Motivational Canvas Art: It’s About Time

Motivational Canvas Art: It’s About Time

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. [Steve Jobs]

We could regale you with moving stories about preserving the earth’s valuable resources. But, if there’s one thing you need to know, it’s that there is one resource that all other resources depend on, one resource that is rapidly slipping away minute by minute, that you need to do everything in your power to save: Time. You cannot waste it. Without it, you – your dreams, your resources, your art, your life – disappear. Since we’re passionate about motivational canvas art, we created a piece in honor of this essential resource – Value of Time. Join us as we enter the art studio and give you the motivation you need.

The Focal Point

This artwork centres the eye on a shimmering gold watch. You may wonder, Who even wears a watch in this era of Fitbits and smartphones? Well, it’s the people who know there is something more valuable than measuring heartbeats and steps: measuring Time. It never gets old. But it does run out! This striking motivational canvas art is for those who are passionate enough to use their time and resources well. It’s a valuable artwork of a valuable watch for those who understand the value of time.

Like a clock on the wall, your motivational canvas art will remind you that time is ticking. Its magnificence makes it a force to be reckoned with. With each passing minute, 60 seconds have evaporated from your life’s story.

The Color Scheme

There’s certainly no subtlety in these shades. They definitely POP! Gregariously outrageous, they call you to see, hear, and take heed. In the sensory world, habituation occurs when our senses became familiar with an experience – a sound, a sight, a touch, a smell – helping us avoid sensory overload and over-stimulation. But, have we perhaps become so desensitized that we are numb to the world charging ahead without us?

The brightness of the bold, broad brushstrokes and the thickness of the paint on this motivational canvas art piece demands your attention and will stimulate your senses. Wake up and act. It’s time. 

The Inscription

If a ‘picture says more than a thousand words’, these words are not risking going unheard. They will have their say. They will shout the motto encircling the rim: “Your Time is Limited. Don’t waste it.

The time values won’t allow you to escape the urgency of your duties and goals either. You won’t find numerical values, like 6 O’clock, on this watch. When it tells the time, it gives it to you straight: Ambition O’clock. Vision O’clock. Motivation O’clock.

No matter what time it is, it’s Focus Time. This canvas art is ruthless in its pursuit of your potential and relentless in motivating you to achieve it - 24/7. 

If you’re tempted to own this motivational canvas art, there is no time like Now! If like many, you’re a little scared, your time is also Now, because there’s no more time to waste. Don’t just ponder the Value of Time. Hang it on your wall.

(And if you are wondering about the time it took to read this blog, we can guarantee that you did not waste your time - you invested it in your destiny!)

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