Inspirational Canvas Art Has Kids Reaching for the Stars

Inspirational Canvas Art Has Kids Reaching for the Stars

Kids say the darndest things” - and that’s because they say the truest things, full of wonder, light, and insight – the things that we, as adults, seem to have forgotten. In The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote, “All grown-ups were once children…but only few of them remember it.” The adults who pursue their dreams today are the ones who have remembered. They remember how, as children, they dreamed of who they would be and how they would bring a unique spark to the world. This is why our Dream Works inspirational canvas art is dedicated to kids and teens everywhere, reminding them not to forget their magic and fire. They were our muse in the creation of this piece – transporting us into their little galaxies of color.

Childhood in the 21st century is hard, so it is our job, and yours, to keep their dreams alive with inspirational canvas art, designed especially for them. They will see so much more than art on walls – they will see glimmers of hope and stars of potential. (And for the adults, we’ve got something for you too! Read here).

As your kids look at their inspirational canvas art hanging on the wall, they will be spurred into action, because they will realize that their dreams don’t only belong in the kingdom of childhood. Rather, their dreams will fuel their life’s work, turning youthful magic into future reality. They will grow up from Little Miss to Girl Boss because even with their maturing eyes, they will continue to see the world through the wonder of childhood.

Inspirational canvas art to motivate their dreams

It all begins with a dream – the one that keeps them up at night with butterflies fluttering in their tummies and fireflies glowing before their eyes. Inspirational canvas art will remind them that their dreams matter, and to keep holding onto them. Give this canvas art as a gift to your favorite little human and you’ll be giving them the gift of the brightest future. They’ll know that you believe in them, just as we do, and will be inspired to believe in their dreams too.

Inspirational canvas art to motivate their work

It all begins with the dream, but it doesn’t end with the dream. That is just the launching pad positioning them to reach for the sky (or the stars). As they walk through life, armed with inspirational canvas art, they will have a sharpened sense that every step they take is either toward their dream and who they want to be, or away from it. They will be instilled with a work ethic that envisions how to create their dreams, liberating the magic of purpose to flow into the work they do. With this inspirational canvas art, they will learn that their dreams will only come alive as they make them come alive.

So, to all the wide-eyed young dreamers, we at Inktuitive salute you with a quote from Kid President:

“Today has no idea it’s about to meet your awesome face. You’ve got this.”

Dream Works will add colorful magic and motivation to your walls! 

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