were Made Of.

I’m not trying to diminish thoughtful and helpful therapy or counseling. But when we use it as our crutch — our excuse -- and we see ourselves as a victim, that’s when you know it’s time to stop consuming information that’s telling you any of that is limiting you.

Because that vile, mean authority figure from your childhood who hurt you in some way can NOT touch you now. You’re an adult. With full control over what you do.

Many of us keep that trauma-induced energy and sadness as a THEME — it runs as a thread through our whole lives.

Everybody has it to an extent. Some more than others. You can even find Elon Musk interviews that reveal he has a theme of sadness from childhood.

I do, and you probably do too.

But the great thing is — you integrate that as part of your whole. It becomes who you are, and you can…

Turn It Into
Something Powerful:

That thread of sadness is what makes you emotional at a sunset. Or a work of art. Or music that gives you goosebumps. That comes from the sadness of your life.

That’s why art has any value and traction with you.

So you embrace it. It’s totally okay to say “Yeah. I’m not completely on top of my game. I have work to do. But at least I’m here. I’m showing up.”

No matter what — there’s one role you can play that no one can take away from you, if you wish to assume it:

You Are A Student Of Life.

You can give yourself that label right now because you’re here. That’s the only way you can move forward to understand your path, and assume a role of excellence.

When you’re a student of life, you’re dynamic with the things you want in life. You’re trying to find that energy of you moving forward instead of looping around.

In fact, becoming a student of life is what allows you to get out of all these loops.

You can call yourself right now, a student of life. And that’s absolutely 100% true. And no one can take that away from you. You’ve arrived!

Because when you’re a student of life, if you took a risk — and it didn’t work out? Instead of thoughts circling your head like bees about what that means about YOU… instead tell yourself:

“Well hey — I’m trying to be dynamic and interesting. I wanted to find out what would happen. Because I’m a student of life. I want to understand my role on this earth.”

No one can say to you, “Well, no you’re not. I reject that.”

That can’t be rejected. It’s the absolute truth.

You can go home, look in the mirror, and review all your failures. And say, “That’s okay. Because I’m a student of life.”

No one can take that paradigm away or diminish it from you. Ever.

That’s the only thing you need to say to yourself from this point on. And the trick to doing this is to…

Do Everything With
Child-Like Sincerity

Sincerity is the key word. Because the child you once were was sincere. That kid meant well.

AndI I have the belief that you are sincere now. You still have that inside you.

You really want to be engaging, kind to people, find somebody to love you, or start something big and amazing that makes you wealthy, or even if you just want be a cool and interesting person…

It’s all about approaching the world with sincerity.

If you’re sincerely trying to engage with life, and you get rejected, you can forgive yourself of everything. Because you were sincere.

Forgiveness is huge. Every seeming “mistake" you made can be forgiven as long as you’re sincere and honest in your intentions.

And that gives you the power to try anything.

Here’s The Final Nail In The
Coffin Of The Information Age:

How many portraits or vintage photographs of random people from the 1800s have you seen before? Maybe hanging on a restaurant wall. Or in a book. Or at your grandmother’s house.

We don’t tend to think very much about those photos. Do we?

But that was a person. That person lived a whole life. They probably had talents. Maybe they could whistle. Maybe they could knit. Maybe they fell in love with someone or had dreams or goals that may or may not have been accomplished.

Maybe they had untold tragedy in their lives. Or maybe they loved living to the fullest. They could have been the most popular person in their friend group.

None of that matters today. Forgotten. All of it.

All of that person’s talents, dreams — everything. It means nothing to us now.

And That’s Us.

100 years from now, no one’s going to remember that you tried to do something and didn’t succeed. No one will care that you were fed misinformation or disinformation or that someone from the government lied or that our news feeds kept all of us in an information bubble.

It won’t matter to those people a lick.

Maybe they’ll know about someone like Elon Musk, if he even succeeds in what he’s doing in his businesses. But they won’t remember the details.

He’ll be turned into some stylized historical figure like Henry Ford was, and only the people who really dive into his biography 100 years from now will know that he purchased Twitter.

So you have enough information. The next evolution is to fight for that energy. The energy of YOU going on your journey. Embodying your purpose. Making the most of your life right now. And making it epic.

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