Step-By-Step Guide: Turn Your Thoughts Into Money & Success

Step-By-Step Guide: Turn Your Thoughts Into Money & Success

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If you’re anything like me, when you were little you probably asked your parents something like:

“Why don’t we live in a mansion?”
And if your parents were anything like mine, they probably rolled their eyes, laughed like you were out of your mind — and said something like:
“No way, that’s not for us. We’re not the kind of people who do that.”

Now here’s the thing. For something to be true for you, you must be able to experience it. That’s how our amazing brains build the beliefs we have — the beliefs that govern how we act, think, feel, and go through our lives.

And this goes way deeper than you think. But the short answer is — if you want a mansion, you have to experience it first to know it’s possible for you. And if you only have $100 in your pocket, how are you going to experience a mansion?

That’s where your mind comes in. (And what our parents were missing.) Your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between ACTUAL experiences and imagination. Which is why — if you imagine a bad memory that happened in your life — you will start to feel bad, as if it were happening to you right now. Imagine a time when you were embarrassed and you’ll literally start to FEEL embarrassed.

Your Brain Can’t Tell
The Difference, Can It?

In the same way, if you imagine a good time you’ve had of laughter and joy, you’ll start to feel as if those good things were happening to you right now. Wanna see how far this can actually go?

It’s almost scary. Maxwell Maltz wrote in the book Psycho Cybernetics that all of us are ALWAYS hypnotized. You can’t not be hypnotized by something. Even as you’re reading this right now, you are hypnotized.

Yep. Sorry, you are. I don’t make the rules. And depending on how deep you are into hypnosis, you can get your brain to do…

Things That Will
Absolutely Shock You:

Maltz talked about an experiment where a hypnotist put a man into trance then told the man his finger was a hot, glowing-red poker. And as he touched the man with his finger, not only did the man recoil in pain, but a physical blistering burn sprung up on his skin — that didn’t go away for weeks.

It was just a finger. But to the man under hypnosis it was a searing, glowing, piping, red-hot poker. And it was SO real to him — his brain triggered a reaction from his lymphatic system to swell up the area touched by a man’s room-temperature finger.

Hypnosis can be some crazy stuff which is why it’s important to remember:

We Are ALL Hypnotized.
ALL The Time.

We are all exactly like that man who thought another man’s finger was a glowing-red poker. You can take world’s strongest man — and hypnotize him into thinking he can’t even pick up a three pound dumb bell. If he’s really hypnotized  he won’t be able to.

And you can also hypnotize a child into believing they’ll never be wealthy for the rest of their life. You can hypnotize an adolescent into believing they don’t have a chance of having the career they dream of — so they must settle for a mediocre one. And you can hypnotize a person of any age into believing they’ll never have a meaningful relationship.

And if it sticks? It’ll all become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Sadly—millions of people get hypnotized into these things. And they go through their whole lives without knowing it.

But Here’s The Good News:

Once you’re aware of this, you can hypnotize YOURSELF into whatever you want. Which means you can hypnotize yourself OUT of whatever you don’t want! As long as you know one thing: it’s up to YOU to re-hypnotize yourself. No one will do it for you. (Besides, maybe, a professional hypnotist. But you’ve gotta do the follow-up work.)

Now don’t get me wrong… I’m not one of those “Just imagine what you want—and it will magically come true!” …people. I’m not telling you that. You have to actually DO stuff to get what you want. Believing it is just the first step. But what I AM telling you is if you can’t even imagine it for yourself…

Going To Have It.

Imagining it is putting yourself into the only state of hypnosis that will allow you to GET it. So no matter what: if you want it — even if you think it can never be possible — play that visualization movie in your head. Imagine it happening to you, and see yourself making it happen.

Live in that end result, then come back to the now, and go forth to do it. Don’t worry yet about “how” you’re going to do it. If you visualize it often enough, your subconscious will come up with the ”how”.

Think about already being there. Act as if it’s reality, because I can guarantee you — if you can’t even imagine it — you will have a horrible time getting to where you want. If you can’t imagine yourself having a Ferrari at some point in your life, I can guarantee it won’t happen for you. If you can’t imagine yourself getting fit and being in the best shape of your life, I can guarantee that it won’t happen for you, either. If you can’t imagine yourself in your dream relationship? Yep. It’ll never, ever happen.

