Modern Canvas Art – The Secret’s Out

Modern Canvas Art – The Secret’s Out

Our lips are no longer sealed. The secret’s out. Modern canvas art is revolutionizing the world of design and everyone is sitting up and taking note. Edgy and avant-garde – there is no denying that featuring a pair of seductive glossy lips on your wall will definitely be the talk of the town.

Word on the street is that you love drama, enjoy attention and are prepared to boldly ignore the conformity of stereotypes. Hyper-real shimmering lips are the perfect modern art symbol to epitomize that personal ambition and individuality.

Your confidence to successfully take control and face daily challenges and demands is rooted in the security of your abilities. This resolute tenacity gives you the power to conquer the world and inspire others. The non-negotiables? High-end style and glamour. As for your personal goals and vision, bigger is better, and the drive to succeed is paved with determination and dedication.

All of this is extrovertly expressed by elegantly placed modern art which has an aesthetic appeal and tells a striking visual story. As an expression of Neo Pop Art, the lustrous bold imagery makes no apologies for who you are and what you want to become. It transcends realism into reality. You can taste success. You will not just settle. You will pursue your dreams.

At​ ​Inktuitive​, our​ Royal Lips are no longer sealed. The mark that our range of modern canvas art​ ​lips​ will leave is 100% unique – no matter whether you’re a​ ​diamonds​ or pearls​ kinda gal. Queen Victoria might be turning in her grave, but that means, as far as wall art is concerned, we have flipped traditional style and decor on its head, and you have to admit it is stunning! When it comes to contemporary design principles and wall art – we don’t follow the rules. The secret’s out - but who’s telling?

What more can we say? Well, nothing, except to ​shop online​ at Inktuitive for your own canvas art statement piece that will confidently grace the walls of your home or office.

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