Challenging the Myth of Hard Work: A New Path to Achieving Your Goals

Challenging the Myth of Hard Work: A New Path to Achieving Your Goals

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How hard do you really need to work to achieve your goals?

Think about this: Is it possible to convince yourself you're so busy that the idea of achieving success without immense effort seems impossible?

Does hard work always guarantee success?

And does the concept of "hard work" hold the same meaning for a ditch digger, an accountant, and Bill Gates?

Successful people often talk about their hard work. But is such effort a prerequisite for success?

Is the notion of "hard work" so deeply ingrained in our psyche that we accept it as the only truth?

Are we so bound to the "no pain, no gain" mentality that we can't envision achievement without significant effort?

A Perspective Worth Considering:

Consider this: When banks issue a loan, the money they lend often doesn't exist until they create it out of thin air. They simply bring it into existence, then lend it out.

Meanwhile, you're expected to work tirelessly, repaying the loan incrementally, often with interest, even though the banks can generate money seemingly effortlessly.

Does that seem equitable?

Interestingly, this system emerged in the United States around the time slavery was abolished, which might provoke some thought about control mechanisms.

A Divergence into Money Wisdom:

Over the years, I've delved into numerous books about money. Perhaps you've explored concepts like "Think And Grow Rich," developing an abundance mentality, among others. There's no shortage of such philosophies.

However, many miss the crux of the matter.

You can't chase or forcibly create abundance. Even relentless hustling has its limits.

The real approach is to be receptive to abundance.

Instead of berating yourself for lack of abundance or harboring judgmental thoughts, sit with your desire for wealth if that's your goal. Embrace it positively.

From this mindset, you can begin to perceive abundance everywhere.

But I can't fully convey or describe this in mere words.

Abundance is something you have to discern, feel, and internalize on your own.

The Pivotal Question:

Why does "the system" portray a scarcity of money when banks are constantly creating it, while many people work multiple jobs just to get by?

My perspective?

People living in constant fear are easier to control.

Feeling abundant is nearly impossible when fear dominates.

We're conditioned to hurry through our days, under the false impression that there's never enough time. Yet, there will always be something else to do.

So, why not pause and recognize your own power?

Even now, as you read this, are you rushing to the next task in your day?

Take a moment. Breathe. Experience the present. Release any tension that's urging you to hurry to the next item on your agenda.

This moment of pause is a significant shift in power against a system designed to control you.

No political policy can rectify this. Politics is part of the system.

Change begins when you liberate yourself.

Let go of the fear of scarcity. Then act. That's the pathway to profound change in your life.

Our monetary system is structured to control. It's been effective, as many engage in disliked tasks just for financial gain.


Because we've been led to believe that's the only way.

The transformation begins when you prioritize experiencing abundance over the system's programming of scarcity.

Remember, you are in control. All you need to do is choose to embrace it.

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