Modern Canvas Art - Guaranteed to Make You a Morning Person

Modern Canvas Art - Guaranteed to Make You a Morning Person

Hands up those of you who are reading this blog before 6 am? Mmm – that's what we thought. And no - Tim Cook, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama and Richard Branson - you early risers don’t count! Actually, on second thought, perhaps you should. Studies have shown - we do the research! - that 50% of self-made millionaires wake up at least 3 hours before their workday begins, and 90% of executives wake up before 6 am on weekdays. We are not here to judge. In fact, just the opposite. We are here to inspire and motivate you with a magic morning potion - modern canvas art!

Rising early is one of the routines shared by successful people  - and motivational modern canvas art has the potential to help you join that club.

You’ve heard the cliché: The early bird catches the worm.’ But perhaps the 17th-century satirist, cleric and poet, Jonathan Swift says it best: ‘I never knew a man come to greatness who lay abed in the morning.’ (And he graces the biographic halls of Wikipedia - just saying!)

The truth is this: you can become a morning person and harness the energy and untapped potential of these sacred hours. Waking up early is a powerful weapon that EVERYONE has access to. All you need is motivational modern art, strategically placed, reminding you to own your daily goals, reset your success mindset and ‘Slay the day’  - enabling you to become the dragon-slaying hero in your daily script! 

Slay the Subconscious Naysayers! 

You know them – those incessant and annoying little voices in your head that you struggle to silence. Variations of ‘You are not good enough’ and ‘What's the point?’ niggle and paralyze you into inactivity. Instead of rolling over and hitting the ‘snooze’ button, open your eyes and focus on the modern canvas art in front of you, beckoning you to banish those voices and ‘Slay the Day!’ 

Slay the Procrastination Predators! 

It really isn't rocket science - although the potential to become a rocket scientist is yours for the taking if you optimize your early hours. But we know it is hard to ignore Procrastination’s voice as she seductively tempts you: ‘Just 5 more minutes...’ All those minutes add up. Use them to your advantage. That modern canvas art is way more than decor. It is an invitation to get up and Slay the day!’ 

Slay your Negative Nemeses! 

You know who they are – those inescapable villains and enemies plotting your downfall and sabotaging your path to success. Do not let them ambush you. Your secret weapon is arising early - sometimes before the dawn - to embrace your vision, strategize your daily goals, fuel your resolve and prepare for war. 

Meditate on the motivational canvas art words before you – ‘Slay the Day! Slay the Day! Slay the day!’ and let them be your muse. Then go forth and take no prisoners!! 

We realize that, as your hand hovers over the ‘snooze button,’ this may all seem way too big an ask, and the motivational canvas art hanging on your wall may seem a surreal part of your dreams.  

But here is the good news. No matter how high a mountain may be, there’s always a path to the top. According to the experts,1-2 cups of coffee a day increases performance and improves mood, memory, energy levels and general cognitive function. All our modern canvas art asks of you is to drink that cup of coffee as the sun rises and ‘Slay the Day!’

If you have just woken up, don’t panic - the day is not over. Head over to Inktuitive to add the stunning ‘Slay the Day’ modern canvas art to your repertoire of artwork. It is an investment in your future. And it starts today! (Or first thing tomorrow morning!)

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