Motivational Wall Art Goes All ‘French Revolution’

Motivational Wall Art Goes All ‘French Revolution’

Red-soled shoes, as worn by Louis XIV of France, were traditionally the prerogative of royalty. In fact, in 1673, King Louis issued an edict forbidding anyone but the nobility from wearing them. You see, for Louis XIV, red-soled shoes were a way of flaunting wealth and power, which was out of reach of the common people. Fast forward to 1992 when French shoe designer, Christian Louboutin effectively undertakes a modern-day fashion coup d’etat by patenting the red soles of his famed stilettos. We love a rebellious streak and we love his understated status symbol that drips with passionate activism. That is why, with our motivational wall art, we are ‘seeing red’ and joining this revolution.

‘Pour tout le monde’ (For anyone)

In Louis’ time, red soles made the condescending statement that the ‘nobility did not dirty their shoes.’ After the French revolution, Napoleon banned these red soles in a push for equality. That is why the red of Louboutin’s fashion soles, inspired by women’s nail polish and lipstick, is an audacious move - protesting the ostentatious elitism of the aristocracy, and advocating for parity. He has taken red-soled strides by redefining the message of power and luxury - now available to all, through the unique artistry of wall art

‘Pour vous’ (For you)

Stilettos with red soles are seductive, passionate and flirtatious fashion statements and motivational art is proudly parading them in high definition colour. Whether on your wall or on your feet, the result is always the same: ferocious power and sophistication emanating from you, transforming your environment, your posture and your attitude. Even if they are invisible to bystanders, the magical essence of the red sole will instil confidence and self-assurance in any individual who dares to own a pair. 

‘Pour les rêveurs’ (For dreamers)

Motivational wall art is calling you to become part of this resistance movement. The reality may be that you cannot afford a pair of Christian Louboutin red-soled stilettos right now. But apathy and resignation are anathema to you. You are a dreamer, a visionary, a go-getter. 

The luxury and power reflected in those red soles speak to you. And you must heed the call. For now, their message comes in the form of stunning wall art, reminding you that exclusivity is for anyone who dreams. Don’t ever sit back and put your feet up (unless your shoes have red soles). Grab hold of your success by buying into the allure and promise of guaranteed success. It really is yours for the taking. 

‘Pour l'amour de l'art’  (For the love of art)

At Inktuitive we dare you to hang this piece of motivational resistance art in your space. Not only will the message be loud in clear, it is likely to make Louis roll over in his grave. 

We're not sure how this motivational artwork will inspire you. It might cause you to paint the town red, or perhaps challenge you to walk the road less travelled. Whatever the outcome, you will cause a stir and do so in style. 

The road to success begins with dreamers, with anyone, with you! And it starts by putting one red-soled shoe in front of the other.  At Inktuitive, this begins with the Red Bottoms motivational wall art - a symbolic reminder to dig in your heels and resist the urge to give up. 

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