The Eccentric Billionaire’s “Green Shirt” Secret To Achieving Your Life’s Greatest Desires

The Eccentric Billionaire’s “Green Shirt” Secret To Achieving Your Life’s Greatest Desires

Photo by Diana Parkhouse

Let’s imagine for a moment that I am an eccentric billionaire. And you are my protege—who is managing the most important parts of my business empire. We have a wonderful relationship.

And one day, as your mentor, I decide to teach you the most important lesson that I’ve ever learned in my life. This lesson, I tell you, is the #1 reason I amassed my billions. And now I am passing it on to you.

This lesson is all about the biggest shortcut to being successful in business and life I know — allowing you to accomplish anything you desire. Now this lesson is so important that I’ve decided I will teach it to you in a very special place, at a very special time — so you’ll ALWAYS remember it.

I invite you to join me in Tokyo for the delayed 2020 Summer Olympics. I fly you out to Tokyo, and when the games begin, you and I take our seats in the private suite I’ve secured from a business connection.

It’s a beautiful day. Sunny, 75 degrees. And the whole stadium is buzzing with excitement. As everyone’s waiting for the opening ceremony, I say to you just before it all begins:

“Let’s just take this moment to show you the most important lesson that I believe I can teach you. And in teaching you this lesson, I want to test your observational skills.”

So I walk you over to the edge of our private box suite:

“I’m going to give you a ten-second test. And when that test is over, I’m going to ask what you observed about the crowd in front of us. And I’m going to give you $100,000 for every correct answer. Ready?”

“Sure,” you say. I click my stopwatch, and you…

Study The WHOLE Stadium:

You don’t know what question I’m about to ask, so you’re looking at the sprawling Japanese venue, you’re looking at the audience, you’re looking at the exits, you’re looking at the roof, you’re looking at everything you can possibly can try to observe.

Okay, ten seconds up! Ready for the $100,000 question?

“How many green shirts did you notice?”

You reply, “Well gee, I was looking at the whole scene… I didn’t really notice any green shirts in particular…”

“Just what I thought. Let’s try it twice. Second time’s a charm! I’ll give you ten seconds. And remember — for each green shirt you can point out to me from here, you will earn $100,000.”



You begin to madly count the green shirts. I see that you’re actually counting. I hit my stopwatch.

“Fantastic! You just spotted THIRTY green shirts.”

That’s 3 Million Dollars. All Yours!

So what’s the point of all this? Let me ask you a question. Why—in a perfect side-by-side test would we go from zero, to wild, outrageous success?

In the first test - you didn’t spot a single green shirt, but with the same eyesight, the same IQ, all the same conditions, you became wildly successfulYou spotted 30 green shirts and won 3 million dollars.

I turn to you and say, “Don’t you understand what just happened?”

You say, “Yeah, I just made three million dollars. That's great!”

I say, “No - the lesson I’m trying to teach. Which is worth far more than the cool 3 million you just made:

The only reason you were successful the second time is because you didn’t see any green shirts until you INTENDED to see them.

Well, duh, you might say. But it’s actually very curious that this should happen. See, it was your same eyes looking at the same crowd. And for all intents and purposes, if we define success by how many green shirts were noticed…

You Were Completely Blind To Success 
Until You Had The Intention To See It.

A simple camera would have captured every single green shirt in its viewfinder. And yet your human brain on the first part of the test didn’t notice a single shirt until your intention was there. Why is that?

Because your brain is not a camera. It is instead the most magnificent, flexible, sophisticated and intelligent target-hunting organism in the history of this planet.

This is your inborn target-hunting ability. We all come predisposed with this. And you will revolutionize your power to achieve anything you want in life once you consciously engage your brain’s incredible target-hunting talents.

After all, your ancestors have spent 1.8 - 2 million years as hunter gatherers. The ONLY reason you are here is because your ancestors had to be good hunters. Their very survival depended on it. So all of our genetic makeup comes from millions of years surviving as a good hunter or gatherer — a good target-hunter.

Your Brain Is Incredibly 
Engaged Once It Has A Target.

If you don’t have a target — if you don’t have a green shirt you intend to see in life — then that incredible hunting ability you have is not being used. It’s just sitting on the shelf, collecting dust. What a shame! How does this apply to YOUR life?

What if — instead of the stadium — we said the marketplace? Or the gym? Or your relationship? And instead of “take ten seconds” we said, “take whatever time you need…”

And what if, instead of green shirts, we said: “Ways to serve your customer better”, or “Ideas for a million-dollar product that changes the world…”, or “New ways to level up my workout and get the edge…”, or “How am I going to have my own successful business and double my income within the next 5 years?

You fill in the blank. That’s the beautiful part about this process. While most people spend their days in fight or flight mode as the “prey” — the huntED — when there’s absolutely no logical reason for them to be in that state…

You And I Can Engage 
Our Minds As The Hunters 
To Get Whatever We Want:

We can hunt the way our ancestors really hunted — we can target specifically what we want to find, and all of a sudden the opportunities, just like the green shirts, pop up when they were totally invisible before.

“Now wait a minute. Are you telling me success in life is as simple and easy as having a target and using your brain to go after it every day?”

Simple? Yes. That’s exactly what I’m telling you. But easy? Maybe, maybe not. It depends on you. Because anybody can focus for ten seconds in a stadium — that’s easy. However, most goals you need to go after with prolonged intention and focus. You need to keep it up over time…

It gets a little more complicated when you’re keeping the focus on that goal over months or years as you try to move towards it. Simply because of all the competing priorities that pull on us every day.

They pull us away from our target. The emails and phone notifications. The fires that need to be put out. The problems we have to cope with in our different roles in life. That’s the biggest obstacle to focusing on ONE goal over time. But you have to admit: as far as obstacles go — that’s not the end of the world.

If we can just learn how to set the goal properly, and then keep our focus on it, you’ll have an enormous edge over everyone who doesn’t know this very simple secret to success.

(Power of Intention + Power of Focus) * Time = Success.

Frankly, that’s far from rocket science. And my hope for you is this:

If you don’t have a target already, I hope you set your target — whatever your “green shirt” is— today.

If you already have a target, I hope you double down on it. Remind yourself of it daily, and make it more important than any fleeting distraction.

Then, give yourself as long as you need to hunt it down — and make it yours.


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