Inspirational Canvas Art – So Much More than Just Pretty Decor

Inspirational Canvas Art – So Much More than Just Pretty Decor

What is the point of art? The know-it-all critics, who guard what’s in and what’s out from their pedestals, will write you a thesis on its investment value and purpose. (Excuse us while we yawn!). Everyone else, though, hangs art on their walls to make their home look oh-so-pretty.


The thing is, inspirational canvas art should be in a league of its own and should not simply exist to put on a pretty little show.

And that is why there’s Inktuitiveignoring the pretentious elitism of the critic and breathing new vitality and fervor into the home decorator.

It has ambitions of its own.

Passivity is out the window in favor of some big-time action, reaching out from showroom walls and getting down to business.

You are its target.

It TALKS the Talk

These canvas artworks do a lot of talking. We believe in the power of words to change mindsets and redirect lives. With words like Life is an ocean of possibilities, Hustle, or Future Billionaire”, our inspirational canvas art pieces couldn’t be bothered with whispering sweet little lies into your ears. Their words come with a force that empowers. Listen up because the secret’s out! Our dangerously glossy lips are spilling all the tips for motivation.

It RAISES a Generation

Inspirational canvas art is not here to placate youthful whims, nor is it here to shame. It’s here to inspire. It wipes away the sulky lazy faces and the going-nowhere-slowly mindsets and ignites that passion simmering in the young and the restless. From walls around the globe, modern canvas art is raising little girls into girl bosses and little readers into authors of their own stories, ready to determine the course of their lives. Watch out for a generation of fiercely determined go-getters!

It KICKS You into Gear

There’s no need for a cold shower! With inspirational canvas art, you’ve got an alarm clock to wake you up and transform you into a morning person, who lives focused on your #goals. Instead of being a couch potato for the rest of your life, you’ll be fueled by the speed of time, you’ll make the boldest moves in the monopoly of life, and you’ll raise the stakes on your dreams. Inspirational art will scold your inner sloth drudging through the monotony of the day, and spur you on to chasing and closing crazy deals – so that you can have your coffee and drink it.

It SHOUTS from the Walls

We won’t deny it. Inspirational canvas art will be loud and audaciously proud. It will scream from the walls and overturn your normality. It may be a bit of a brat, but hey, it will do what it takes to see you succeed. Some may see your actions as brazen stupidity or blind madness, but you’ll know: this is no joke. Our art will make you stare defiantly into the face of the grim reaper and live today like it’s a matter of life and death.

After our inspirational canvas art has done its job and lit your inner fire, you’ll have nothing but “good vibes”, setting you on a trajectory to be a culture influencer and world changer.

Because ‘pretty’ is nice, but shaping your future with unflinching determination? That’s real art and the very best kind of home decor.

To be raised, motivated, liberated – and possibly a little shocked – by a sassy kind of art that is so much more than ‘just pretty’, shop our canvas art now.

Psst! Check out our customer reviews. Inspirational canvas art is out there doing things … Are you?


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