How To Overcome Any Adversity In Life Without B.S. Feel-Good Platitudes

How To Overcome Any Adversity In Life Without B.S. Feel-Good Platitudes

We’ve all been hit with adversity at some point in life. And you can be sure you’ll experience it again.

It’s what you do in those moments that make or break how the rest of your life will go.

A difficult thing about adversity is that it’s hard to find someone who will give you the truth when you’re going through it.

Most people just try to make you feel better. Which is well-intentioned, but it’s rare to find a person who will acknowledge to you in that moment the amazing news that life will not get any easier.

Which is probably what you actually need to hear.

Even politicians will try to hijack your adversity, claiming to you they can end it — if only you vote for them. But their track record for delivering on those promises is incredibly poor.

Nobody’s going to come and save you from adversity.

You can hope and pray it doesn’t come to you… but you’d be a statistical anomaly if it didn’t. So trying to avoid it is no good either. That leaves you with only one option:

Become So Resilient That
Adversity Doesn’t Matter Anymore.

Once you accept that as your only option, you have the power to WIN at whatever you want in life.

So how do you become resilient to adversity?

It’s as simple as KEEP GOING.

Enthusiasm in life is common. Endurance is rare.

We have enthusiasm for something when we first start. But endurance is what gets you to the real gold.

That’s the most important first step: The race is not given to the strong or the swift. It is given to the person who endures until the end.

Think endurance is hard? Don’t wanna try it?

Here’s The Easiest
Way To Endure Anything:

So everybody wants their ultimate destiny. Manifestation. Fulfillment. The next level. They want to live their ultimate potential. The perfect relationship. An ever-increasing higher quality of living…

But nobody wants to eliminate distractions in order to get those things.

I don’t care who you are — I’m dead serious when I ask you to consider doing this:

What if you just disappeared for three months, four months, six months or more — and eliminated all distractions to get into a place where you can focus JUST on you?

That doesn’t mean you have to move into a cabin in the woods with your Sensei and practice Tai Chi and Kung Fu 18 hours a day.

You may have family or work commitments. Which you can keep. But what if you shut out every non-essential distraction that is not totally helping you?

What If You Could Shut Off The World
For Just A Season — & Focus On YOU?

Sometimes that means hanging out with your friends less — you can always come back later. They’ll understand. Probably.

And it definitely means avoiding the 24-hour news cycle.

It means going on a dopamine diet: no more social media for this period (unless you’re getting some kind of goal-oriented benefit from it, like fitness tips)…

Set up your life so the only dopamine reward you get is from moving closer to your goal.

You will be rewarded in public for what you do in private.

The reason why people don’t see the things they want in their lives — the reason why it has not yet manifested — is because they have not been willing to forsake all that their dreams have called them to forsake, and to follow through behind closed doors.

Sure, you can talk about it, plan it, write it down, go to some conference and get fired up about it, and you can read about it all you want.

But at some juncture, you have to disappear — so you can make it happen.

So you can put the work in.

So you can…

Come Back & Shock
Everybody That Doubted You.

Most people reading this don’t even realize they have unfinished business. You might be one of them.

What is your unfinished business? What do you KNOW you need to do right now to make your life infinitely better? And you’re only not doing it, because you don’t absolutely HAVE to?

Go back to where you left off with a new perspective:

Go back to the gym.

Go back to the drawing board.

Go back to the business.

Go back to the relationship.

Go back running into the burning building to get what you know you need to have.

You have unfinished business.

Do you dread doing this? Do you groan at the thought of it? Does it stress you out?

Then you’re making it worse than it is. That’s usually what happens…

When Your Perception
Diametrically Opposes Your Reality:

All you’ve gotta do is show up with a new game plan and a new perspective:

If you are going to grow, and evolve, and attain, and become — everything rises and falls on your viewpoint.

Perspective is everything. I need you to hear me loud and clear: How you see this thing is everything.

