Creating What You Want 101

Creating What You Want 101

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Want to create what you want? So you have the business, relationship, health, wealth, or life of your dreams?

Forget the economy for a second. It doesn’t really matter, anyway… No matter what else is happening, there are really only two questions that matter more than any others right now:

  • Do you know who you are?
  • Are you being that?

If you can’t answer in the affirmative to both questions, then consider that getting those answers to be YES is, by far…

The Most Important Work
You Could Be Doing Right Now.

You’ll notice that nothing in the education system or any of the other systems around us address how to answer these questions.

And really, “the system” doesn’t even acknowledge they exist.

This is by design:

Because if every human could say YES to both questions above, there’d be no “system” at all. It would crumble out of irrelevance and neglect.

Only a mass of people who are totally clueless about those two questions could possibly create the jacked-up society we’re living in right now.

But the good news is, it’s not going to be like this forever.

We’re heading into a world where people are waking up. Sooner or later, large quantities of people will start discovering the answers to these questions.

But WHY Are These Two
Questions So Important?

Because of how reality is made: YOU make it. Based on your own vibration. See…

Answering YES to the first question is important because you want to embody a CLEAR vibration on this plane. You want the vibration that is truly yours.

(If you don’t know what that means yet, bear with me. You will in a moment. And no, this is not woo-woo mumbo-jumbo. It’s very real.)

Answering YES to the second question is important because we are living in the physical world and we create our own reality — albeit very slowly (or at least that’s what it seems like).

So when you get clear on the energetic vibration of who you are and MOVE through the physical — holding that vibration steady (meaning you have the guts to maintain YOUR vibration of who you are and BE it no matter what) — then you will create the life you are here to create.

In fact, it will almost be effortless.

And just to be clear: whether or not you believe you’re “here” explicitly to create anything … you’re right. Because your vibration is creating that.

See how this works?

But if you can’t hold the right vibration steady for long enough, you can get some wonky stuff coming out of the “reality generator” of your mind. So tread lightly.

The understanding about how this works is pretty simple. I think most people “get" it.

It’s the “living it out in the world” that can be the challenging part.

So here are a few common roadblocks you might encounter to doing that — and the steps to overcome them effortlessly:

Step 1:
The Attention Lie

The attention lie is something we’re told from the very earliest of ages:

The lie is that everything that demands your attention is worthy of your attention, and should — no, MUST — receive it.

In school, attention was commanded because the offering of attention was implied. That’s just “how it works”.

The teacher gets your attention or bad things happen to you.

And if you deem the teacher not worthy of your attention?

Well, you’re not allowed to do that. It’s YOUR attention that’s the problem, not the teacher’s boring lesson plan. They label you “attention deficit.”

What a great way to teach children!

So what happens when you train a young human that this lie is true for 5, 10, 12 years? And you repeat the same lesson over and over and over again?

Well, if you’ve practiced anything else for that long, you already know what happens:

You get good at the thing you practice.

And that’s why, when the system asks for your attention, we are conditioned to offer it instead of simply going on our way and ignoring their intrusion.

No wonder so many adults are scared to death of the “teacher” well into their 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond.

Attention is energy.

Energy is life.

That means:

Attention is life.

The things to which you grant attention are things to which you are gifting a portion of your capacity for life.

When you understand what a valuable gift this is, it’s far easier to become more discerning and conscious about where you choose to offer that gift.

Attention is a gift you give to the world. Not everyone can demand that gift, because you have a limited amount. Use it wisely.

Step 2:
Find The Missing Words
In Your Dictionary

The word that was missing from the training dictionary I got as a kid is “NO.”

It’s a simple word. A powerful word. A word the authorities would rather you never discover — let alone use.

These authority figures are crafty. They never tell you that you can’t say no. Not only would that be a lie, but it would also betray their true intentions a bit too directly.

It’s much smarter to train you into thinking and feeling that saying NO is simply not an option.

That way, YOU control yourself… according to their wishes.

If you were one of the people who was never trained to say no, you’ll be surprised at how far you can take the NO thing once you discover you can use it.

At first, the emotional discomfort that saying NO creates in you requires some sort of rationalization, excuse, or explanation to help ease the blow to the other party.

You won’t really care about the other party either. You’re just scared of the potential displeasure they might express in response to your audacity to say the word.

But realize all the extra rationalization words aren’t necessary. They just make you feel better for a moment.

NO doesn’t need to be explained.

NO doesn’t need evidence.

No requires ZERO supporting information.

It stands by itself as a simple and clear expression of intention.

Just imagine how many things that DON’T currently belong in your life, all of the things you’ve tolerated, that you could get rid of with this simple word.


It gets easier the more you practice it.

Step 3:
Choose Power

When you’re powerful, you don’t need people to care about you, think about you, accept you, or validate you.

One way you keep humans from accessing their power is to train them that being accepted by anyone and everyone is more important than anything they themselves can do or be.

Once people believe that, they are easy to manipulate into joining the cause that acceptance should be mandatory. And that anyone who refuses to accept you must be socially ostracized.

But this doesn’t change the truth:

You can be whoever you want to be… and no one has to accept you at all for it.

That means your choices need to be for YOU — not to generate acceptance of you or validation of you, or the inclusion of you. Those come as a byproduct of simply being the awesome person you naturally are.

And by all means, if someone is an a-hole to you about something you can’t control, tell them they’re an a-hole, do your best to never see them again, and move on to more important things.

But the system trains people that they need the whole word to align with their wishes and accept every little aspect of them.

In business, this is an expensive perspective to take. Because in business or sales, NEED is repulsive. It sends people running away from you.

You don’t even have to express it in words — people can feel it. Neediness is weakness. And people generally don’t respect weakness.

Power attracts, weakness repels.

The good news is that whether you are weak or powerful is not dependent on your circumstance, status, wealth, or the attitudes of other people.

It is only dependent on YOU.

Power or weakness is a choice YOU make.

Weakness is created when you choose to NEED to feel something from others.

Power is created when you choose to discover how to offer yourself everything you need. And from there, move forward.

Step 4:
Move Forward
By Standing Still

Once you’ve decided who you are and you’ve chosen your power… you have two options:

You can go around looking for what you desire, or you can attract it TO you.

Personally, I never knew where “what I desired” was hiding, so I wasted an enormous amount of energy looking for it.

“Maybe it’s in here, maybe it’s over here… maybe it’s under this rock!”

I was pretty determined to succeed, so I just kept looking… for years. I had no idea what a dumb choice that was for me.

Then, one day I decided to stop chasing anything and simply start broadcasting. Sharing my message. Putting stuff out there.

Instead of finding, I chose to attract.

But attract really isn’t the right word…

With “attraction”, it feels like you’re bringing things to you. But you’re really creating them from the inside out:

The world teaches you to always be moving forward, looking for something “out there” because you don’t already “have” enough to get what you want.

With that approach, you never will.

I discovered that “standing still,” creating your own world, and inviting others to become part of it is much better.

It’s a totally different frame of mind. In the “traditional” approach, you DON’T have something that you need. And you’re constantly on the search for it.

In the new approach, you already have EVERYTHING and the process is to bring it forth into form.

It’s a subtle shift. But powerful for creating the things you want in life.

It goes beyond glass half empty, glass half full thinking…


Your answer to that question affects what you create. Because as long as you choose to be enough, then you are.

You don’t have to go out looking for anything you don’t have, because you already have it.

You don’t need permission, or validation, or justification.

You can simply start creating what you want right now. You always could. Understand that, and you will go far.

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