The Power of Self-Worth: Transforming Your Relationships and Career

The Power of Self-Worth: Transforming Your Relationships and Career

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If you’re reading this, you probably have relationships. It’s really hard to do anything in life without relationships of some sort.

They could be relationships in your work life, or in your personal life. Both apply here.

Well, you know those times when you think a client, or someone you do business with, or a friend or significant other is mad or unsatisfied with you?

Or there’s something wrong that you just can’t put your finger on?

We’ve All
Felt That Way.

And those are the times where it’s easy to flip into “people pleasing” mode to try to do everyone right, and get everyone feeling good again.

This is an enormous mistake.


Because unless the person has confronted you directly, it’s just your visceral response to an imaginary problem.

The fact is—if a client or any business associate is working with you, or if a significant other or friend is choosing to spend their time with you, then YOU are the prize.

They've chosen you out of all their other possible choices. It’s YOU they want.

That’s a nice feeling, isn’t it?

To be in demand? To be wanted?

This is the feeling you must act and speak from in your daily interactions.

You don’t have to remind the person about this. They already know.

You just have to remember it yourself—then act accordingly.

You’ve been trained your WHOLE LIFE to feel “less than.”

You’ve been taught to scramble around to pass every grade, get into every college, be “worthy” of every job, and so on up the ladder they built to keep you occupied…

You’ve been told by most every institutionalized religion that you suck.

They claim you’re broken—UNLESS you do certain things to make up for your shortcomings. Shortcomings that you had no part in creating, and were never responsible for.

And we wonder why people have self-worth issues.

This has been programmed into us on every level.

So it takes some work, if you choose to do it, to undo this indoctrination.

It’s indoctrination you’ve spent the first 18 years of life (at least) buying into.

So if you’re having trouble with this, don’t expect it to change overnight. Commit to practicing it until you master it.

Business is a good opportunity to practice.

So is any other relationship you’re in.

And as long as you’re growing as a person, the practice never ends.

The good news is that it’s simple to do.

Just remember: If someone CHOSE you? Then YOU are the prize.

That doesn’t mean acting like you’re better than them.

It simply means knowing they chose you. That you’re worthy. You see that they see your value. And you never freak out. Because…

You Know
You Are Enough.

No matter the circumstance, remember that feeling. Because it can help you refocus and re-center when the road gets a little rough.

That doesn’t mean stop doing good work or providing value to people, either.

It simply means do the work and provide the value knowing you are enough.

When you work—or go about your social interactions—from this place, your work will be even better, and your relationships will improve tenfold.

I guarantee it.

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