You cannot change the past. But you CAN change your perspective about it. Your viewpoint is your biggest advantage.

Your viewpoint is what changes the game.

Everybody wants an increase in abundance and a new lifestyle change. And new zip codes and new area codes. And new friends, new luxury, and more, and better. All the time.

But if you only read once a week… and you only work out once or twice a month… and you don’t do anything to further your lot in life…

Then you don’t really want it. You just daydream about having it.

And the reason you don’t have it — the reason why what’s in your head is not in your hands, and it’s not your reality…

Is because your perspective opposes your potential.

If you’d like to be the game changer, the difference-maker, the disrupter… The person that comes into the room and commands the atmosphere.

If you believe you’ve been called to be necessary and not grossly irrelevant, then everything you do, everything you see…

EVERYTHING Rises And Falls
On Your Perspective.

Your perception. Your viewpoint. That’s number ONE.

And the number one poison of your perception is FEAR.

When we get into the prison of fear because we have fallen in an area, the friends of fear come along, too.

Oh yes. Fear has friends.

One of the chief friends of fear is DOUBT.

Doubt Kills More Dreams
Than Failure EVER Will.

And the most uncanny thing about all of this is that it’s totally imaginary.

There are people who have failed in their head before they even reach the field of play. Which immediately kills any amazing dreams and potential they ever had.

So I want to invite you to renounce doubt — which is the spirit of fear.

Failure is your only opportunity to begin again. And if you are hungry for success in the future, all you need is an opportunity to try again.

Failing doesn’t make you a failure. It’s something you did, it’s not who you are.

Something we need to get crystal-clear about is that if I failed, then I can win. But if you never fail, it means you never try. Which means you’ll never, ever win.

Thomas Edison was fired from his first two jobs.

His teachers called him “stupid.”

They said he could never learn anything.

This is the man who invented the light bulb. Thomas Edison’s original light bulb hasn’t been turned off since he first built it. It’s still illuminating his room in Menlo Park, New Jersey as you read this.

And we all know the story of how he tried thousands of different ways to do it — and failed at each one.

We hear that trope repeated so often, we tend not to think about how it applies to our life anymore. But it’s literally how you should approach EVERYTHING.

Edison was never a failure like his teachers said. He just found a thousand ways that don’t work.

But You Are No
Thomas Edison…

You know how I know?

You didn’t try a thousand times.

Try a THOUSAND times and tell me you’re not enough. That you don’t have what it takes. Tell me you’re still stupid, dumb, or slow after a thousand tries.

Tell me your learning disorder or your physical handicap — whatever it is — is still holding you back after a thousand tries.

Whatever pushed you to the ground and knocked you to the floor and tried to make you quit — from that place, I want you to look at it dead in the eye…

Make sure it knows full well that you mean business. And tell it — tell that person, circumstance, tell that place, whatever it is that knocked you to the floor… say to it:


If you’re going to overcome adversity by enduring, by truly understanding the mental program of resiliency, you MUST stop running from difficult times.

Look them dead in the eye.

Stop hoping and praying that the storm will pass over you. Run TOWARD the storm.

What you go through, you will grow through. You will emerge a new person who is capable of so much more than you are now.

Most fights are not won in the first round. The moment that you get that — when you get crystal clear on the fact that there are some opponents that you will never defeat in the first round… That’s when you’re aligned with the reality of your achievement:

You need endurance and stamina to reach your goals.

You’re not going to hit seven figures with your first investment, or with your first year in business.

You’re not always going to hit a home run at the first swing.

But resiliency is that voice inside you that says I BELONG HERE. And I deserve another shot no matter what just happened.

Resiliency doesn’t say “good things come to those who wait.” That’s a BS platitude meant to keep you docile and obedient.

Resiliency says: “I want my opportunity. Give me my opportunity. I’m going to take it, I’m going to create it. Whatever I need to do, I’m going to have what I want.

Why? Because that is my birthright.”

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