Inspirational Canvas Art - If you Dream it...

Inspirational Canvas Art - If you Dream it...

There is no denying Walt Disney was the living embodiment of his mantra – ‘If you dream it, you can be it.’That phrase has motivated and inspired audiences for decades. Because dreaming of success is no different, Inktuitive’s inspirational canvas art confidently pictures the success story of the American dream.

Whatever your definition of personal success in business - be that the C-suite or the corner office – it all starts with a dream (and inspirational art).Successful entrepreneurs, investors and philanthropists are those who never let go of their dreams as they navigate the reality of life’s obstacles and hurdles.

If your dream of success is bigger than that of Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, then you definitely need a high definition Scrooge McDuck - the wealthy business magnate - looking over your shoulder from your wall and spurring you on. That is exactly what inspirational canvas art does – it reminds you to dream big, so you can think big, so you can achieve big!

Apart from canvas art, here are five success tips to inspire your dreams to become reality:

Tip #1: Your attitude determines your success

Success begins as an attitude and disposition – an intentional ‘I can’mindset.’ Inspirational art can be a secret weapon. It may sound clichéd, but ‘your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.’[Zig Ziglar] A success-driven mindset involves the daily setting of higher goals while challenging yourself to persevere, no matter what.

Tip #2: Think big. Start small

This is how Scrooge McDuck started. His big million dollar dreams began with taking small steps and doing them well. Consistent striving, without losing sight of the goal, will result in little successes that translate into bigger victories. A big canvas art on your wall will remind you of the big picture.

Tip #3: Turn mistakes into opportunities

As a humble shoe shiner at the age of 10, Scrooge McDuck realized early on the value of learning from one’s mistakes. That catapulted him onto the path to success. Having his legacy as canvas art on your wall will remind you that little failures are tests of gritty determination. Mistakes become opportunities for growth, self-awareness and creativity.

Tip #4: Learn to lead well

Scrooge McDuck got his wealth through the skill of delegation and being a shrewd leader. As a leader, you have the vision, the dream and the ideas. Leading a team of those who will help you achieve your success requires using your power and energy to motivate and inspire others. Inspirational art is needed to keep that focus. 

Tip #5: Be positive

Of the 60 000 thoughts per day that fill your conscious and subconscious mind, negativity has no place. What are you telling yourself in your internal monologues?Bold inspirational art can be the catalyst for transforming your thoughts and keeping the dream of American success at the forefront of your mind and expectations. If you dream it, you can be it.

At​ ​Inktuitive, inspirational canvas art is behind you all the way. Your goals are our goals and your success is our success. It all starts with hanging your dream on the wall. And if playing in a gigantic vault of money is your dream, then let​ ​Scrooge McDuck and his American successhave pride of place in your office, whether that be a garage or a high rise.

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