How To Transcend Reality And Get Whatever You Want

How To Transcend Reality And Get Whatever You Want

I’ve seen it over and over:

Stick with it long enough, and there will be a point along your journey to greatness where you develop a certain type of internal fortitude that allows you to transcend reality.

Specifically, you are able to transcend whatever present circumstances you are experiencing. When this happens, you no longer use any circumstances that might be true for you NOW as a reason to slow your growth.

Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, is an example of this type of thing that almost everyone knows. The media referred to Steve Jobs’ “reality distortion field” where he was able to live in his own reality bubble.

In their praise of heroes who do this, they always forget to mention that this is an ability that every single human being has.

It’s Called Your
Creative Capacity.

The “system” uses it against you.

One of the most obvious places they do this is inside the money system.

We haven’t had real money for quite some time. While 99% of worthless paper fiat currencies throughout all of human history have fallen to zero, gold and silver have retained their value no matter what — since their first use as currency in ancient Egypt. Every time an empire has fallen in all of human history, gold and silver were the only kinds of money that still had value.

That’s why the United States constitution says money should be backed by gold for the maximum benefit of the people’s prosperity. Literally. Here’s the quote:

“No state shall coin money, emit bills of credit, or make any thing but gold and silver coin a tender in the payment of debts.” Art.I, sec. 10, cl 1.

But “the powers that be” don’t like that solution.

They can’t just print up more gold whenever they want to swing their power around. Gold and silver have to be mined. Which restrains their control. So they decided to ignore that part of the constitution, and simply create an infinite supply of fake currency out of nothing.

They convinced you it’s okay to do that — namely by making sure no school or institution teaches anyone about that part of the constitution. But also by creating a system where everyone now depends on their ability to print money out of nothing.

The war machine has pretty much bombed and toppled any place that refused to play along with their central banking game of control (Libya, Iraq, etc). And what’s the result? Well, now we all have to deal with their inflation.

They use your creative capacity against you to distract you from the truth.

But when you realize how powerful it is, you can use it to achieve YOUR dreams, not theirs:

If you’re sitting there feeling constriction — or see another obstacle standing in between you and your journey towards freedom… know that nothing can stop you if you stop giving that obstacle power.

For example, let’s say money is tight.

What do you think your creative capacity does with a constant “money is tight” thought stream and feeling stream?

It Manifests It.
That’s What It Does.

This journey requires education as much as it requires mastery of your internal self.

So how do you shift a “money is tight” vibration?

You go looking for new ways to give to others. It’s impossible to feel LACK in the act of giving.

This is counterintuitive. Most people who need money are trained to try to get money. It’s the exact opposite of what actually works. I wonder if the “system” knows this?

My hunch is… you better believe they know it. When you ”need,” you give. And that’s just one example. At the end of the day, you get to choose: Who is in charge of your reality?

If you accept the idea that it’s not you, the road is going to be tough. “They” will happily take you in and give you a modicum of comfort, provided you give to them everything you are.

If you accept that YOU are going to assume control of your reality, however, then realize that…

You Are In The Driver’s Seat
Of A Vehicle That Can Create Anything.

Start by figuring out: what is your truth?

Your truth requires no justification. Your truth exists because you choose it to exist for you.

What does that mean?

This will freak out anyone who has bought into the idea that your truth needs to be an objective thing. If you thought you needed the scientific method or some expert to discover your truth and to allow your truth to guide your life, you have believed a lie.

School teaches us that our actions and behaviors need justification, verification, validation — even certification.

If you choose to believe this, you will forever search for “truth” from supposed givers of truth who wield power over you rather than spend your life manifesting an outward expression of the truth you hold within.

By all means, use objectivity and the scientific method to figure out what works. What’s pragmatic. What’s practical.

But get your truth from inside you. Don’t let anyone tell you what it is.

What If “They” Don’t Like It?

The goal is not to be liked, the goal is to be the real YOU. It’s impossible for everyone to like you.

Truth is not found out “there,” it’s brought forth from within you.

Can you be still enough to hear it?

Can you be aware enough to understand it?

Can you be brave enough to live it?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about reality, it seems that what is happening “out there” in the world is usually not what is really happening.

What is REALLY happening is going on in the world of the unseen…

Inside you, inside me, and inside the rest of the beings on this planet — even with the planet itself.

What We See “Out There” Is
Merely A Reflection Of THAT.

So when you see the world going to hell, it’s probably tempting to run away to somewhere “safe.”

Surely if you get out of harm’s way, then things will be better. Right?

Totally logical. Especially if most of your focus is on the here and now “reality” that’s right in front of your eyes.

But if you dig deeper into that — and you resonate with the idea that reality is a LOT more than what we can see with our eyes — that course of action is basically like trying to run away from yourself.

Unfortunately, wherever you go, there you are. So that’s not an effective strategy. It uses up a lot of energy and you don’t really get anywhere even though you think you’ve gone somewhere.

Now, if your mind is locked into the physical reality as “the system” would prefer, this probably sounds nuts. And that’s okay, I’m not here to convince anyone.

But for those for whom this does NOT sound crazy, and those who are very clear about the connection between the unseen mindset stuff and the seen results in the real world — then this probably sounds very normal.

The world is now coming face to face with what has been on the inside of us for a very long time.

The unseen is becoming seen. And for most people, that’s a horrific sight.

But there is no running away from yourself. You can either dive into yourself, face your truth, and use the creative capacity inside you to manifest what you want — or refuse to do it.

Those are your options.

Going into yourself leads to a journey of integration. Refusing to do that leads to a journey of repeating the same behavioral “loops” over and over caused by the absence of integration.

Time will pass either way.

But what you can create for yourself — depending on your decision — could not be more different.


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