Become Your Own Mentor: Unlock Your True Potential with Self-Compassion

Become Your Own Mentor: Unlock Your True Potential with Self-Compassion

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What if I told you there was a sure-fire way to get your dream personal mentor?

One who will support you 100% in getting the career, relationships, health, or life that YOU specifically desire most?

Plus - it won’t cost you a dime. Would you be willing to find out how to do that?

Great! Then here’s what you need to know next:

98% of people who think they need a mentor in order to achieve the life they want would be better off without one.

Let me rephrase that. You’d benefit WAY more by…

Your Own Mentor

And that’s not some word-trick I just made up that actually means “go try shit.”

It’s way deeper, and gets to the core of why you actually think you need a mentor.

Let me explain:

The real reason people hold out for a mentor before they take action is usually because they’re afraid.

Sure, a mentor’s wisdom, and “inside” information, and personal feedback from experience can help. A lot. Plus, the mindset element of being around a successful person is priceless. Don’t get me wrong on that.

But, if you really want financial abundance, or peak health, or anything else you dream about – all the information you need to get at least 80% of the way there – is already yours for the taking.

In fact, a lot of the info you need to get started is out there for free, or in books you can pay like $12 for.

If you’ve had your dream life in mind for a while, you probably know exactly what you need to do to start, anyway. You’re just afraid to do it!

So Where Does This
Fear Come From?

If you went through any school system in the developed world, then you were punished for failure, and for stepping out of line.

You were made to feel very bad about those things.

And you, along with most people in the world, are constantly putting the brakes on yourself because of how you were “molded” during those formative years of yours.

BUT, you can un-train yourself from that by becoming your own mentor. I’ll show you how to do that in a second.

But First,
Realize This:

It is 100% possible to find within yourself a way of experiencing life that was yours before you were taught to be afraid, before you were convinced that life is big and scary and overwhelming, when the world was a place of awe and wonder, when you had boundless energy — because there was nothing keeping you from simply being present in the moment.

Remember that? When you were young, innocent, full of pure joy…

That’s the place we’re aiming for.

That’s the place from which you can go balls-to-the-wall with risky, daring career moves, and make them without unhealthy worrying.

Where you can sell with charisma to big clients, or speak passionately to roaring applause, or just constantly try new things you never have before — without a passing moment of guilt, shame, fear, or self-judgment.

The only way to get there?

Become your own mentor.

If you can become for yourself the mentor you always wished you had, then…

Everything In Life
Becomes An Exciting Adventure.


Because that’s when you look at life as a constant opportunity to overcome whatever’s coming up.

Your attention moves AWAY from trying to fix yourself and figure everything out, and TOWARD being with yourself as you accomplish what you desire most in the world.

So... How Do You Do This?

You start by moving away from judgment and self-criticism — and toward a place of compassion. For yourself.

That place of compassion — is the “you” who is your mentor.

I’ll repeat: compassion for yourself. Practice feeling it. And get good at it. That’s your mentor.

From that place, you can embrace the part of you who is afraid, confused, uncertain, or unskilled.

From the place of compassion, you can assist that small part of you who wants to explore and experience and be successful in all the situations you didn’t have support in before – all those areas you’ve never explored because you didn’t have anyone with you to help you through the difficult or painful places.

When you master self-compassion – your world slowly becomes larger and larger, as you help that small part of you go forward into life and do what it wants.

Here’s The KEY To Remember
Through All Of This:

That “small part of you” that’s so afraid?

That’s also the spontaneous and excited and adventurous and BRAVE part.

The one who was there before those qualities were frightened out of you in childhood (and adulthood too).

When you approach everything in life with compassion for that part of you, there is NOTHING that will not be available to you in life, with due time.

With enough self-compassion, you’ll find yourself rushing toward the new. The unknown. The challenging.

You will seek new ways to bring “you” back to yourself. You’ll let up on the brakes in your life.

And you might just achieve more in the next 12 months than you did in the last 12 years.

Make sense?

Because that’s when the childlike part of you who was shamed for not knowing, for being awkward, for “doing things wrong” – will be excited to have the encouragement and support to try new things.

So, rather than saying to yourself “I can’t do that” “I’d look foolish,” “what would people say?” “It would be a waste of time”…

You can decide to give this excited, enthusiastic part of you all of the life experiences it never got to have.

That’s When “I Can’t”
Becomes “What’s Next?!”

You try new things in business – leave your comfort zone, fail, learn, and step up – giving yourself a fair shot at being the great person you envision yourself as.

See, I’m willing to bet you KNEW all the information you needed was already available to you. Most people do…

Subconsciously, maybe you really wanted a mentor because you knew the risk-taking part of you needed compassion – or permission – to go be itself without getting hurt again.

But the only way for that to happen? Is if YOU become that mentor for yourself. Because no one outside of you can be there every time you become afraid.

And it’s a lot more rewarding that way than if someone else does it, too…

When you develop that compassionate awareness that is not afraid of your fear — that can embrace your fear — you gain the power to heal the wounds.

That’s when you take your foot off the brakes in life. That’s when you become your true, unstoppable self.

You can do it. Start with compassion.

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