Unlocking Your Inherent Power: Beyond the Illusion of 'Further Along in Life'

Unlocking Your Inherent Power: Beyond the Illusion of 'Further Along in Life'

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Most people have wasted years’ worth of emotional energy wishing they were further along in life, business, or their goals.

Almost everyone has this feeling. I had it daily when I started out in business… and it totally sucks.

Some people think this feeling is a good thing. They think it shows you’re “committed” or “motivated” or “hungry”. But they’re terribly mistaken.

Wishing you were further along in life only buries you deeper into a personal prison of struggle.


Because it tricks you into thinking there IS a “further along in life”… when there isn’t.

Let me explain:

It Really Only Takes
A Few Seconds…

…to be “further along in life” than you are right now.

You might think this sounds impossible, but in a moment you’ll see how completely practical and attainable it is.

To begin—in school, you were taught “how the world works.” (Note the quotation marks.)

They told you about facts and figures that made you think the world was unchangeable. That society is completely set in its ways.

“Here’s the way the world operates,” they said, “And YOU have to figure out where you ‘fit in’ to this pre-existing system—or you won’t be successful.”

They taught you to decide where you wanted to fit in, then climb rung-by-rung slowly and painfully—playing by everyone else’s rules—until you get to their arbitrary definition of success.

Make No Mistake:

This was a recipe for tricking children into NEVER discovering their true power and potential.

Tell the kids to get a good education. To focus on their school work, get a good job, be responsible with money, to work their way up and earn their way to success.

Even as entrepreneurs, we carry this flawed mindset with us.

But there’s one thing schools dared NOT tell you—for fear that you’ll actually do something awesome with your life.

They Dared NOT Tell You
The Real Secret:

The one that explains how to connect with, focus, and apply your inherent power.

They dare NOT tell you that you possess the ability to declare the reality you want—to the Universe or your unconscious mind or whatever you believe in, then KNOW: that reality already exists for you, and finally—jump into action as it transpires, bit-by-bit, before your eyes.

They dare NOT tell you that knowing HOW to do something is not needed before you actually do it.

That—when you simply know there IS a way… you’ll figure it out.

In fact, they punished you for doing this by conditioning you to feel horrible for “failing”, when “failing” is the only way to figure out how the world ACTUALLY works!

And they certainly NEVER mention that…

All Of This Is Available To You
Without Condition.

They NEVER mention you don’t have to get a good grade to succeed.

That you never had to “listen to the teacher”—that you never had to sit down nicely at your desk and shut up—to get success.

Well, the good news is—no matter how old you are—that power is up for grabs any time you want it to be.

It has always been and it will always be. It’s just been hidden from you.

It’s waiting for you to use it right now.

This is the power that allows you to be “further along than you are” on a daily basis if you choose.

This Power Is
The Process Of Creativity.

It’s something schools never taught.

And if you had natural creativity, they made sure to beat it out of you as much as they could, giving you the illusion that it wasn’t important for success.

But the truth is, creativity is the most important thing for getting the success you deep down desire.

The process of creatively carving your own path is easy:

Decide what you want.

Imagine it DONE—not just once, but every day—in ever-increasing levels of detail that include SEEING and FEELING your result. You must refine this “imagining” part to make it ever-more accurate.

Go about your life with your eyes wide open, watching for that reality to unfold.

Get feedback from your environment, and iterate.

That’s it. Do this daily, and it will transpire before you.

With this power, you’ll realize there IS no “further along in life.”

Because there’s no “set track” to be further along on.

There’s only your inherent power to get what you want. Use it, or don’t.

And finally—a word to those who deny this power exists. I can hear you now:

“Rich, this is silly and impractical. We must stick to ‘actionable takeaways and best practices of success’ as defined by the XYZ Association of so-and-so…”


I’m not going to try to convince you.

Unfortunately, this is one of those things you can’t “wait” to believe until you see it.

My greatest hope for you is this:

That the brainwashing by the system that has locked your mind into pre-programmed denial of the exit ramps from mediocrity… eventually, somehow, disappears.

Because until you believe it, you’ll never see it.

That’s how powerful you are. Amazing, isn’t it?

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