Modern Canvas Art – A Matter of Life and Death

Modern Canvas Art – A Matter of Life and Death

As the Halloween costumes and ghoulish decorations are packed away for another year, people might be confused as to why you have not yet removed the dark ‘decorations’ from your wall. But that is exactly the reaction you want from those who notice the morbid modern canvas art dominating your space. Your perspective of life and death is epitomized by that artwork – the juxtaposition is the cut-throat inspiration behind your innovative and philosophical approach to making money and living successfully.

As far as you are concerned, the reality of death should be at the forefront of our minds - a grave daily reminder that life is short. The grim reaper has an appointment with each one of us. That is why such modern art should have pride of place.

This does not mean we live in the shadow of death – rather, it means the shadow of death motivates us to live.

This macabre notion is not counter-intuitive or counter-productive, but actually quite inspirational. Contemplating death can infuse your life with energy and awareness - it is a powerful existential force to compel you to live well. 

Unless you are prepared to reflect on the significance of death, the value of life will pass you by. Life cannot be cherished unless death is acknowledged. This may sound like a cliché, but its impact is revolutionary in achieving your success. Yes, you may not be able to take your money with you when you die, but the money you make while you live will redefine your goals and determine the difference you can make to a world that is dying all around you. That is what modern canvas art can achieve – motivating you to change your mindset.

As you analyze the canvas art piece portraying a money-collaged skull surrounded by red roses, you realize the symbolism:

Life is beautiful and the looming fate of death should never detract from that. 

There is a ruthless urgency when death is the greatest motivator to living a life of purpose.  What is the point of toiling away to make money - living the drudgery of the daily grind - only to die and leave your money to others?

That is exactly what this modern art baulks against. Its message is simple – make the money so that you can enjoy life and keep making money so that you can live life to the full and say to Death, ‘You do not define how I live. But when I die, I will die having lived.’ Instead of fearing death, you can laugh at death. 

Do you want to live your death-defying dreams? Then live! Work hard!! Make the money and go out to achieve every goal and dream while you still have breath. Take your hard-earned cash and write that book, travel the world, build your empire, save the whales and change the world.  

Never joke about death. But don’t joke about life either. 

Life is precious and fragile, and you only get one chance at it. That is what death makes you realize. That is what the Tears of Joy modern canvas art will remind you of. It will close the gap between the dream and the reality so that you do not waste your life.  

And when that day comes and Death has the final word, do not let it have the final say.

Go ahead and live your life as if it is a matter of life and death.   

Inktuitive’s philosophy is intent on making sure you do not waste your life. All our modern canvas art is there to motivate and inspire you to reach your dreams, define your destiny and achieve your goals. 

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