With that said, here are three big ideas you must install to re-hypnotize yourself to get what you want in life:

Big Idea #1:
Most People Can’t Think Big.

The majority of people who I went to college with said things like:

“I hope I can get a decent job when I graduate.”

And that’s, well, what they were thinking. Not even a GOOD job… just a “decent” job…

That is how the masses have been trained to think of their biggest plans for the one life they have: a “decent” job.

I still can’t get over how some people allow themselves to think that. In college, I also had a small number of other friends — who said things like:

“I”m going to start a business and become a millionaire.”

And you know what? Most of those friends accomplished that - or are already very close.

So here’s what we need to hypnotize ourselves out of. Most people have been trained to avoid thinking BIG. Some people were even taught it’s impolite to think big. Which is a total lie. And of course, again… there will be gobs more stuff you’ll need to do to be successful AFTER you think big. Otherwise, that’s called being delusional. BUT if you can’t even do the first step right?

There is NO HOPE.

If your biggest vision for yourself is just to find a “decent job”, like it is for most people, you literally cannot expect anything GREAT to happen. You aren’t even giving yourself a chance! So allow yourself to think big, it costs you no money to do—and it feels amazing.

And yeah—some people will laugh at you when you say your “big” goals out loud. But that’s just a barometer that tells you who’s a small thinker. If you ask me, the joke’s really on them!

Big Idea #2:
Value Yourself And
Believe In Yourself

I know that sounds super cliché… and I’m right there with ya. But this is only repeated so often because it’s one of the biggest problems plaguing humankind. And for all it’s repeated, no one ever really TALKS about it.

Most people don’t even entertain the thought that they can be making millions. Most people don’t think they deserve a dream relationship, and can’t even imagine themselves in one. They don’t think they deserve to be around successful people, or be in peak health, or living their lives in TRUE financial freedom. They’re literally AFRAID to even THINK about having good things for themselves!

That’s some really bad hypnosis. If that’s you, fix it!

Because here’s the thing: You’re putting a very low price tag on yourself, but the big secret is that you can decide your own price in life. So become expensive. And the honest, stone-cold truth is this:

You can’t expect other people around you to put a higher price tag on you when you can’t even THINK about yourself that way. If you can’t see it in yourself, how can you expect others to see it in you? If you want me to be your business partner, and you don’t even believe that you could make millions, why am I going to even consider working with you? If you don’t think you deserve your love interest, why should your love interest think you deserve them?

No one’s ever going to value you or believe in you if you can’t even value or believe in yourself. There is a lot of truth to what Henry Ford said:

“The man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can’t are BOTH right.”

So the good news is, you’re going to be right no matter what. Why not choose to be the kind of “right” that makes your life awesome? Finally…

Idea #3:

There’s a never-ending supply of people who want to tell you exactly how to be successful, when they, themselves have never been successful. Never listen to these people. And worse—never become one. This is a poisonous trap to fall into.

When I was a little kid, I remember having a family get-together with friends of my parents who brought their own kids to play with me. The parent of one of the kids I was playing with was telling me about how much he knew about success. So as a child with no filter, I asked him:

“Well, if you know all about success… how come you are not rich?”

His kids were running around nearby. He pointed at them. And he said…

“That’s Why.”

Even as a little kid, that really rubbed me the wrong way. In fact, it made me nauseous. But that’s what so many people do: excuse on top of excuse.

We’re hypnotized into thinking that excuses are somehow okay. You might even believe 100% in your excuses. You might see it no other way, but that doesn’t mean they’re true. Or that they’re good for you in any way. Not if you want success, anyway…

Don’t be that guy pointing at his little kids and using them as an excuse. Do you hear how pathetic that sounds? There are plenty of guys out there with more kids than you, and worse circumstances than you, who STILL Figured out a way to CRUSH it in life.

Each excuse takes you farther away from your goals and dreams, and the more excuses you make, the harder it is to get back on track. Pity can turn into a drug where you need a constant hit to feel okay about yourself. And people will gladly give it to you whenever you ask…

Which means YOU are the only one that can stop this and get better for yourself. And if you don’t? You’ll be the only one feeling sorry for yourself—even when everyone around you is encouraging your victim mindset.

If you don’t make it to where you want to be:

  1. That’s totally okay — happens to everyone. You have unlimited tries, and
  2. It happened because of the decisions that YOU have made.

Which is good news. Because it means you can change them. You have so much more power than you think.

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