How To Turn Chronic Bad Luck Into Instant Good Luck With Nothing But Your Mind

How To Turn Chronic Bad Luck Into Instant Good Luck With Nothing But Your Mind

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Maybe you lost money in Bitcoin. Or bought Tesla right at the peak. Or went through a long string of failed businesses. Or maybe you’ve just had an unusual streak of unlucky things happen to you, for as far back as you can remember.

What if I told you that — from this point on — you have total control over how lucky or unlucky you are in life? Total 100% control. Guaranteed. And I’ll explain exactly how right now with this quick story:

Once upon a time there was an ordinary man…

We’ll Call Him Bob.

Bob bought a lottery ticket on a whim one afternoon while picking up a few groceries. Now it wasn’t normally like Bob to play the lottery. But he had what almost felt like a subconscious impulse to buy one this time. So he went with it…

But Bob knew the probabilities. He’d never expect to win. He was just amusing himself to break up the routine in his afternoon. So Bob absent-mindedly wrote some of his favorite numbers on the ticket: the year he was born, his daughter’s age, and his locker combination in high school.

And if you were wondering, yes — Bob remembers his high school locker combination from decades ago. See, Bob is known by all his friends for having an incredible memory, which is kind of ironic — because after filling out the lotto ticket and getting in his car Bob completely forgot he purchased the ticket at all.

But — in Bob’s defense — it wasn’t because of a “bad memory”. The ticket was simply pushed out of his mind by all the other things he had to do when he got home: pick up the kids, put the groceries away, get ready for work tomorrow, you know the drill. And that was fine anyway. Bob never thought much about that lotto ticket to begin with…

…until a couple nights later:

Bob was on his way to pick up his daughter, who was visiting her grandma, who was watching her nightly Jeopardy. And after Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and we all know what’s after Wheel of Fortune… Right as Bob’s daughter is about to say goodbye to grandma, the opening music to the Powerball starts to play…

“Oh yeah!” Bob thought… “I filled out that ticket the other day. Might be amusing to just stick around and see what the numbers are…” So he did. And as each little white ball clicks into the tube on grandma’s TV…

His Mouth And Eyes 
Get Wider And Wider…

The year Bob was born… his daughter’s age… And wouldn’t you know it? Bob’s high school locker combination. Bob just won $45 Million dollars. He could hardly contain himself as he blurted to his daughter and her grandma what just happened…

There were enormous screams, hugs, and celebration, but then, something dawned on Bob:

“Where in the ever loving #($*%& did I put the ticket?!?”

Bob spent the next week tearing apart the house, feeling frantically between the car seats, digging through the kitchen trash from the past few days, and crawling on his hands and knees around the perimeter of the grocery store parking lot where he first bought the ticket — in case it blew out of his hand the day he bought it.

Bob came up with nothing. Weeks turned into months… Months turned into over a year… And that lottery ticket never showed up. So that $45 million-dollar lottery ticket is gone. But now, dear reader, I must ask you a $45-million-dollar question:

Is Bob Lucky Or Unlucky?

Your answer to that could seal your own fate. Is there a “correct” answer? I believe there is, depending on what you want in life. You’ll discover exactly why Bob is lucky or unlucky in a moment…

But in order to know that, you first have to hear another quick story. And maybe you could tell I made that story about Bob up. Which, I did. So…

This one is 100% true:

It’s about a guy named Dean Rhoads. He was a fast food entrepreneur — back before anyone knew fast food was really bad for you. So in blissful ignorance, all Dean Rhoads wanted to do with his life was get rich in fast food by feeding it to millions of people.

Now — back in those days Dean Rhoads met and befriended a guy named Dave Thomas, long before Dave opened his first ever Wendy’s location selling hamburgers.

Dean recalls:

“Fort Wayne wasn’t a large town in those days. So when I needed an extra hand, I’d often call on young Dave to help me out…

…It’s a great pity for me that I didn’t invest in Wendy’s. Because I really liked that boy and I always knew that he would someday do something big.”

Strike One For Dean.
He Missed Out On Millions!

