Inspirational Canvas Art: The Key to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Inspirational Canvas Art: The Key to Your New Year’s Resolutions

According to Douglas Adams’ iconic book, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, “the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything is 42.” This comically bizarre hypothesis has attracted as much of a cult following as the book itself. Perhaps this is because, as humans, we are always searching for the answer to the good life, the meaningful life, the successful life – and yet it always seems as evasive as that random number 42. And this search for ‘the best life now’ is never more prominent than in January, when endless New Year’s resolutions are being made.

It’s a shame, really, because all these resolutions are too often abandoned by February. But not this time! Inktuitive’s inspirational canvas art has found the key to leaving that pathetic statistic behind – because #NewYearNewMe should be more than a passing Twitter trend.

Our inspirational canvas art is stripping all the noisy resolutions down to the bare essentials with one resolution to rule them all!

It’s the final answer to the question: ‘What are my New Year’s resolutions?’

The answer is: ‘Simple.’

No really, that is the answer.

What’s your goal for the year? The answer is simple. How do you wish to improve yourself? The answer is simple. How will you work toward your dreams? The answer is simple. What inspirational canvas art will hang on your wall? The answer is simple. 

That’s it. This year, our advice is: Keep it simple!

Now, we certainly don’t intend for you to forget your big, ambitious dreams and crazy, killer ideas. We simply intend for you to prioritize them.

Don’t get distracted and let all the little goals – the ones buzzing around on social media – cloud your ultimate vision. We’re not saying that you can’t learn to play the piano. We’re just saying, keep the main goal the MAIN goal. (Unless, of course, becoming the world’s leading concert pianist is your goal – then, yeah, keep that your main goal!).

Sure, doing exercise and eating healthily are super important, but goal fatigue will destroy your purpose, guaranteeing that February will become your lethal ‘Give-up Month’.

But with the right Inspirational art on your wall and your ambition in front of mind, you will learn how to categorize and allocate those good – albeit lesser – goals. They’ll know their place in the hierarchy of goals: to serve your mega goal (teach ‘em to bow!). When you keep a clear view of your dream, everything else can be measured according to how it serves that one resolution. It’s really that simple!

So, when you’re invited to spend the week skiing with your friends, you can look at your inspirational canvas art, forego the anxiety, and remember that “the answer is simple.” If you have to say “no”, you’re saying “yes” to something far more important.

Grab a pen right now and write down your BIG goal. We’ll wait …

Now, keep it simple and stick to it!

That stubborn, single-minded goal, sponsored and cheered on by the canvas art on your wall, will declutter your mind and keep you focused on the simple thing, the main thing, your thing.

This year, rise above the cliché. You don’t have to become that stale statistic – the New Year’s Resolution failure.

Look forward to looking back at 2020, the year when you pursued your ambitions the smart way. You’ll have kept it simple – and simply made a success.

So, here’s to 2020! Go get it, because the answer to #NewYearNewMe is far simpler (and proven more effective) than 42 – or any overcrowded list of lesser goals.

To help mobilize and maintain your focused determination, The Answer Is Simple canvas art will speak from your wall with intense daily resolve.

For year-round motivation, browse our selection of inspirational canvas art.

Whatever your goal this year, Inktuitive will be your greatest ally – giving you vision.

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