How To Notice What You Can’t See: The Pathway To Creatively Living Your Dream [Part 2]

How To Notice What You Can’t See: The Pathway To Creatively Living Your Dream [Part 2]

This is part 2 of a two-part series on how to creatively live your dream. If you haven’t read part 1 yet, please go here to get caught up first.

Last week, we discovered how we are built to function in real time, and how YOU can discover the way to your dream life by looking for the Elusive Obvious around you and then living in real time to adjust to what you see.

Today we’re going to take that to the next level.

You’re going to discover how to tune up your sensory system so your biology automatically knows the right action to take…

So your nervous system literally tells you what the right move toward your dream life is at any given moment — and you don’t even have to think about it, because in order to be incredibly creative with your life — you have to tell your body what to look for.

That way, your intuition has a grand outcome — so it can constantly adjust your micro-movements toward the life of your dreams.

Let’s Get Into It:

To begin, imagine a food you put into the category of “things I enjoy eating.” A food you desire a LOT. What food, when you see it on a menu, do you automatically say “hell yes” to?

It could be your favorite type of pizza, an amazing salad with all kinds of fancy aged cheeses, barbecue ribs from a certain restaurant — whatever the ultimate food is that you absolutely love to eat.

Now if you knew that was the kind of food it was going to be — and it was really tempting and desirable for you — that food would be easy to say “yes” to, right?

And when you think about saying “yes” to that favorite food of yours… where within yourself do you notice that response?

Literally, there’s a physical response in your body when you think of that food.

Do you feel it? It draws you toward the food…

Most of us might say we feel a sensation in your solar plexus. Or maybe it’s a general feeling somewhere in your body that just feels open and makes you move toward the food. Right?

Take that feeling and make it bigger.

Really take notice of how it feels. And remember that.

Now — by the same token, there’s probably food you don’t prefer as well. Maybe even food that you hate. For example, raw fish heads. Or slimy octopus. Or fried cockroaches. Or…

Pickled Chicken Feet
With Too Much Garlic.

Anything you’re totally grossed out by. Imagine a food where, if someone brings it to the table, you feel so much revolt that you have to ask them to go to another table to eat it.

What would you prefer NEVER to eat unless you were starving and it was the last food on earth?

When you think about that food — there’s probably a different body response than the first one. A body response that repels you.

Take notice of that body response. Where is it located?

Most of us would say we feel a tightening in our chest or our bodies. Our bodies feel turned off. We feel more contracted.

Take note of that sensation. Make it bigger and observe how it feels.

These Feelings Are More
Important Than You Think:

Imagine someone you really like or love. Someone you can’t imagine wanting to live without in your life.

And when you think about that person, isn't there a sensation you have that tells you, “Yes, this is the person I think about in that way?”

It should be exactly the same as the sensation you got with your favorite food. A bit of an opening sensation in your solar plexus that draws you toward them.

And again — imagine a person you don’t care at all for… A person who, if you never had to see them again and never had to have met them in the first place — you would be totally okay with it if they vanished from the universe.

What sensation does that person give you?

Yep. That constricting and tightening feeling. The same as the food you don’t like.

So why did I walk you through these visualizations so you could notice the two body sensations?

Because these sensations are universal. They are the very basis of…

Our Neurological Responses
For “Yes” And “No.”

When you think about the life you want — a life you would immediately say YES to if someone offered it to you — where do you feel that feeling of “yes?”

It’s probably that same feeling you get when you think of your favorite food or your favorite person.

And if you think of a life you would NEVER want, a life where, if someone offered it to you, you’d turn it down in a heartbeat.

That gives you the same “no” body response where you feel turned off, doesn’t it?

It’s a feeling of tightening. It repels you.

You Can Use These Feelings To
Your Supreme Advantage

So when you encounter things in the universe — maybe it’s something on a menu, or a person, or an opportunity to do something — like when somebody invites you to be part of a project.

Instantly, without having any ability to control it, your body will be able to respond. It may not even be a super powerful, full-blown response like you might have to a food.

But there will be a subtle shift — maybe somewhere in your solar plexus or the constriction of your chest. And that alone is your indicator that this is a yes or no decision.

You’re either on or off.

The gut decision really happens that quick.

Now you could probably always modify the conditions to turn a yes into a no. Or a no into a yes, but the important part is you want to be able to notice those specific conditions.

This is THE Yes/No “signal set” given to you by your body. You’re supposed to be able to use it to navigate the world — and in our modern day, most of us ignore it totally.

But it’s extremely important. These neurological Yes/No signals can give you tremendous insight. Because they’re coming from neurology that is NOT your brain.

In fact, there’s tons of evidence that your gut has the ability to process information in a totally different way than your brain does.

