Inspirational Quotes on Canvas Compel You to Be the Author of Your Story

Inspirational Quotes on Canvas Compel You to Be the Author of Your Story

Imagine, for a moment, that you are an author with one last chance to write your award-winning story. Wouldn’t you give everything to craft a book that will end all books? Well, here’s a little secret: you are an author. Sure, your printed name may not appear in bookstores (not yet, at least!), but there is a story you are in the process of writing: your life. If you’re suffering from real-life writer’s block, we’ve got some inspirational quotes on canvas art to set you free. Begin today and engrave your life’s script indelibly onto the pages of history.

Do you ever daydream about who would be the actor in the film about your life? Well, stop. Your story is happening now, in real-time. If you don’t make the live version a showstopper, there will never be a film made about it anyway! This moment, right now, is the original, authentic version. Our inspirational quotes on canvas are designed to be a daily reminder that you’re in the process of creating.

The stakes are high, though. You don’t get an editor - someone telling you to begin again. You only get one shot.

The stage is set, the page lies blank and clean before you. Will you write?

As an author, you get to decide who gets silenced, who gets a voice, who influences the trajectory of the plot, and who will be the main protagonist. Our Inspirational quotes on canvas will inspire you to claim the agency in your own plot and to be such a strong force of character that others will have no choice but to make you the main character in their story as well!

But remember - good authors make great stories by writing daily. So make each day a chapter, each moment a paragraph, and each obstacle a subplot. 

You have limited pages – make them the praise of legends.

Like every writer, you’ll experience fear and internal or external resistance. But with the right inspirational quotes on canvas art, you’ll remember that the darkness is only the stage for the limelight of your story. Without risks, we’d have no Luke Skywalker, no Wonder Woman, no Iron Man. 

And we’d never have your story – or the films, songs, documentaries, and epic poems that are destined to emerge from it.

Inspirational quotes on canvas are the ideal muse to get you writing. This Success Story canvas art shines forth as inspiration. Hanging from your wall, it will motivate you to be the author AND the star of your story. 

It’s time to take a bow and make your story sparkle with success. 

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We want to see your story told for generations to come.

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