Escaping the Money Illusion: The True Power of Your Financial Potential

Escaping the Money Illusion: The True Power of Your Financial Potential

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One of the most powerful illusions in most people’s subjective reality is that money—which is really a unique form of “energy”—is something that only some people can have, and most people can not have.

This belief is so widespread and has been so deeply embedded in our psyche that most people accept it as truth.

They think you’ve got rich people who don’t care about anyone else and you have the poor people who don’t get a fair shake at success.

Stories concocted by journalists to fit this narrative, memes, and—for lack of a better word—PROGRAMS are being sold and installed into the minds of the masses.

There is no other purpose of this other than to CONTROL you.

The Problem?

We are “biological projection units.”

That means we project whatever is on the inside, to the outside.

We look for proof of what we already believe, rather than what’s actually there. And we almost always find it.

That is our power as humans.

That is our gift. Our creative capacity.

But the system uses this power against you.

They’ve programmed the masses to project lack, fear, and division onto everything.

They’ve programmed the masses to project lies about this thing we call “money”.

The only way out?

Remove these programs from your mind and your body all together.

Money is not earned

Money is not “gotten”.

You HAVE Money, Right Now, Inside You.
Even If Your Bank Account Is In The Red.

See—money is merely energy.

And energy is neither created nor destroyed. It’s simply converted into other, different types of energy.

So you can think of the money inside you right now as “potential energy”…

Much like the potential energy in gasoline.

Before it explodes inside the pistons of a car to make it move, the gasoline might not seem valuable. Especially if you don’t know what an engine is.

But it holds great value when applied to the right situation—an engine. That’s why you keep paying money to fill your car up with it.

If you don’t believe in your own “potential energy” to create money just like how gasoline has the potential to take you to the grocery store, proving it to yourself will take a fair amount of daily work and patience.

Most people have deeply-rooted beliefs about money, and they’re looking for ways to validate those beliefs. Whether they’re helpful or hurtful.

It makes us completely screw ourselves out of getting wealthy…

Because we’re told we must slave away to earn pennies.

We’re taught to force what is actually an infinite material (energy) into finite containers like TIME.

(As a side note, if you want to discover the great lengths the system has gone to pull the wool over your eyes, I’d suggest reading the book The Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin. It will start destroying your basic assumptions about money and the system.)

Are You Paid By The Hour?
That’s Just One Of The Programs.

No rational person would get paid by the hour without someone else making them think that’s “how you do it.”

Is that really how you want to live?

Do you really want to create income based on a “program” injected into you by people pursuing total domination of the human spirit?

What happens when you task 98% of the world with struggling just to survive?

You get all the time you need to slowly absorb control over EVERYTHING. All the common folk are too busy scurrying around for tonight’s dinner to get in your way.

Screw that.

Free Yourself:

Catch yourself running these programs, then step back from them and see them for what they really are.

You have the power to throw them out just like you had the power to welcome them in.

But ultimately, YOU are the one who has the choice about whether to buy into those programs or not.

It doesn’t happen overnight. But over time, you can eradicate that programming.

That’s when you realize you—and only you—have the power to create money whenever you choose.

I personally promise it’s worth the work it takes to get there.

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