How To Find Success By NOT Looking For It

How To Find Success By NOT Looking For It

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Almost every huge success story starts with failure, struggling, searching — whatever you want to call it — for years prior… with no success.

Here’s why:

When we want success, we start out looking for success…

And I know that “looking for success and not getting it” feeling all too well. Those times are rocky. It’s an emotional roller coaster. It feels like a constant dissatisfaction, with intermittent bursts of focus and excitement for the future.

And when you’re looking for success — you’re looking for answers.

Humans are funny.

You get sucked into all kinds of things when you’re looking for answers, don’t you?

You start meditating. You read 100 books. Study psychology. Try fasting. Drink kombucha. Take amino acids. Discover your Enneagram personality type. Get a new Guru. Get another new Guru who told you the old guru was wrong. Journal. Write affirmations. Become celibate…

Eat just grapefruit. Get an aura reading. Get your chakras balanced. Renounce grapefruit. Try subliminal tapes. Take nootropics. Buy a more expensive time management software. Join a mastermind. Go on a retreat. Learn accounting. Become “spiritual”. Go into ketosis.

And of course… get lured into countless courses and information products along the way.

Many of those things will help. If you think any ONE of them is the answer, it isn’t.

Humans have a lot of courage to keep on searching. (Props for that.)

If you’re like I was — and you KNOW success is out there, and you’re going to find it…

Here’s A Shortcut
To Finding Success:


It’s kind of funny how we do so much work to find success — when success is lying in our “blind spot” the whole time.

That blind spot? Is you.

See… intuitively we know somewhere there’s an ultimate answer.

We stumble around in the dark trying to find it. For years. We get exploited and taken, disillusioned, distracted, fed up… and we keep on trying.

Why can’t we find the answer?

We don’t understand the problem.

Consider for a second that maybe it’s ultra simple. And that’s why we can’t see it.

Maybe the solution is not “out there”, and that’s why we can’t find it. Maybe we’ve put so many belief systems on top of each other, we’re blinded to the obvious:

You don’t “find success”.

You change who you are, and the success will just show up.

I never “got success” until I got that part.

I changed FIRST.

And when you finally get to “success”, it’s not what you’d expect…

What “Success” Feels Like:

Success feels amazing and it feels like nothing at the same time. Because when that “searching for success” roller coaster collapses, you develop a stillness about you.

You don’t project a story onto it from your mind. So nothing happens.

Kind of funny that we search so hard for something that feels like nothing… But trust me, it’s a FAR better place to be.

Looking back, I know I could have shortened my “struggle” if I developed the stillness FIRST.

That’s how you get reality to re-organize itself to match YOU. That’s how you get the life you want. And cool cars, houses, and vacations that impress people.

Even though, what’s ironic, is after you develop the stillness? You no longer care to impress people.

You just let people be impressed if they want to be.

So with all that said, here’s what to do next:

In the absence of “finding success”, simply wake up each day and embody gratitude for all that is.

Then… get to work!

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