Your gut is the second-largest bundle of nerves in your body after your brain… it’s almost like a “second brain” all by itself. It can process subtle signals around you that your brain is not designed to pick up on (the Elusive Obvious)…

And there’s proof it contains a certain primal intelligence our brains have been trained to tune out completely. Which is why when you listen to these signals your body is giving you, it can be tremendously powerful.

That’s What We Call
Your Intuition.

So as we learned in Part 1 of this series, creativity is your ability to notice what's happened. And as the information is emerging — you take action. You can’t help but discover the new info that comes up in the universe. New information that wasn’t there before you took that action…

As all of that is happening, you’re going to have sensations. Sensations that are ‘physically organized’ in your body.

These sensations will manifest before you instantly if you pay attention.

And if you have an incredibly well-tuned system — meaning you know how you respond and what the signals in your system mean for YOU — then you can use that information as a “moving towards” or “moving away from” premise about what to be doing next.

And of course, you’re doing it all with the goal of moving TOWARDS your dream life at any given moment. Because all you really need to know to get to that dream life of yours —

Is Whether You’re Moving
Closer Towards It, Or Further Away.

That’s it.

So if you get the body signal that says you’re moving further away?

It’s really simple: do anything other than what you did to get the “further away” signal. Whatever you’re doing, don’t do more of that. Do something else.

When you’re moving closer towards your outcome — or in other words, you’re getting a “yes” signal from whatever information is emerging — then do MORE of what you’re doing, and see if the signal amplifies.

Make sense?

And every moment, like a missile guidance system — you can be using this yes/no signal set in the experience of how you’re organized to be in the world. It will guide you closer and closer to the outcome you want, and further and further away from what limits, or inhibits your ability to get the outcome you want.

You’re constantly pursuing more of what’s in the line of “yes”, and you’re moving away from what’s in the line of “no.” Which is why…

This Is A System That Keeps
Feeding Back On Itself

When you start from a place of knowing the world is YOURS — you can start taking action on what you see is possible.

And as you take action, you’re observing what is happening…

As the stone falls into the pond, you pick up on what’s happening in real time. And you’re taking action to get more of the “yes” signals, and moving away from the “no”.

And that’s how you can keep moving towards where you want to go. Even if no one before you has figured out the way there yet.

You’re forcing a “tuning” of your body system — to notice things that it didn’t know it could notice before. Even though it’s not always consciously, presently available.

And here’s another important part of this system: Your body will NEVER deceive you.

When you’re listening to your body like this, you’ll never have to let somebody else’s opinion impose or influence or convince you that — for example — you’re supposed eat slimy octopus or pickled chicken feet for the rest of your life when you actually hate those things.

You never have to let anyone trick you into eating cockroaches — when you should be having your ultimate favorite food. Which means you’ll never mistake this idea that what’s really a “no” signal for you is somehow a “yes” (or vice-versa).

So with that said…

Here’s The Full Step-By-Step To
Creatively Living Your Dream:

  1. Find the Elusive Obvious. When you take action — begin to notice what you hadn’t been noticing for, in ways you hadn’t been noticing for it. Meaning everything we went through in Part 1.

  2. Put your attention on the meaning of what comes up: It’s either moving you towards or away from the outcome you desire. That’s the meaning I want you to apply to any information that comes up when you try something new.

    And forget about other people’s beliefs around it for a moment. Forget about all those other things that might be imposed upon you from society and previous learning. Now that stuff CAN be important. Don’t disregard it completely…

    But allow your initial response to manifest and arise — about whether you’re moving closer to or further from the outcome you intend. Not some societal definition of it, but the one YOU want.

    And remember — you can re-assess whether you want that outcome again and again, and whether you’re closer to or further from it. There may be a day 10 years from now where you discover you wanted something you didn’t think you did. Maybe you find you actually LIKE pickled garlic chicken feet. You can always update this later for your own purposes.

  3. The last piece is the ability to adapt. From what you’ve now discovered that you’re moving towards or away from — you can constantly be adaptive in how you respond. Which allows you to radically open the field of possibilities. And change what you’re doing at any given moment to achieve that outcome or dream life of yours.

So allow yourself to imagine what had previously been unimaginable — because the data you now have had not been available to you.

When you’re using this, you’re perceiving the data you get from a different point of view. And because of that, whatever’s coming up is useful. Because it’s just data. Data that’s pointing you towards or away from.

That’s all it is.

Whatever data comes up, you can use it in a particular way to open your field of possibilities. And now the question becomes:

How Do I Use This Data To
Get More Of What I Want?

That’s the bottom line of creativity:

You radically open the field of possibilities. And now you’re not just seeing “A” way to get to your outcome, but you're seeing 5, 10, 15, 30… even 100 different ways to manifest the life you intend to live.

And all of them are available to you.

From there, you can narrow down and decide for yourself the choices you’re going to make. Because at that point, it’s not a question anymore of whether you will or won’t. It becomes a question of HOW you will do it.


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