It turns out, Dean’s friend Dave also worked at the local Kentucky Fried Chicken, one of the very first the Colonel ever opened to the public.

“I met Colonel Sanders,” said Dean, “And I had the opportunity to buy stock in his company early on. But I didn’t agree with some of his ideas, so I didn’t invest in it.”

Strike Two For Dean.
Millions — Gone. Again!

A lot of people never knew, but Dean was quite a talented food service entrepreneur back in the day. A lot like Dave Thomas and Colonel Sanders. He owned a company called Lincoln Manufacturing. It was a company that perfected the first system for keeping food hot while it was waiting to be served. Something we might consider an annoyance today for how badly it dries out our food, but back then?

It Was A 
Modern Miracle!

Dean recalled:

“Despite everything I tried, I could not succeed. I was barely making payroll. I remember doing many an evening pacing the floor in my office, trying to think through what I was doing…”

“Since I was in the restaurant equipment business, it wasn’t uncommon for me to have several equipment salesmen in my waiting room…

…one of these fellows, Ray was his name, sold a gadget called a multi-mixer that could mix five milkshakes at a time. He was very pleasant. But didn’t appear to me to have any unusual or outstanding characteristics that would inspire me to invest in his new venture…

So when I heard that Ray had bought a little hamburger stand called McDonald’s… I chose not to invest.”

Strike Three. 
Is Dean Out?

It would appear so. But ultimately, Dean’s Lincoln system of food service was adopted by schools and institutions throughout the USA. A whole new industry was born as a result. And finally, Dean could afford to take a much-needed vacation. So he decided to go on a cruise…

Dean says:

“During the cruise, I met an attorney who told really funny stories about how his son ‘Billy’ and his friends would sit at the kitchen table and try to make useful gadgets from electronic components…

He told me that his son was really bright and that I should consider investing in his new company…

I thought, ‘What kind of a kid would name a company Microsoft? What’s SOFT about an electronic gadget?’

So… I Didn’t Invest.”

Yep, you heard that right. While most people step out after three strikes, Dean just kept swingin’. He got FOUR… And he STILL blew all of them!

Right now, you’re probably thinking Dean Rhoads spent his later years telling sad stories about what COULD have been, right? Well…

Nothing Is Further 
From The Truth.

Dean pursued his own vision. He invested everything he had in himself and his dream — until the day he saw his name at number 289 on the Forbes list of the 400 most successful business owners in America.

The little company that “could barely make payroll” was now doing more than $410 million in annual volume. And later - it did $689 million.

What is the moral of this story? And what does this have to do with Bob from the first story?

Don’t worry. I’m getting there… First:

In the game of life, there’s no rule that says you have to leave the batter’s box after your third strike. If you’re smart, you’ll do like Dean did. And just keep on swingin’ until you finally hit a grand slam. People will try to rig the game against you. They’ll try to make you believe it’s over after two or three failed swings…

But That’s Just Not 
How The World Works!

Look into ANY success story, and you’ll find most wildly successful people took at LEAST 8 strikes. At least! Some of them struck out HUNDREDS of times…

So the game is never, EVER over unless ONE thing happens: you walk away from the plate. And you have complete control over whether you do that.

Which brings me to Bob…

And whether he’s the luckiest person in the world for winning the lottery, or the unluckiest person for losing his ticket. Feel free to come to your own conclusions, but I choose to believe Bob is lucky. I choose to believe he’s so lucky, in fact, that it wouldn’t have been fair to everyone else who didn’t have his amazing luck if he actually KEPT the winnings.

That’s a LOT of luck. Do you have this kind of luck? Because it’s a powerful kind of luck. And it’s all yours, if you’d like. If you don’t yet understand what I’m saying…

An ancient scholar once wrote, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he,” and I completely agree. We are the sum total of our thoughts. If you are what you think, why not think yourself lucky?

The truth is, being lucky or being unlucky is just a matter of what you focus on. And that is your choice. When you realize this, it’s EASY to be lucky. Just take a moment to look around — notice all the good things in your life… and be glad for them.

After you do that, step up to the plate. And see if there isn’t some extra rocket fuel behind your swing.


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