How To Be Completely Perfect At Everything So You Can Live Your Greatest Dreams

How To Be Completely Perfect So You Can Make Lots Of Money & Live Your Greatest Dream

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Today you’re going to learn how you can be completely devoid of any human flaws.


That’s what most people believe is the pre-requisite for any success at all:

They believe they must be perfect in one or more domains of life before taking on a new journey to live their dream, or start a business, or do anything outside of their comfort zone at all.

And they also know, deep down, that this perfection in their head is unattainable to them.

Just like those people you see on Instagram. And the business guru online who presents only the most carefully-selected information about themselves to create an image of being a perfect person you want to buy from.

Obviously, that kind of perfection really is unattainable. Not even the business guru or the instagram influencer has their life together like that. I promise.

So the first rule of being perfect is — if you wait for your life to be perfect before you take action, you’ll never do anything…

But The Truth Is,
You CAN Be Perfect

And I mean that in a totally different way than you’re probably thinking. This is not the way “perfection” is typically talked about.

See, most of us were trained OUT of this idea that we can be perfect: We grew up being told by those around us at school and home that we are, by our nature, always imperfect. We’re flawed. And that our imperfections will always get in the way of our success.

Then, they set up the whole school system so that if you screw up ONCE, you’ve lost your shot forever. And you’re going to live with a permanent stain on your record of having failed the test, or dropped out, or any number of other things people try to scare you with.

For shame.

But you can de-program yourself from all of this, so that you really DO see yourself as perfect. Which makes living a life of success a whole lot easier.

Here’s The #1 Key:

Notice how the school system always tells you what you are. They never ask you what you are.

Why do you think they do that? Wouldn’t they be respecting your autonomy more if they ASKED you? Even as a little kid?

Growing up, I never had the guts to question the people telling me these things when I was young. I never even thought to “correct” the adults when they flat-out told me “what I was”.

Whether they told me I was an “obedient child”, a “failure”, a “straight-A student”, “learning-disabled”, or anything else…

I just accepted it.

I knew, however, without asking them, that going against their prescription of me would be frowned upon. You probably did too.

But what we didn’t realize at the time is — there’s a very important reason it’s frowned upon.

It’s Time To Wake Up
From The Brainwashing:

Right now, accept what was formerly heresy as fact. Tell yourself out loud:

“I am perfect.”

It might feel a little bit weird to say that about yourself. Which may or may not be by design…

Listening to someone tell me I was “perfect” back when I was young would have made me feel uncomfortable. That’s the response I was programmed to generate.

“You’re not perfect. No one is!”

I knew just what to say to “heretical” statements like that. I was well-trained.

But here’s the thing:

In life, you choose what to see and what not to see. You can enter a new paradigm where you focus on perfection in all things.

This means that literally nothing is imperfect. And everything is perfect.

What do you think would happen if you were to just try that perspective on for a couple days or weeks?

Do you know what happens to your energetic emotional state when you develop the ability to see the perfection in all things, including yourself? I’ll tell you what…

A Miraculous Thing Happens:

You change the energetic colors and materials with which you create your world.

Let’s explain what that means to make sure I didn’t lose anyone: Some people might think what I just said was woo-woo magical crap. And it might sound like that on the surface, but the truth is — this is simply a matter of what you choose to see. It’s seeing something that was always there, that you’ve been trained to ignore.

For example: say your phone stopped working, and you’re bored. Now you can’t go on Instagram and your brain is hurting for that dopamine fix.

What an imperfect experience, right? But when you view everything through the lens of perfection…

“My phone doesn’t work, life is so imperfect” instead becomes:

“What a perfect synchronicity that my phone isn’t working. Now I can enjoy this beautiful waterfall next to me and practice being present instead of being fear-mongered by social media and the news cycle.”

Obviously, you won’t always be next to a waterfall. But you get the point.

This is not about trying to MAKE everything perfect, it’s NOT about trying to achieve some unattainable perfection. It’s about understanding that everything already is perfect — and approaching life and interacting with it from that beautiful mindset.

Whatever happens to you, no matter what it is — simply ask yourself, “Where is the perfection in this moment?” Even if it seems absolutely crazy to ask that.

Because if you’re earnest in looking for the perfection that’s already there, you’ll find it.

And here’s what’s interesting:

When you tune your brain to look for the perfections instead of the imperfections, your whole reality changes. Your energetic state shifts to WHOLENESS, you connect with your POWER. You realize…

You Are Not A SMALL
Force On This Plane.

As much as that might sound like a religious or spiritual statement, it really doesn’t have to be if you don’t want it to be. It’s simply a paradigm you hold about yourself.

Whether you’re choosing to see it or not, perfection IS all around you. It’s NOT a bad word and never was. And when you can view everything through the filter of perfection. gone will be the “I have to do X to make it, I have to become Y to fix this, I have to try Z to be better” garbage. That’s energetic sludge that most people are told is “normal” to have.

But you weren’t born with any of that sludge. It was LEARNED. It was offered to you and you accepted it.

If you haven’t already, one day you’ll wake up and realize you don’t have to accept any of that any longer. Because…

You Create What Is Within.

It makes sense then, not only to understand what is within — but to do your very best to realize that you, the creator of your life and reality, are powerful beyond measure.

You are not broken and you have never been. Just because they told you that you were broken doesn’t make it so.

The power to create what you want is inside of you. You don’t need to “have” anything first in order to “get” something else (like money).

Why? Simple. Because you are already perfect.

Perfection, as Alan Watts put it, is what no one admits to being and everyone is.

It’s almost impossible to stress just how much easier things are when you’re already perfect, no matter how many flaws you have.

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